Friday, September 25, 2009

Mary at Mary's Writing Nook second word she gave me to blog about was CHILDHOOD. First of all, we must describe what I think are child hood years. You are no longer a baby but not a young adult or a useless and worthless teenager. Also, I have very few photos of my child hood as during that time, our home burnt twice and then again the last year I was a teenager. So photos did not survive only my best kept memories. The above first grade photo was given to us and I got it when our parents things were divided.
My very first memory was whizzing along in the dark of night standing up in the front floor board of a late forties car and the radio was blasting out "Candy Kisses"
We had the windows down and the warm summer air was blowing through my short hair and whipping the bare skin of my arms as I had on one of my favorite sun dresses. I did not like to admit that I liked sun dresses as it soiled my reputation as a tom boy.
Growing up in a rural area, I had sister envy as my big Sis was my hero, my play mate and the only one around for me to attach myself too. I did not have any hair when I was born and afterwards it came in as white as snow. My Sis always had lots of hair even today and she could not get use to this ugly ducking following her around like a love sick puppy.
My Father worked for a saw mill and we lived near it , Big Sis must have been tired of my adoration as she talked me into letting her bury me in the sawdust pile with only my head out. Ha, and you thought only Indians did it on TV. I was so hot and thirsty before Mother found me and dug me out. As Mother dug, she kept saying "You should not do everything your sister wants you to do." I remember protesting that Sis had promised to dig me out.
At the time growing up on the farm, I did not realize that we were poor according to others standard. I was always happy to play outside with or without animals.
We lived near a creek and I would catch frogs and play with them. You play with what you have but my Grandmother did not like me playing with frogs. She told me that they would pee on you and make warts. Ha, I just got some scissors and cut up some old cloth and stole a few safety pins. Walla, diapers for frogs. Now I do admit they were heck to get on but once they were secure, those little frogs would entertain me for hours on end. I also had Pa's baby chickens and rabbits to entertain me.
My Sis did not like to get dirty or play with animals as toys but I loved running free and getting as dirty as I could. I would snick eggs to put in my mud pies and I even got my city cousins to eat the pies. There were very few trees safe from this tom boy and I loved to go as high up as I could. If there were grapevines, I would use them to swing out as far as I could and then let go.
At one point there was a field between the highway and our house and Pa kept a billy goat in the field. I would entice the goat to come up to the fence and then I would grab his horns and hang on for dear life. What other kids can remember the shaking of ones teeth as you were bucked one way and then the others on the horns of a goat.
At this same time, I was introduced to a horse. Dan was his name and he belong to Mr. Marks whom my Pa worked for as a tenant farmer. There was this large field on the top of a hill between their house and ours, and when Mr. Marks would ride him down to chat with my Pa, he would let us girls ride the horse. At first, I was awe struck by the size of him but it did not take me long to know I may not reach the stir ups but I could use my body and knees to get him to go first down the hill and then up. I finally got to where I would gallop him down the hill and see how close I could get to the fence before we turned back up hill.
Pa always had a milk cow and he would milk each evening. We had a couple of old cats and they would line up and he would squirt them with a stream of milk. It was a very warm day and I was sure those cats were getting a nice good drink so I begged my Pa to squirt me too. He told me to get in line with the cats. I was third up and I watch as Pa would squirt the milk into the pal a few times and then he would send the first cat a nice long taste. I licked my lips in anticipation. Second cat got his turn and I was so excited that I would be next I held my mouth open the moment Pa finished giving the second cat a taste. My face began to ache from holding my mouth open so long and then I could see it was my turn. Can you imagine my disappointment, warm and sticky not cold like I was accustomed too. Pa almost fell off his stool from laughter.
Whenever, Sis and I would have altercations as siblings are bound to do, my Grandmother would put our dress tails under the bed post and we would have to sit and make up but were at arms length so we could not continue boxing each others ears.
There was no such animal as kinder garden, so first grade came and I was so excited that I would get to go to school with my big Sis. Living in a rural area, we had to ride the bus what seemed hours to and from but that first morning I could not wait. When the big yellow bus stopped in front of this extremely long brick building, my Sis took me by the hand and led me down to almost the end of the hall. I will never forget the rows of little desk and the dark haired lady who took me away from my sister and sat me down between these two girls. One had long long blonde hair and the other had long long brown hair and each had a bow in their hair that reached to their waist and here I was with my short hair. I knew then it was gonna be a LONG DAY AHEAD. I had correctly accessed the situation and for the next month, I would spend my time in the hallway crying my eyes out during recess as I wanted to go HOME.
I even succeed to fooling my Dad that I was sick and could not go to school. Mother would leave first in the mornings to go to the shirt factory to work and Dad would leave after she did , so I would be sick at my stomach. I would moan and groan and Dad would tell Grandmother that I was sick and needed to stay home. After he would leave for work, I would lay very still until I thought it was time to miraculously recover. I would then head outside and play to my hearts content. However, the rouse was spoiled when Grandmother told Mom. No more free sick days for Kitty.
We had to write our names daily in the first grade. I would get a red one hundred each day and I thought this is for the birds so I started to erse the one hundred and then I got caught when the paper almost had a hole in it. Mrs. Barnes, my teacher did not like my explanation I told her ," I knew how to do it. " I had to stay in at recess then and write my name 100 times. I thought it was stupid then and even more so now. I recognize that I was bored and needed more than writing my name to occupy my mind.
The kitty justice is when you are young and innocent you are totally happy because you do not know any difference. Until someone points it out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mary at Mary's Writing Nook asked if anyone wanted to play five words . I thought it would be fun and asked for five. The first word she gave me was TENNESSEE. This photo is one from the hill of a foggy morning sunrise. Tennessee has some of the best scenery from the flat farm lands in the west to the rolling hills in middle Tennessee then on to the mountains in east Tennessee. Our state touches eight states, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri. We have the mighty Mississippi river bordering the west side of the state and the Smoky Mountains on the east side of the state.

