Saturday, August 29, 2009

This barn is on the right as you head down highway 100 to TSC. I love the way the field looks in front and how it is framed by trees on each side. It reminds me of barns that I spent time in during my youth in Smith County. I can almost feel the dirt floors under my bare feet in the middle of the barn and smell the hay in the loft. I can feel the air blowing my hair as I swing on a rope down to the ground from the hay loft.
The kitty justice is this barn hurls me back to childhood fun.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is the sign outside the company in Fairview, TN.

Once this arrived in the parking lot, I have wanted to stop and take a photo. Don't ask me what it is as I have no clue. But it is neater than DIRT.
Front end of the jeep near the building.

Rear end of the jeep near the building.

Now the whole jeep with a covered one in the background.

Cool little building behind the Company.

Could not tell if this belonged to Vintage Jeep or Buried Treasures. It was out back in the tall weeds. This is as close as I wanted to go.

The store next to Vintage Jeep is Buried Treasures. I have not been in either but both look like a fun place to browse.
All these photos were taken Sunday on our drive down Highway 100 to Fairview and the TSC store. Had to get food for the wildlife. I plan to try some shelled birdseed like Abe Lincoln talked about on his blog in my flat feeder. The reason the hulls stop up the little holes in the bottom and it is a nasty chore to clean it.
(NOTE: Since Abe stopped bloggin there is a part missin to me mornins.)
Prince was very patience and made several stops on the way home so I could take photos. More photos in future post.
The Kitty Justice is that you never know what you will find of interest along a highway.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cat's meal. Salmon (what else would a Cat eat) and Borsch.

M&M's potato salad.

Bunny's buckwheat salad.

Sister's cabbage rolls.

Kitty's beef stroganoff and borsch with a Ukraine beer.
I was the only one who ordered a beer and it was passed around the table like medicine. A teaspoon for each one who dared. I was not driving so I had the luxury of drinking a beer.
I entertained my fellow art venture pals with Jen's rooster joke and the book, Spoken Music. I read my poem as the devotional and several of the ladies pass the book around to read and look at the photos. Remember Prince and I had nine photos in the book and he had the back cover. See photo on the sidebar.
A Taste of Russia was fun with our art group, but I would not go back for the food.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prince got his camera back from the shop and made the above photos. He is really good about getting sky photos for me.
We had three moon flowers the other night and I rushed to get my camera and the battery was used up so Prince took photos with his camera.
The kitty justice is you cannot take photos if you do not recharge your batteries.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Puppy in June 1964.
Puppy in July 2009.

The log house at Christmas. It was Puppy's first home. We lived here until Puppy was over two years old and then we moved in with Mimi.
Nothing had been done since Gil moved out of the cabin and headed back home to Alabama. I had suggested to Puppy that we work on the cabin a little at a time to get it cleaned up as he plans to move into it after this semester.
Anyway we started with sweeping the bottom floor which is underground, you can see the white blocks at the bottom right which is the kitchen area. It is the largest area of the cabin, with a living, dining , kitchen and bath area. Doesn't look as if all that could be underground. Well it is and it super quite to boot. There is a concrete porch out back with Gran Dot's picnic table, where Puppy can continue to grill out for friends.
After we swept, we mopped the tile floor twice and Puppy used a long handle brush to scrub the tough area. Prince put a large fan downstairs so the floor would dry. We then moved to the middle floor, which you come into from the blue door. We swept, dust mopped, vacuum and dusted. Then we called it quitting time. All we lack on the middle floor is washing the curtains and windows.
We must move out some furniture in the top floor before we start cleaning.
The kitty justice is we will let the temperature drop before we start upstairs.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We have a few blooms on the hill. Most are on the back porch. Tonight we have another moon flower to enjoy.
The kitty justice is that the weather is so hot now, I have to water the plants on the porch daily.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yesterday, I was minding my own knitting when Mimi called and told me a pig had come to visit. With camera in hand I made a bee line to her bedroom. There the pig was right above the cherry trees and right beside my berry patches. He was busy filling his stomach but I knew if I went out on the porch he would run away. Therefore, I took these shots through the glass doors in Mimi's room. Windows are not too dirty and the photos turned out better than I expected.
I like to give the wildlife names so I think I will cristen him, Walter.
The kitty justice is to locate Walter next February 2ND to get his weather predictions.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

