Thursday, July 23, 2009

As I was waiting for Mimi to finish her breakfast, I grabbed the camera and headed for the doorway of the garage.

He is not a bird but he has to eat too.

Some purple finches are dining. When I would stick my head out most would fly away but the brave ones didn't mind my presents.

A Nuthatch with a treasured seed.

Several of these little fellows were having breakfast but they are sooooo fast it is hard to capture them. I got several shots of empty feeder.

More finches. The hook is to keep the raccoons out of this feeder at night. This morning I found it empty anyway and the green flat feed was vertical instead of horizontal.

Birds on a wire. At one time there were a dozen or more just waiting for an empty feeder.

The metal bell feeder, I have to take in at night. You can tell how Racky and friends have bent the top. It has 2 hooks on the top but those furry critter can unhook both of them.

This cardinal looks mad that he is getting wet. Or is he saying "Don't take my picture?"

I just love these little Downy Peckerwoods.

This tuffed titmouse seems to need the caption "Hanging On."

These little Chickadees were hard to capture but not quite as quick as the hummer.

This might not be the best shot but I thought it was cool to capture the movement in mid air.
The Kitty Justice is the subjects were wet but still beautiful.


Small City Scenes said...

Super birds shots. That one of the hummer with the whirring wings--ya did good. Like you I usually get a picture of the empty feeder.

My Mother had a hip replacement when she was in her 80s and recovered quite well. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I think Mimi's quality of life will be so much better after the replacement. Thanks for the encouragment of your Mom's story. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Congratulations on your lovely bird photos and the birds
are lovely too. Well done catching the humming bird in flight.
I am so glad that Mimi is gradually
getting stronger and hope that that continues. It should as she is a strong minded lady, and has great help from you all.
Glad you got some smiles from the jokes. Take great care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Jeanette said...

Gday lady Di, I have been a little slow getting around as i just been waiting results of my latest tests..Good results A benign cyst..
Wowww beautiful photo's of all the birds Love the red bird. and hope those racoons stay away from your feeders ... Have a great week,

Mary said...

Lady Di,

You got some awesome shots of the birds and they're all beautiful. What is the bird in the top photo? I don't recognize it.

Read your previous post and am sorry Prince's camera had to be repaired.

Enjoy the week, my friend and try to stay dry. We had torrential rains and flooding in this area yesterday.


Lady Di Tn said...


That is wonderful news. Thanks & Peace

Thanks. The bird is a Purple Finch. We are suppose to start getting rain and it is in the forcast for all week. Peace

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

I'm just bird-crazy, and I landed on this post :)

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