Tennessee's cultivated state flower is the Iris and the wildflower is the Passion Flower. The state tree is the Tulip Poplar with the Bicentennial Tree the Yellow wood. Tennessee's slogan is "Tennessee-America at Its Best." Our state's bird is the Mockingbird and our Insect is the Ladybug. I am sure most have heard Tennessee's song, The Tennessee Waltz, and if you watch college football especially the SEC you will hear the song "Rocky Top" played during the University of Tennessee's football games. Our nickname is the Volunteer State and UT has shorten it to The Vols.
Tennessee was one of the states that saw too many conflicts during the War Between the State or as some call it The Civil War and others The Great Conflict. We have battlefields and cemeteries which shows the vase number who were victims of greed. It was fought under the mask of slavery, state rights but rest assured it was nothing but Economics. Just like the war we are fighting now. Sorry got off track, Back to Tennessee. General Nathan Bedford Forest was one of the best cavalrymen of the War. He started the Ku Klux Klan but as most do not know he resigned as he did not approve of their tactics. Tennessee also has one of World War I famous hero's from Pall Mall Tennessee. Alvin C. York single handily captured 132 German soldiers and killed 25. Tennessee is loaded with historical people and places. We provided America with 3 Presidents, (7Th Andrew Jackson -come see The Hermitage: 11Th James K. Polk home in Columbia and 17Th Andrew Johnson who was VP under Lincoln and upon Lincoln's death became President) and one VP, Albert Gore Jr. under President Clinton. We also have Pulitzer Prise winner Alex Haley home and museum in Henning. There is lots more but alas, I need to move on.

Center Hill Lake at sunset. Tennessee has lots of lakes and rivers to fish and ski or just lazily float along on. In Tennessee waters if you are lucky you can catch a large mouth bass or a channel catfish which have been designated as our states fish. Along the banks or on my bird feeder at night you can catch a glimpse of the Tennessee animal, the raccoon.

Downtown Nashville or as some would say Music City. We are known for the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium. Our most famous Blonde lady is not only known for her songs but for family entertainment at Dollywood and for her charity of giving books to children. Dolly Parton has been one of country musics most loved internationally. Then in Memphis you know him by one name. ELVIS. Nuf said and if you do not know Elvis all I can say is "Bless your Heart."

