Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rain last evening, fog this morning with sun shine on the way.

Uncle Edward and fish.
Puppy with fish.
These fishes were caught and released. Uncle Edward and Puppy just had fun being out on the lake.
Well our cool spell is over. Today it will be in the 90s and also the rest of the week. Rain showers are suppose to return on Monday. It will be a good weekend to be on the water but not working outside. The air you can wear is back. I guess it is about time we got some oppressive weather. If it rains anymore we might see the Harpeth river rise.
I have another one of those sinus headaches today and with the meds I am a sleepy kitty. Thank goodness with modern medicine there is something to take to make it better.
Nothing unusual on the hill, just ever day chores to be done. After everything that happen in July, I am ready to live a slow every day life.
The kitty justice is that life is fun even if it is boring.


Small City Scenes said...

Sometimes boring is better.
After our record July heat and no rain at all we are finally having sme cool down. No rain yet--and we sure need it--but cool just feels good.
I like your Lily header. Very pretty.
Being on the water is always fun and I am glad they released those little guys.
Your first picture is super. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I have heard on the news about the northwest heat and I am glad it has finally gotten cool for you. Maybe the rain will follow. Our July was just the opposite. We are usually HOT and Humid but I think we only had one day in the 90ths. August however has come in as a bear. High in 90 low in high 70's and with 93 percent humidity.
Thanks I like lillies. Appreciate your kind comment on our sunrise. Peace