Saturday, July 04, 2009

Let freedom ring out today and always.
I got up early and sat outside and enjoyed my coffee with a slight breeze and a temperature of sixty-four degrees.

As I continued to enjoy the show of nature, it started to get cloudy in the western sky.
Maggie and I put out the hummingbird and sunflower feeder because now that we have a nightly visit of Mr. Raccoon, I have to take the feeders in every night.
I had coffee brewing as we did our regular routine of Maggie fetching the paper and I straighten up the kitchen from the night before.
As the coffee was on the last drops making, I sat about six feet from the feeders and the feathered friends did not care for me being that close so after I poured a cup, I sat further down the porch which lent me a view of the freshly mowed grass and the fields but still entertain from the feeders.
The entertainment began with purple finches, tuffed titmouse and a red bellied peckerwood and a tiny hummer. Then a black cap chickadee and a couple of cow birds made their presents know and a dove cooed from her high wire act as she waited for her turn at the feeder. I looked to the left at the green carpet and several blue birds were feasting. A brown thrasher and a cardinal also came to the carpet to see what the blue birds had found. Then a few crows called from their high retreat in the trees and a few robins caught a bug or two from the green carpet.
Mimi had let Sam Cat out of her room which is at the very far end of the porch and he was hiding behind the newly repotted lemon tree. She opened the kitchen door and stuck her snow white mane out and said "Don't let Maggie chase my cat." So I told her to let Maggie come inside with her and share her breakfast with Maggie. I began to spy from the corner of my eye, Sam sneaking down the inside of the porch and he never acknowledge my existence but headed to the stairs that go down to the bottom porch.I do not worry about the birds, because Sam plays at hunting and they are bent on survival. As soon as he disappeared down the stairs, I felt eyes upon me and as I slowly turned my head to the left, about six feet on the top rail of the porch was a young squirrel who had paused to see what the giant pink varmint was on the top porch. I stared him in the eyes and he slowly turned and scampered back down the rail to Mimi's room and hopped into the Holly tree. I was happy he had caught my eye as two turkeys (hens) came strolling across the yard heading to the backyard of the log cabin. They were not chatting so I would have missed them if the squirrel had not been staring at me. As I watch them meander along, I heard a deer snort behind the log house. After the turkeys disappeared behind another holly tree, my attention was drawn back to the green carpet and I saw below the apple tree a huge bunny and his antics were delightful. There was a bare spot below the tree and he was rolling over and over in the dust giving himself a bath without water. He would stretch and turn and flop and finally he jumped up and declared the bath complete and hopped along the fence and stopped to sample some delicious grass or weed. Ah, my coffee cup was empty but not my world. I arose from my comfortable chair and heard the two hens clucking disapproval. I went to the end of the porch and looked and there was Sam Cat stalking the turkeys. I laughed as it was a funny sight. The turkeys were staying about five feet ahead in only a little less strolling trot. I think they were insulted by this stalking fur ball. I came inside and told Mimi what her cat was doing and she was a little worried that he was so far from the house. I told her he would not know what to do with them if he caught one which was highly unlikely. As I type this post, Sam came slinking back to Mimi's room.
The kitty justice is that your FOURTH starts out as peaceful and pleasant as mine.
I will leave you with a quote from George Washington "O God, bless the people of this land!"


Unseen Rajasthan said...

I really loved the bell..These are some fantastic photos !! Thanks for sharing..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

Mary said...

Lady Di,

Oh, to live in a place where I could see all of that wildlife in my yard. You are blessed, dear friend.

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend. It started out perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Such views. I wish. Patty and I used to go to a nearby restaurant that is no longer there. It was perched up on the side of a hill and looked out over a valley. It was just a nice place to sit and sip coffee (I smoked then) and smoke and talk. But they tore it down.

Maria said...

What a peaceful morning scene! What a beautiful place you have to drink the morning coffee!
My photoworkshop was really inspiring, it was great to have 8 people around who were as enthusiastic as me about taking photos :)
Have a wonderful week!

Tangerine Kitty said...

What a beautiful view!!!
I love the photo of the rustic bell.....

Hope you had a wonderful 4th.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. Peace

Thanks. Puppy cooked hamburgers for us on the 4th. Not on his new grill but our on the hill. Peace

Thanks Abe. We are very fortunate that my FIL came out before the WWII and bought fifty acres on this hill. He referred to it as Goat Hill or a log cabin and a path. Back then it was out in the country several miles from town. Peace

Thanks come on over and have a cuppa with me. I would love to take such a class. Peace

Tangerine Kitty
We had a nice fourth. Puppy cooked for us and he and I had a movie watching night in the family room.
We have to watch folks that come by as they like to ring the bell even if it is not dinner time. Hope you had a great fouth too. I like the piece I got from you and it is a gift so they read the blog and I cannot mention it here. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ I loved all the photos and esp. the bell. Glad you had a good day. It would be so nice to sit and watch the birds.

Thank you for your usual kind words.
I am happy that you got some smiles from the jokes I post.

Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.