Monday, September 14, 2009


THE GIRLS I USE TO WORK WITH AT NATIONAL LIFE AND INSURANCE COMPANY. Judy, Jeanette, Barbara, Vera and Glenda. I never got to know Glenda as well as the other girls because she left the company in 1977. However, the others I got to spend lots of time with at work and after work. Judy was the prettiest girl in the accounting section, whereas Jeanette was the sweetest and Barbara the nicest. As for Vera, every girl out there in work land should have a boss like her. It was an honor and pleasure to call her boss.
Work was a fun place to go even though some days your nose had to stay on the grind stone to keep up and not fall behind. Looking back even those days we had fun and fellowship.
When Vera married Robert, I gained a hunting and fishing buddy. We would go camping usually in their camper at LBL (Land Between the Lakes in northwestern Tennessee). Never ever killed anything but the comradely was the highlighted part of our trips. Robert would make fishing lures (one he named the butter bean) and he would give me some to use or he would make little pouches to carry items in and again I would be blessed to receive one.
Vera and Robert are a couple we should try to emulate as they show their love with a touch or look each day. Every time I am around them, I watch and learn.
The kitty justice is that I was honored to share their Hallmark in wedded bliss.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you miss your job. lol

Thanks for visiting my Pick a Peck of Pixels blog and for commenting about the stag beetle.

Lady Di Tn said...

It was a job better known as the 4 lettered word WORK but it was not hard work like I did as a youngster. I do not miss the job but the people I do not get to see daily anymore. Peace