Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gracie, Dot, and John in front of the log house. Gracie wanted to see where her Mother had slept when she was a little girl visiting her Grandmother. She took Gracie upstairs and showed her where she and her brother would sleep when visiting Gran Dot, her grandmother.

Four Generations. Cousin Bill known as Grandaddy Bill to Gracie, his daughter, Dot, Mimi and Gracie peeking out from behind Mimi.
Gracie and her parents live in Ft. Worth and came up for a short visit. Saturday evening I fixed baked spaghetti, a green salad, a fruit salad and french bread sliced in rounds with spices.
Cousin Bill supplied the ice cream, and cupcakes (Gracie's favorite) and a few bottles of wine along with the bread.
I served cheese straws and seedless red grapes before dinner.
It was Gracie's first time on the hill and we hope we made it a time to remember.
Maggie's noses is getting much better which I am very thankful.
I thought I would not have any holly berries left because when I arose Saturday morning and took Maggie out for her morning walk, I heard all this commotion in the holly tree out front and it was full of cedar wax wings. However, they only ate those berries out front and this morning they were gone . Usually those funny little birds stay until all the berries are gone.
The kitty justice is we enjoyed Gracie and her folks and the cedar wax wings forgot about the holly berries in the trees out in the back yard.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I got an email with photos of things from the past. I sure do miss the days of full service gas stations. A smiling attendant would come to your window and smile and ask what he could do for you today and you could then tell him how much gasoline you would like to purchase. He would then begin to pump your gas and as it flowed into your tank, he would wash your front and back windows for you. After the gas was pumped, he would come back and tell you how much you owed. If you did not have the correct change, he would take your money and return with your change. I had to go put gasoline in the silver bullet today and all the time I was pumping gas, I wished for a full service station.
This is my Turks Cap. Yep. I cut her back and she is still blooming. I do not think it has every lasted this long. The hummers love it and during the summer, I can look off the top porch to see it's pretty flowers and visitors having a sip.

I sure will be glad when Maggie's nose looks like this again. Last week, she got into a nest of some kind of stinging critters. Her head and muzzle swelled up and I gave her some Benadryl and it came back down to normal size, but her nose kept getting worse and she was digging like crazy with her back paw. It then began to bleed. I called the vet and was told to mix some baking soda with warm water and use a compress and hold it on her nose. She was very good about letting me do this and the scabs came off and I proceed to put neosporin on the raw nose as instructed. She just would not leave it along with both the front and back paws so Puppy went to the pet store and now the poor darling is a cone head. However, this morning it was looking better. Also, I was under dosing the dog with the Benadryl. You can give a puddy dog 1mg per pound that they weigh. Therefore she can have 3 benadryl twice a day.
Since Maggie's encounter with bugs that STING, I have once again incorporated walking her on the leasch.
The Kitty Justice is to wish for the luxury of a full service gas station, flowers to brighten the day and a dog with a well nose.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coming back home in my silver bullet last Friday, I decided to go take photos of the Steeplechase. This is Page road off Old Hickory Blvd.
I took this photo to my right while I was stopped taking the first photo.
The Grand stand became my target.
I made it and I am now standing behind the Grand Stand. There was one other car parked here but no occupant. They were probably running or walking.

This and the next photos were taken from the same spot and I took the photos from right to left.

This was not a planned detour just one of those spur of the moment photo opt. The quite solitude of the fields without horses and the bustle of people and lots of ladies in hats during the Iroquois was just too beautiful not to share.
I only saw two people walking and one runner while standing there.
The kitty justice is this gem awaits the horses to jump those hedges.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Leaving the Hill. Check out those tail pipes.
What shiny wheels you have? These could make some men drool.

This is what you see when I get up close to your back window. Heehee.

Side view of my temporary truck.

This is Steve Bass the owner of the truck. I had taken the silver bullet (my Buick) over on Thursday for him to see about fixing the shimmy when I get a lead foot and it was gonna need more time than I had hoped for them to fix it.
Steve came in and sat down and told me what was wrong with the silver bullet and it was a part that could break loose and the it would go one way while I was going the other way. So not wanting the the following written in my death notice "The silver bullet went left when Kitty Justice was trying to go right." I asked if he could fix it. He said sure he could and I could take his truck and go anywhere I wished. Now knowing how Men love their trucks I asked " You would trust me with your truck?" He grinned and said" SURE, I will lend you my truck but not my Harley." So I agreed to take the man's truck while he worked on the silver bullet. Before I went out the door, he said just keep the truck overnight as I have a ride home. As I climbed into the truck and tried to adjust the seat because it was set at six feet man length, Stanley (a older man who is extremely nice and a new grandpa) took pity on me and came out and adjusted it for me. I thanked him and then cranked her up. Whoa!! It did not start but ROARED from those twin tail pipes. Each time I slowed for a traffic light or had to slow down, and then stompted the gas, it would roar away and I would smile and go back to the seventies. The first car I owned was a 1973 Nova and my little brother talked me into twining her out and putting a glass pack muffler on her. My little Nova did not have the power of this 350 so I was enjoying the ride. Going back to my youth each time I pressed the gas pedal. Ah, I will not give you fact just that time travel has never been so much fun.
I did not take the man's truck anywhere but the grocery and gas station. As I was driving this memorabilia machine, I did not recognize as I went down the road it was saying , one gallon, two gallon, etc. etc.
Now as soon as I pulled her into the garage, the telephone started ringing and I had six new friends all wanting me to move them with my new found truck. The next day I lost these friends when I returned the truck to the owner. LOL
I did take the interstate and had a wonderful ride back to his business with the window rolled down. Gotta hear the ROAR.
The kitty justice is CUSTOMER SERVICE is alive and well at Bass Tire. When I returned the keyes and told him I had such a blast from the past, he told me his truck was available anytime, I needed a lift.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

On the sidebar click on Calendar Girls or Miss March's painting to view all twelve Geisha.
For the rest of November, all prints will be half price. Please send your request to Cards will still be $3.00 each.
After November the full price will return and that is the Kitty Justice.

