Saturday, August 01, 2009

I had stepped out into the garage to take out some items to recycle when I heard baby birds chirping. It was out back behind the garage. I poked my head out and looked right and into the face of a bluebird feeding its young. The bird left immediately and so did I. I located my camera then I snuck back outside and waited and waited.
There was a pattern to the feeding routine. First, the adults would land on the ground in front of the house and then fly up to a nearby bush or tree and wait. When they figured the coast was clear, they would head to the house with food for the babies. I stood ready to capture the unsuspecting feathered friend. When I click the camera, he looked up to say "What's that?" He turned his head sideways to try and figure out what was in the doorway and then assuming no threat was intended went about the routine.
As I continued to wait for the reappearance, I got a good photo of some other birds and then noticed he had landed on the wire. Point and click.
The kitty justice is I am thrilled that BLUEBIRDS are raising some babies in my bird house.


Anonymous said...

Well what a surprise this turned out to be. Bluebirds no less.

I got a new house up ready for next year. This year was a total flop as no birds came back this way and no butterflies either. If a few tattered sparrows hadn't stayed over the winter I would be birdless too.

I slept under a blanket last night. This has been the coldest July ever recorded here in Ohio where we live. And it was only 59 F here this morning. August is starting out to be more of the same. I fear a climate change is on the way and each year will disrupt the lives of more birds and butterflies to say nothing about the polar bears.

{B} said...

Those are beautiful photos...I've wanted to have nesting bluebirds forever..but there are a few too many cars and people around here for their liking! Thank you so much for sharing them...and for your visits to my blog. I do appreciate them!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh these are the sweetest pictures ever!! The look on the little guys face is perfect. MB

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Lovely photos of the blue birds - now to see the little ones when they are bigger.

Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoy the jokes that brighten your day. Also thanks for the words
about the photo of Kathy and her family. And me. Just over 4 years ago, and how they have all grown up. Take great care, my friend.
Love and Peace to you too. Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Sorry about the bird situation in Ohio but it hasn't appeared to affect our yet we too had the coolest July on record. I will not complain because usually we have air you can wear during that time and the dog days of August have come upon us and so far these two days have been cooler than usual . Whew
Peace and wishing you more feathered friends.

Thanks for your visit. I still have the words of your Mothers that you let me copy to read and start a day. Your blog both in words and photos are inspirational. Peace

I agree and they are so much fun to watch. Peace

Thanks. I do hope to get photos of the babies as they grow. I did not get the Wrens babies and they always hatch out in the garage. Not quick enough I guess.
I could never say in words what your blog means to me. Peace

The Vintage Kitten said...

Gorgeous photos! X