Friday, July 03, 2009

As I was buying groceries at Publix a few months ago, I looked up at the checker and said the first thing that popped in my head, "You sure would be interesting to draw." His head was a mass of blond curls that made his Paul Newman blue eyes just dance with a little hidden secret. I was speaking to the young man in the photo above. He asked if I was an artist as he was an artist too. He then told me of his artwork on display at his wife's salon. The Jagged Edge. At that point, I was still searching for a hair stylist who would be around for awhile. I do not like change especially if I find a hair stylist that does my hair the way I like it. My hair is curly on the sides and back and straight as a stick on top.
Getting back to the encounter, I made an appointment and began to go west to Fairview to have my hair cut. The next time I saw Robert was again in Publix and he did not have a customer in his line, so he jumped up and down and yelled "Pick me, pick me." I had to giggle as you never expect to have a checker do that. Again, we discussed his art while he zipped the produce over the scanner. I told him I had gone to his studio and had asked for Rose his wife( the last lady on the right in the photo) but her schedule did not allow for her to work me in when I called but the stylist I had gotten had done my hair just fine. The lady behind me said my hair looked great and I plugged his salon and then he took over the discussion as I was finished and he needed to wait on her. It was amazing he chattered away and never missed a beat at getting the grocery scanned.
I always leave my telephone number for the salon to call as I make the appointments weeks in advance. I got a call from Teresa and not the young girl who had been doing my hair. I was told that the young girl had moved and no longer worked with them. Drats, I was use to her now I would have to get use to someone else. So my next appointment was with Teresa, the lady second from the left in the photo. She did a wonderful job and I made my June appointment. When I arrived, Teresa was cutting a gentleman's hair and Robert was strutting around as he had finished cosmetology school. To help out he shampooed my hair and massaged my scalp. He was telling how he was the best in his class at pedicures. In the back of my mind I was thinking now that you are a diabetic a pedicure might not be a bad idea. So before I left, I booked an appointment with him. I have never had a pedicure but after yesterday, I will be having more. My feet are as smooth as a baby's bottom.
The last couple of days, I have been spending my mornings, repotting plants and weeding so to sit back and relax and let his effervescent personal entertain me was fantastic. I took my portfolio and showed them my artwork and he invited me to exhibit my work with his and another artist in the future.
If you are nearby, go visit WWW.JAGGEDEDGESTUDIOSALON.COM and tell them Kitty Justice sent you. You can see Robert's artwork at WWW.AGESWAY.COM if you care to see some awesome imagination at work. As he was chatting along yesterday, I found out he was a song writer and was excited about the session with his band that night. He said his dream was to hear his song on the radio someday. I have not heard his music but have read his poetry in the little books he hands out and they are called "Box of Words". You too can read his poetry at the Agesway site.
The Kitty Justice is I smiled at his enthusiasm and delight to work with his wife and his drive and excitement about his musical works. I wondered just how many other MEN would be that sincere and excited about working with their wives.


Maria said...

Haha, whenever I get across the big pond ;) I visit Fairview, TN 37062, to have a proper hair cut!
Funny post! I love your family portraits in the previous posts very much!
Have a nice weekend ahead!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

How nice that you met this enthusiastic man and a good hair salon to meet your needs. I had to use a different stylist for my cut for Brandon's graduation. I dislike it when she cuts my hair because it stands on end and is frizzy for weeks after. It did look nice for the night of graduation though. I will be certain to get my regular stylist the next time I need my locks trimmed.


Anonymous said...

I am happy everything worked out for you and them. Nice meetings like that are rare these days.

Lady Di Tn said...

Come on across and we will have a fun time. Thanks. Peace

It was a good find and just because I started a conversation. Just remember it will grow. Peace

I know you are correct so that was why I enjoyed it so much. Peace