Saturday, October 31, 2009

We went to TSC in Fairview to pick up bird seed and corn for the wildlife. We always refer to these trucks as "Big Dogs" so I thought it neat that one happen to be parked under the sign.

On the way back home I took this photo and the next out the window at Hwy 100. It is really more colorful than it appears, because you could only see a small portion whereas I saw the whole scene.

This photo and the next were taken in front of Miranda's Market on Hwy 100. I could not figure out which one was the most festive so I have shown you both.

This is Happy Halloween from Home Depot affectionately called "Home Dope".
I wonder how many will be on sale after happy weenie. Might go and check.
Today we went looking for a leaf blower called "Little Wonder". It is a walk behind blower which would give relief from blower arm. After using the back pack blowers, Prince's arm is really tired. Anyway if you want to see what they can do you can google them. They have a video.
Alas, we did not get to see them, as one store was closed and the other we could not find. So we can home and took more photos on our walk down to the white barn.
The kitty justice is I will have to bore you with more TN. color.
Wishing the Great Pumpkin makes it to your place tonight.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking up into a golden Hickory Tree. This giant stands in our yard.

More golden Hickory's along the driveway in our yard.

From under the Beech trees looking down the driveway on the left side. The old road is to the left before you get to the large oak.

Right below the oak tree stands a Dogwood tree. It is on the right side of the old road going down to the white barn.

I tweaked the colors on this close up so the dogwood berry would be intensely red.

This photo and the next one are closes up of the leaves of the dogwood showing the nature colors.

Again I hope you enjoy the Tennessee colors of fall. I just love Tennessee and all it's seasons.
The Kitty Justice is the wind and rain of the last few days has made lots of these leaves to fall.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prince went ahead to put out some feed for the wildlife. As he took the blue truck back up the hill, I stayed on the hillside and took this photo of Jackson's Hill which is to the left.
This is a close up of the trees at the bottom of Jackson's Hill.

I turned to my right and the path that leads to the white barn. The Maple to the left of the cedar trees is only beginning to turn color.

This is the hillside just right of the white barn. The red and yellow trees compliment each other.
A closer look at these beautiful ladies.

Prince is coming down the path to the white barn but Maggie had already run to meet me and circled the barn two or three times.
This is the giant tree to the right of the white barn in previous photo and I am showing a close up as I love the character. Have you ever met a tree you did not like? I consider myself a tree hugger in the purest sense.

The big branch in the top right belongs to the tree in the previous photo and this is the back side of the two ladies.

This is the hillside of the farm behind the two ladies. I love the rolling hills even if TVA has spoiled the view. I can always use my artistic license and paint it out. LOL

This is a view of the barn that most do not see as it is the backside looking up the hill to our home.

This is inside the right side of the barn. Now for a quiz. Do you know what this equipment IS?

This is a closer look at the object in question. I think the wheels and seat are antique treasures.
In true Kitty Justice kat fuzzes I will give you a Hint. It could have good use in our Nation Capital. No short supply there.
The kitty justice is I wish you luck with your guess.

Monday, October 26, 2009

First of all, the photos are backward but I have no time to fix them so just look at the photos from bottom to top. Maggie and I went next door to take photo's of the big gold maple. I walked down the hill to try and get all of it into the photo. Then when I came up the hill, I took closer views of the leaves. The last one I took look straight up.
Sunday was a beautiful fall day on the hill .
The kitty justice is I will post mostly photos I took Sunday this week as I will be tackling gators most of the week.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking right (first photo) and looking left (second photo)

That hickory tree has been leaning since hurricane Camille.(1969)
A flock of six came up the hill into the neighbors front yard. Benni has bird feeder out back and these talented feathered giants, take their bodies and tap the poles of the feeders so the seeds will rain down onto the ground.

I thought the day was so dreary, I pulled up the blinds to let in the light when I saw this flock of six turkeys between our house and the neighbors. By the time I ran into the library to get the camera they had moved away from our house but I still got a few shots out the window of them.
The kitty justice you never know what you'll see out the windows on the hill.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is Linda's Mothers clock. When I visited last weekend I took the photo as it shows how I have felt the last few weeks. YEP, I do believe Tweety missed Silvester's head and hit mind. I was up again in the wee hours this morning hunting for some Tylenol.

The plant is out front and is surviving the cool spells rather well. Not long we will not have any zinnia to adorn the kitchen table.
This is the door prize, the purple mums, I won at the last Art Venture luncheon. I can home and put them in the ground immediately.

Prince took this Sunday morning photo as I was getting ready for 7:30 Church.

Prince also took this photo of the last hummers to be seen here. I have now taken down the feeders and washed them up to put away until next spring when the aguga blooms. Aunt Dot said when it blooms the hummers arrive. We live by that advice on the hill.
The kitty justice is to ramble along ever so often. Now to fight dragons and alligators. Peace

Sunday, October 18, 2009



1 eight oz cream cheese softened

2Tbsp of mayonnaise

1/2 cup of feta cheese

1 can of asparagus drained

1 Tsp. of Greek Seasoning

1/2 Tsp lemon pepper

1/2 Tsp smoked paprika

Combine the first two ingredients and stir until smooth and mixed well. Cut up into small pieces the drained asparagus and add to the cream cheese mixture. Stir in the last three ingredients and after these have been mixed well then stir in the feta cheese. Let is sit overnight in the frig so the seasoning will be well blended. Spread mixture into pocket pitas and serve with a light salad.

Great meal.

The kitty justice is that Mimi pronounced my asparagus filling a keeper. Now go fix you a real kitty justice meal.

Friday, October 16, 2009

In 1999, Ward Burton came to Bellevue Mall and I entered a contest to go to a private autograph signing. At the time he was my favorite Nascar driver. I had a few collectible and he was very gracious when he signed them. He said it was his first time to come to Nashville. I hope he came back and saw the sights with his family.
He was a gentleman, a conservationist and had the most wonderful southern drawl one would ever hear. Later after the signing he gave a radio interview and lots of people gathered around to listen. He drove the number 22 Caterpillar car and now I have no idea who is driving that car.
The kitty justice is this Nascar driver put a smile on my face and an a excitement in my life at a time I was dealing with my Mothers death. Thank you Ward.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

GOOD MORNING . These are a series of photos that I took looking out the backdoor at about eight this morning. When I awoke to Maggie's insistence this morning at five it was very dark and rainy. It had rained all day yesterday and all night. The night time rain was heavy. Maggie was a very wet dog from her job of retrieving the paper this morning. Also, the paper was soaked even through it's was held closed with a rubber band. I turned the oven on warm and placed the soaked rag inside to dry. I had already attended to Mimi's room and our bedroom when I noticed a ray of sunshine. The weather girl said we would have rain all day so I was very much surprised to see the sun peak out from the clouds. As I was capturing the changing scene and watching the fog roll up from the valley, I noticed we had about two inches in the rain gauge.
The kitty justice is the rain will fall but then a slice of Heaven comes afterwards.