Those who have become follower of kitty justice know that my Pa always had a goat. Remember the Billy that I would encourage to come to the fence so I could take a ride on his horns. Also, Prince's father when he bought the place before WWII, referred to it as "Billy goat hill" or " a goat path to the log house."
I have said for years that I wanted some goats and chickens but Mimi always encourages me to not go there.
Last Thursday evening Prince brought a very welcomed billy goat to the hill and yesterday he proceeded to play with it into the darkness of night. Seeing the damage to my solar frog who guarded my flower bed from the deer and how it can uproot plants, I requested he not go near my flower beds with that orange animal. Being a true UT (University of Tennessee) person, I love orange but not this animal near my flower beds.
The kitty justice is that we have one Billy Goat on the hill. Now for the four legged kind. We call this progress.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

All four of these photos were taken in July during a heavy rain fall. As I normally do each month I go to the site and enter my one photo of the month. Yep, you can only enter ONE photo each month. So which one did I pick?
Please go to and scroll down the right side bar to , click on the view photos and then when the digital photo album is loaded, click on the Wildlife category. There you will see which photo was chosen to display.
I will continue to submit my one photo a month in hopes of getting lucky again.
On Friday I got an email advising my photo had been chosen.
The Kitty Justice is that email uplifted my whole day.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Frosty, one of the hostess for the Garden Club, and the guest speaker, Beverly P. St. John.

Beverly gave all the ladies who were wearing blue a note card with a copy of one of her father's prints. No I was not wearing blue but as the Gods of Fate would have it, Mimi had on a blue jacket.
This is the back of the note card.
The meeting at the Garden Club was Mimi's first social outing since her hip replacement surgery. It was a beautiful sunny day and the guest speaker was Beverly P. St. John.
She was a delightful lady and said her husband enjoyed telling folks that he had made a Pick Up a Saint. She passed around copies of her father's prints and gave a short history as life with a famous father.
At one point, she told us of a fairy ring of cedar trees and dogwood trees on their farm and I thought of all my friends who enjoy fairies. Can you imagine a real fairy ring to visit as a child?
She and a co author, Gary A Webb have just completed a book on her father, THE LIFE AND WORK OF ERNEST A PICKUP. The following facts are taken from the Cover Letter of what the book will contain:
1. An essay about his life and career as a self -taught artist
2. How he happened to start making and exhibiting woodblock prints-one of the
oldest and most difficult of all art media
3. A listing of the museums in the United States and Europe where his prints were
4. Over 55 of his prints of varying subjects
5. A catalog (listing) of his works
6. And more importantly (to me, Beverly) a chapter of my memoirs of him as a
husband, father, and Christian gentleman
A special introductory price of $30.00 and $5.00 shipping (total $35.00) can be done by making check payable to E. A. Pickup Book. Send check and number of copies you wish to purchase to E. A. Pickup Book Project, P.O. Box 1642, Brentwood, TN. 37024-1642
The book is hardbound, approximately 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size with approxmiately one hundred and twenty pages. If you have need of more information please call 615-415-4423 or Email
For all who enjoy history and especially Nashville history I have provided the above information. I have NOT been paid to do this post and the only reason I have provided the information is because of my LOVE of History.
The Kitty Justice is I will have to buy my copy, just like you.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sunday afternoon I finally removed summer from the pots and then cut pine, magnolia and holly to decorate the porch. This is the end of the porch that we look out from our kitchen so of course I decorate it more than the other parts.

I placed three old farm discoveries on the table for the bird to light upon.
In the big vase near the dining room windows, I put a block of wood along with pine cones upon it and some greenery. Above this arrangement where the fern summered is now a bird feeder.

Closer look at the center of the arrangement.

I put a round feeder in the center of this pot and surrounded it with nuts from the yard and greenery with one well placed stick for the bird to use as a resting place.
I noticed yesterday afternoon, that the little chipmunks have discovered the seeds and nuts in the pot.

Inside this pot, I put a large clay saucer with seeds, nuts , and pine cones and then place a nice stick and greenery for the birds. Alas, this titmouse would rather use the pole. Maybe later he will enjoy my efforts.
I was wondering why as I was taking photos that the birds would grab a seed and then fly away. Then I glanced down and saw Maggie's presents.
The Kitty Justice is no matter how still I was taking the photos, the birds would not stay long because of my black companion.

Monday, November 02, 2009

If you compare this photo with the photo I took Sunday 10-25, you will see all the red leaves are gone from the tree which is down the hill to the right of the barn.
Sunday 10-25 shows the maple not yet turned in that post. Look how much difference a week makes. This was taken Saturday 10-31.

Prince took the above photo and he managed to capture all the turkeys. Do you see how many came to visit. This was taken before the rains last week and you can tell there are very few leaves.

This photo was taken Saturday 10-31 after the rains and wind. This photo is looking the same direction as the previous one just a little more to the right. We have a sea of leaves . We now have a row of leaves to haul off after Prince blew leaves most of Sunday. We hauled four loads and I whined to quit.
Great News to share. Mimi when to Church with us yesterday. The hip replacement has done wonders for her.
The kitty justice is we have only just begun "LEAF DUTY".