Monday, December 14, 2009

Cat and Knoxie at Art Venture luncheon in December. I sat beside Knoxie.
Peaches, the Artist of the painting I brought home, and also one of the hostess at the December luncheon.

This is Peaches painting on tile that I got in the dirty Santa game. You see this is a wonderful part of the December luncheon. Each Artist brings an orginal piece of artwork wrapped.We each draw a number before the game starts and I got number twelve. The gift can be stolen twice but the third time it was retired. It was my intent to get a watercolor this year but when it came my turn, I did not wish to pick one that could not be stolen. I had patiently counted each one that was stolen so I knew which ones I could steal without anyone taking it from me. I have always wanted a Peaches painting and what a better way than to steal it.

The Monster tree has been decorated. On Friday evening, Puppy made a visit for dinner. I had not planned on anything as Prince was having to work late and Mimi and I were gonna eat leftovers or whatever else we could locate in the frig. I got busy and made tacos and we had been given a pecan pie from one of Mimi's oldest neighbor and friend. Afterwards, Puppy said he would help me with the lights.
We were on our last string of lights, when all I saw was GREEN AND MORE GREEN. The tree had fallen on me. Puppy grabbed it and it did not knock me down but would have if he had not been so quick. The tree stand was full of water. So off I went to get old towels to mop up the floor. We began again and once more it fell and Puppy grabbed it again and when he sat it up, over it came again. He had a test he needed to study for so he left the Monster tree propped up against the window. The full side of the tree to the window. Prince did not get home until 2AM Saturday and before he went to sleep I told him about the tree so he knew we would have tree duty on Saturday.
As Prince slept Saturday morning I heard the tree hit the floor for the fourth time. When he got up he propped it up with the ladder. He went to Home Depot to pick up some large stepping stones, 8x12 width and two inches thick. We put them on the back side of the tree and then tugged on her on all sides. She barely wigged so I broke out the Christmas ornaments and snowflakes. Mimi would sit and put the hangers in the ornaments and I would go up and down the ladder to place them. Then down again to see where one was needed. I had intended to put icicles on the tree but after the second day of decorating the Monster Tree, I declared her finished.
The Kitty Justice is when you get a Christmas tree off a hillside, make sure it is not a Monster Tree.


Small City Scenes said...

What a delightful painting you picked. A fun game to play too.
Well the Monster Tree finally turned out ok. Thank goodness What a way to make a Christmas memory. LOL MB

Changes in the wind said...

You wouldn't think decorating a tree could be a dangerous event:) Glad it all worked out okay.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. When Puppy left Friday he made the statement "Another Christmas tale to tell." I entertained a group of elderly ladies with the tale of the Monster tree. It made them laugh. Peace

only if it is a Monster tree. Peace

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful,Lovely and fantastic @@ Great post..Unseen Rajasthan

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I absolutely LOVE your monster tree. We have had a Christmas tree tip over too, with the help of one Alaskan malamute pup. That was when Meeko was brand new to us in 2000. Meeko doesn't bother much with the tree. We've only put up the small artificial tree this year. We usually have an 8 foot spruce.

I'm glad you are going to make the Pineapple Snowballs. They are a nice treat and perfect for diabetics.

Have a wonderful day.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and Peace

I am glad you like Monster tree. I will probably make the snowballs soon. Peace

Patty said...

Well you certainly have more patience than me, that tree would have either gone out after the third fall, or there would have been wires attached and nails driven into the walls closest to the tree to hold that baby up. And for Abe, it probably would have gone out after the first fall. LOL

Lady Di Tn said...

I cannot believe you would have let the tree won. Prince and I were determined to make a go of her since all the effort had been put into her. Monster Tree 0, Prince and Kitty 5. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Good for you beating that monster tree - it sure was after you. It looks great now and safer thanks to Prince.
I am glad you got the painting you wanted.
Glad you liked the pic of my brother and me - it turned out nicely.
My son Geoff and family are coming
tomorrow and John and his girl and her son came this evening and we
exchanged presents and love.
Off to my daughters on Tuesday, but
don't want to be away from my garden too long when it's hot.
Again, Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year in 2010. Love and Peace,