During the Centennial, The Parthenon was build as we are know as the "Athens of the South."
There is so much more to Tennessee than just country music and twang. We are the proud to have the Fisk Jubilee Singers and a new Opera House. Not to mention all the talented artist and sculptures.

Tennessee is also known as a very GREEN state. We are blessed with all four seasons of the year and during February in Grand Junction at the Ames Plantation the National Field Trial Championship for bird dogs is held. In Shelbyville each fall the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration is held and in the spring we have the Iroquois Steeplechase.

The Kitty Justice is I am proud to be born an American but blessed by God to be a Tennessean. (KJ is a native Tennessean and if you are a transplant, I am sure you got here as soon as you could) Hooah only 4 words to go.

There are lots of different roads to travel when you get to Tennessee.Be sure to put Tennessee on your Bucket List.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Prince's first grade class at Parmer School. He is the third one from the right of the top row
Saturday 9-12-09 there was a Parmer School reunion. This is the class of 1964 that attended. Prince is in the red stripe shirt.

The official camera lady would take one photo of each decade starting with 1930's. This is the sixties decade.

After the school burned in the early eighties a facade was erected to commemorate the schools existence. There was a tent set up for the more than six hundred classmates that attended to gather to reminisce, eat, drink and dance. The little boy in red came running through and Prince said that was about the age of the children that had gone to the school.
It was a rather warm afternoon and there was lots to drink to quench ones thirst. Barbecue was served for dinner and we left the folks still gathered about dark and walked back to our car rather than ride the bus.
The area where the school was is now a Metro park with a walking track and a playground area.
The kitty justice is that lots of children of the past played on those fields and today children are still enjoying a nice green area to gather.

Friday, September 18, 2009

This is how the sky looked this morning. We have had rain with more rain to come. Yesterday Prince poured out 2 inches of rain from the rain gauge before he left for work and this morning we already have one and half inches of rain collected in the gauge.
All the football fields are SOGGY SOGGY SOGGY.
The kitty justice is this Mother does not have to wash any of those wet and nasty football uniforms. BUT I DO REMEMBER.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

West Hills Baptist Church in Lebanon, TN. This painting was done in 2007 for my Sister to put in her "Little Ladies Classroom."

As I was straighten up a closet in Mimi's hallway, I came across a book entitled, A Family Treasury of Prayers. I thought I would share Henry Alford (1810-1871) prayer.

O Lord, give us more charity, more self denial, more likeness to thee.

Teach us to sacrifice our comforts to others, and our liking for the sake of doing good.

Make us kindly in thought, gentle in word, generous in deed.

Teach us that it is better to give than receive better to forget ourselves than to put ourselves forward, better to minister than to be ministered unto.

And to thee, the God of love, be all glory and praise, now and forever.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pa Christian and his oldest child, my Mother. Both taught me about manners and how to treat others.
So with a "HOORAH", I see that others believe as I do that it is not "Racism in America" but just down right "BAD MANNERS".
Joe Wilson shout out "You lie." at our President , along with Serena William's profanity and threat to a Judge and now Rapper Kanye West grabs the microphone from country singer Taylor Swift. Yep, all of these were "BAD MANNERS" TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE.
I nodded my head in agreement as I felt vindicated when I read, "Is civility dead in America? by Marco R. Della Cava (U.S. Today) and I shook my head in disagreement when I read Rick Horowitz's "Wilson takes the discussion down a notch." He makes the statements "It's never easy to return to school rules-jacket and tie and a civil tongue-after weeks of summer vacation. Even congressmen need time to readjust." HA, THAT IS BUNK. Then his true objective is revealed licensed gun owners. Hey, he is talking about me and lots of others who I know have better manners than those mentioned above . He ends up saying "It'll be much easier the next time."WHAT? I guess he does not believe in learning from our mistakes.
I hope Congress does not accept this behavior and that it will be less likely to happen again.
Oh, did anyone see Jay Leno last evening when he asked Kanye how his Mother would react. At least he hung his head and wiped his tears.
Now if we are all honest, we too have suffered from some bad manners but hopefully not so public. May we and the country learn from them.(HOW NOT TO ACT.)
If nothing else, just like my Mother and Pa taught me, I hope Puppy remembers what I always told him "Don't leave your manners at home."
The kitty justice is to "MIND YOUR MANNERS." HOOAHH

