Monday, August 17, 2009

Puppy in June 1964.
Puppy in July 2009.

The log house at Christmas. It was Puppy's first home. We lived here until Puppy was over two years old and then we moved in with Mimi.
Nothing had been done since Gil moved out of the cabin and headed back home to Alabama. I had suggested to Puppy that we work on the cabin a little at a time to get it cleaned up as he plans to move into it after this semester.
Anyway we started with sweeping the bottom floor which is underground, you can see the white blocks at the bottom right which is the kitchen area. It is the largest area of the cabin, with a living, dining , kitchen and bath area. Doesn't look as if all that could be underground. Well it is and it super quite to boot. There is a concrete porch out back with Gran Dot's picnic table, where Puppy can continue to grill out for friends.
After we swept, we mopped the tile floor twice and Puppy used a long handle brush to scrub the tough area. Prince put a large fan downstairs so the floor would dry. We then moved to the middle floor, which you come into from the blue door. We swept, dust mopped, vacuum and dusted. Then we called it quitting time. All we lack on the middle floor is washing the curtains and windows.
We must move out some furniture in the top floor before we start cleaning.
The kitty justice is we will let the temperature drop before we start upstairs.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

Puppy is so lucky. I would love to live in the little cabin. It is remarkable.

I'm glad you are waiting for some cool weather before you move all the furniture and clean the upper floor. I would enjoy seeing photos of the interior when it is finished.

Hope you have a great week.

Small City Scenes said...

What a sweet place to call home. I think I want it up in the woods here. LOL
Cleaning up is hard work and quitting time sound pretty good. MB

DUTA said...

Very nice cabin. Enjoy it.

LZ Blogger said...

Lady Di ~ It's true... they grow up way too quickly! ~ jb///

Lady Di Tn said...

We have window air conditioners for each floor, but we do not wish to put them in until next summer so yes we will wait for cooler weather. Peace

This cabin was built in Weakley County in West TN in 1865 and my FIL had it moved here. It has rebuilt in 1955 minus the dog trot.
When I get to Heaven if God hands me a dust rag and dust pan, I might have to ask to leave. Peace


YEP and him being my only chicken it is hard on a Mom. Glad to see you back in blogland. Peace

Anonymous said...

Hey! My mom has a treasured photo of my brother proudly holding a fish he caught in exactly the same way! I really like that you have those two photos together. It is so fun to compare the past to the present. - That cabin is a treasure. I'm glad that y'all are cleaning it up and that Puppy will get to live in it and it will be loved again.

Bud W said...

Puppy's cousin is confused by the photo of puppy with the fish dated 1964. How old was puppy then? Or is puppy's mom tripping?


Cousin Bud W
Former neighbor