Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Samuel, Little Brother and Big Sis.

Samuel, Little Brother and Kitty Justice.
Last week Puppy came and stayed with Mimi while we had a sibling day plus one. Samuel is Little Brother's youngest and has just turned 12. Yep, he is a big boy. Little Brother's wife's family are tall and I do believe Samuel will be one of those gentle giants.
I picked up Big Sis on the way to the restaurant , the Golden Coral, in Cookeville. Since Little Brother only lives about ten minutes away, we call him when we got into the city limits.
Little Brother's company where he is employed has been giving furloughs instead of laying folks off. He has been getting a week off each month for several months now. Anyway, it makes a perfect time for us siblings to get together.
If you have not been to a Golden Coral, then you must go to one someday. It is a buffet and they have a little of everything. Big Sis and I started with a salad and Samuel went straight to the pasta. While Little Brother went for the veggies and chicken tenders. One of these days he will turn into a chicken tender as that is usually what he gets when we go out to eat. The restaurant is very large with several seating areas and even though it was busy, we could sit and visit without them needing the booth where we dined.
Little Brother said Samuel was beginning to be interested in girls. Well that was all I needed to hear in order to give the youngun some pointer.
First, I told him not to marry the first girl he dated and be sure to date them at least four years, because they could pretend the first three but the fourth their true nature came out. However, if after four years and they did not change he would be safe to marry them. I gave him two good examples of girls I had known who pretended to be something they were not . He listened real
intensive. Never hurts to start giving advise to a young boy.
Secondly, he has long lashes and I told him a girl would love a butterfly kiss from him. I do not know how Little Brother thought I was gonna describe a butterfly kiss because he turn red. It was not my intention to embarrass anyone. I told Samuel in to give a butterfly kiss he would need to take off his glasses and lean over and flick his lashes on the girls cheek and it would tickle her. At that point I thought I had given enough advise, until his Dad got up and he asked his son if he wanted something as he was planning to get something else. Samuel answered in a NOPE.
That is when I got serious with him and told him if he did not remember anything else from today's visit he needed to remember the following.
I told him there would always be someone better looking, someone smarter and someone richer than he but if he practiced good manners he could go further than any of them. I told him to use yes sir, no sir, please, thank you and practice this at home with his parents so it would be second nature to him when he was out in public. Again, I gave him an example and then told him that good manners would trump looks, being smart or rich.
We ended our visit in the parking lot with hugs and kisses and then we headed back home.
After I had left Big Sis at her home and I was going back to the interstate on highway 109, a mail truck carrier for Nashville zip 37042 threw a rock up and it hit my wind shield with a bang. As I drove home I watched the crack get longer and longer.
The Kitty Justice is I need to find a different hwy until the construction on 109 gets completed. BTW the silver bullet has a new windshield.


Anonymous said...

Manners. Mother and father were divorced before I started school. I never heard them use "Yes Sir," "No Sir," or say, "Thank you." Those were things I had to learn on my own. That and clean finger nails. We were, I suppose, what are called, "Hicks," which is a derogatory term for people whose "apparent" culture is on the edge of society -- poor people who breed like rabbits as my folks said.

It will be interesting to see if the young boy, who is 12, remembers and uses the polite good manners the next time he is around you. I bet he will.

Small City Scenes said...

Wonderful story and you know 12 year olds always listen to advice given by wise and beautiful Aunties. Well it is obvious they (the beautiful aunties) know what they are talking about. It is true that good manners shine over everything.
It is so wonderful to be able to get together with family. sorry about the rock to the windshield.

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ I am glad you had some family time. And your advice sounded good to me.
It's just after micnight tonight,
as I am a night-owl, but try to be in bed by midnight, but I do not have to get up early these days, so
can sleep in. Glad the jokes made you laugh, and gave you a smile to start the day. Take care, dear
frend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Too bad you did not have an old Aunt Kitty to try an charm manners into you. From one Hick to another, I hope you are correct about Samuel. Peace

Thanks for the compliment. I am quick to notice when a child is addressing an adult on television if they use good manners. The best part of the rock in the wind shield is that the Insurance company paid the bill and I was only inconvenice for a little while. Peace

It is a treat to have family time and I always feel blessed if it is a little or alot. Thanks for keeping me smiling. Peace.