Monday, September 14, 2009


THE GIRLS I USE TO WORK WITH AT NATIONAL LIFE AND INSURANCE COMPANY. Judy, Jeanette, Barbara, Vera and Glenda. I never got to know Glenda as well as the other girls because she left the company in 1977. However, the others I got to spend lots of time with at work and after work. Judy was the prettiest girl in the accounting section, whereas Jeanette was the sweetest and Barbara the nicest. As for Vera, every girl out there in work land should have a boss like her. It was an honor and pleasure to call her boss.
Work was a fun place to go even though some days your nose had to stay on the grind stone to keep up and not fall behind. Looking back even those days we had fun and fellowship.
When Vera married Robert, I gained a hunting and fishing buddy. We would go camping usually in their camper at LBL (Land Between the Lakes in northwestern Tennessee). Never ever killed anything but the comradely was the highlighted part of our trips. Robert would make fishing lures (one he named the butter bean) and he would give me some to use or he would make little pouches to carry items in and again I would be blessed to receive one.
Vera and Robert are a couple we should try to emulate as they show their love with a touch or look each day. Every time I am around them, I watch and learn.
The kitty justice is that I was honored to share their Hallmark in wedded bliss.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Knoxie's kitty "Roll Around" or is it "Roll About" came out to visit the ladies at the party.
I love this expression. I must use this photo on LOLCats. Got any suggestions for the caption?

Mz. Hazel was paying the cat some well deserved attention.

I think she has beautiful markings even if she has the shortest legs I have ever seen on a cat.
The kitty justice is she made herself known and then went and waited for us to leave.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I thought it was worth sharing with those who do not get our local rag.
As Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee said in his eNewsletter,"The two plans now before Congress to reform our health care system are good-faith efforts to find the best way to go in the wrong direction. We have to start over to get it right."
The kitty justice is to try to do it correctly not expediently.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hazel Crye-King looks fantastic for a lady who has turned 90.
Peaches and Cat listening to one of Darlene's many stories.

Knoxie was so gracious to let us celebrate Hazel's burpday in her lovely home.

Darlene has been given lots of LEMONS but manages to make lemonade with each batch she receives. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

Mz Purple closed her eyes either from the camera or the laughter from all the stories.

Bunny laughing with Hazel.

Hazel showing off her ring that Bunny made her.

Peaches had gotten Hazel a cute top to wear. Note, she was the only one having coffee.

Time to eat. Knoxie had gotten the tomatoes at the Farmers Market and picked up bib lettuce and chicken salad at Costcos. Mz Purple had brought a fruit salad with walnuts on top. Peaches had made some cream cheese and olive sandwiches and I had stuffed some eggs.

Meal was consumed and it was time for CAKE. Cat had the cake made with purple flowers. Hazel favorite saying is "When in doubt, use purple."

Hazel blew out the candles and made a wish.
Since I was to help Knoxie to serve the meal, I got to her home before anyone else appeared. Darlene was the next to arrive with our BURPDAY GIRL, Hazel. Now this was not her birthday nor her birthday month however, when you reach ninety you should party all year.
Next, Mz Purple and Bunny arrived and on their heels were Cat and Peaches.
I poured everyone except Hazel a glass of wine and we headed to the living room to enjoy each others company.
Since I am the Newbie (or as Knoxie calls me the youngster) of the group, I usually sit back and listen to by gone day stories and with each one it was a cause for laughter.
I did not get a photo of Hazel with the two balloons,tied around her neck as she sat enjoying the chatter.
If yawl do not have a Darlene in your life then I am sorry for yawl as she brings joy and laughter everywhere she goes. Her life could be made into a best selling book.
Hazel is great teacher and she has touched the lives of countless number of people .
The Kitty Justice is Hazel is not only our teacher but a treasured friend .
May we all get to celebrate many more Burpdays with her.

Friday, September 04, 2009

I thought I would share today's progression of sun rise photos. LOL
The kitty justice is it appears we have two suns today.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This is a Church of Christ off South Harpeth Road which is one of the small roads along highway 100.
Do any of yawl like to wonder around old graveyards and read the tombstones ?
The Kitty Justice is I want to go back and do just that.