October 1994 Mimi holding Albert as he slept.
Albert as an Usher in his older brother's wedding this summer.
Today is Albert's fifteenth birthday and it seems like only yesterday he was a tiny little fellow. Albert was small for quite a few years and then OOPS he is taller than all of us now. Still very slim but he has years to grow so we do not know just how tall he will become. He cannot wait until next week and he will get his learner permit to drive. Because he was the last little one on Prince's side, I have always held a special place in my heart for him.
I made him his favorite dessert, Banana Pudding.
The Kitty Justice is that I wish him a very happy 'BURPDAY" and many more to come.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

This is a close up of a tiny flower which really means a lot to me. First of all , I got these seeds from my Mother who loved flowers . She and I would always go outside and check out all the plants and flowers in the yard each time I visited until she could no longer go outside.
Secondly, these are so pretty in the evening and I can hear Pa Christian saying "About time for the pretty by nights to appear."
Pa Christian could grow anything and make it spectacular and Mother inherited his love of plants and flowers. Now, as I have stated before, Mother could grow things on rocks and I inherited my love and knack of planting from them.
The kitty justice as this love of growing and planting has stopped at my generation because not one of Mother's grandchildren show this wonderful love. Maybe it will appear back in my grandchildren.

Friday, August 07, 2009

The first Wednesday of each month is Senior day at our local Kroger store and I had just finished dragging in a mountain of groceries when I looked out on our back porch and there was a GLORIOUS SIGHT. Our first moon flower of the year.
I hope you enjoy it as much as we did as the moon made it show up all night long.
The next morning it was still basking in the find early breeze but by eight it was gone.
The kitty justice is God gives us these small moments of joy to enhance our most tired days.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rain last evening, fog this morning with sun shine on the way.

Uncle Edward and fish.
Puppy with fish.
These fishes were caught and released. Uncle Edward and Puppy just had fun being out on the lake.
Well our cool spell is over. Today it will be in the 90s and also the rest of the week. Rain showers are suppose to return on Monday. It will be a good weekend to be on the water but not working outside. The air you can wear is back. I guess it is about time we got some oppressive weather. If it rains anymore we might see the Harpeth river rise.
I have another one of those sinus headaches today and with the meds I am a sleepy kitty. Thank goodness with modern medicine there is something to take to make it better.
Nothing unusual on the hill, just ever day chores to be done. After everything that happen in July, I am ready to live a slow every day life.
The kitty justice is that life is fun even if it is boring.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Those of you who visit Kitty Justice know of my ups and downs, my love of nature and joy of painting. You have suffered through my rants and my opinions (which are many) but continue to come back again and again.
I have made many a friends that I would never dreamed of having and with that said I wish for you to leave a comment and then travel over to my email address and send me a snail mail address. Then in a few days you will get a package from me. Yes a surprise gift of friendship.
No I will not tell you what it is as then it will not be a surprise.
The Kitty Justice for this gift is to celebrate my FIVE HUNDRED POST.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I had stepped out into the garage to take out some items to recycle when I heard baby birds chirping. It was out back behind the garage. I poked my head out and looked right and into the face of a bluebird feeding its young. The bird left immediately and so did I. I located my camera then I snuck back outside and waited and waited.
There was a pattern to the feeding routine. First, the adults would land on the ground in front of the house and then fly up to a nearby bush or tree and wait. When they figured the coast was clear, they would head to the house with food for the babies. I stood ready to capture the unsuspecting feathered friend. When I click the camera, he looked up to say "What's that?" He turned his head sideways to try and figure out what was in the doorway and then assuming no threat was intended went about the routine.
As I continued to wait for the reappearance, I got a good photo of some other birds and then noticed he had landed on the wire. Point and click.
The kitty justice is I am thrilled that BLUEBIRDS are raising some babies in my bird house.