Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hazel Crye-King looks fantastic for a lady who has turned 90.
Peaches and Cat listening to one of Darlene's many stories.

Knoxie was so gracious to let us celebrate Hazel's burpday in her lovely home.

Darlene has been given lots of LEMONS but manages to make lemonade with each batch she receives. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

Mz Purple closed her eyes either from the camera or the laughter from all the stories.

Bunny laughing with Hazel.

Hazel showing off her ring that Bunny made her.

Peaches had gotten Hazel a cute top to wear. Note, she was the only one having coffee.

Time to eat. Knoxie had gotten the tomatoes at the Farmers Market and picked up bib lettuce and chicken salad at Costcos. Mz Purple had brought a fruit salad with walnuts on top. Peaches had made some cream cheese and olive sandwiches and I had stuffed some eggs.

Meal was consumed and it was time for CAKE. Cat had the cake made with purple flowers. Hazel favorite saying is "When in doubt, use purple."

Hazel blew out the candles and made a wish.
Since I was to help Knoxie to serve the meal, I got to her home before anyone else appeared. Darlene was the next to arrive with our BURPDAY GIRL, Hazel. Now this was not her birthday nor her birthday month however, when you reach ninety you should party all year.
Next, Mz Purple and Bunny arrived and on their heels were Cat and Peaches.
I poured everyone except Hazel a glass of wine and we headed to the living room to enjoy each others company.
Since I am the Newbie (or as Knoxie calls me the youngster) of the group, I usually sit back and listen to by gone day stories and with each one it was a cause for laughter.
I did not get a photo of Hazel with the two balloons,tied around her neck as she sat enjoying the chatter.
If yawl do not have a Darlene in your life then I am sorry for yawl as she brings joy and laughter everywhere she goes. Her life could be made into a best selling book.
Hazel is great teacher and she has touched the lives of countless number of people .
The Kitty Justice is Hazel is not only our teacher but a treasured friend .
May we all get to celebrate many more Burpdays with her.


Mary said...

Lady Di, I need a Darlene in my life, or maybe I am one. I get lots of lemons but try my best to make lemonade out of them all. :-)

Love it that you all celebrated Hazel's birthday even though it wasn't her birthday. How thoughtful and wonderful.

Wishing you a great week.

Small City Scenes said...

Well Happy Birthday to one young looking 90 year old---that be Hazel of course. It looks like you all had a lovely time and lunch looks scrumptious. MB

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ What a lovely idea to celebrate a birthday, when it's not her birthday. Hazel looks great for 90 and the meal looks yummy and a
happy time was had by all.
No I didn't get to mind John fuzzies. I love having them, but he is scared they will trip me up as I am not too steady on my feet these days and have lost a lot of confidence. I hope this improves.
I must tell John about the gentleman with his 2 Labs in a sidecar with goggles on and matching his bike.
Thank you for your very kind words
my friend. Take care, Love, Merle.
Peace to you also.

Lady Di Tn said...

We all need a Darlene in our lives. Thanks and Hazel did enjoy a belated party. Peace

Yes we all need to grow up to be like Hazel. She taught ballroom dancing for years and still goes out dancing for pleasure. Plus she still teaches. We had a grand time and the lunch was YUMMY. Peace

I think when you get that age a party a month is not too often. Sorry about the confidence. Peace

tm said...

Hazel is such a wonderful person. She was and is a blessing to us all.

tm said...

Hazel is such a wonderful person. She was and is a blessing to us all.