Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Prince took Puppy on his first hunt for a Christmas tree to cut. They also cut another one for our neighbors.
We usually get a cut tree but buy it from a local store or the boy scouts but this year, Prince wanted to go back to his youth and hunt a tree.
This tree was at least a foot too tall for our nine foot ceiling. I climbed a ladder and trimmed the top so I can put the Angel in place.
They cut a good four feet off the tree before bringing it into the house.
A tree always looks smaller outside than it will be when brought inside.
The Kitty Justice is I will need help to decorate this big guy.
P. S. Sam Cat has already approved of its existence.


Small City Scenes said...

Lovely tree. Have fun decorating it---I know you will.
When we lived on our little farm--years ago--we always went out and cut our own. Usually a pine because that was what was there. Sometimes they were pretty scraggley but cute--after all the kids picked them out. LOL

Show us the finished product. MB

Anonymous said...

Well, this brings back some memories. When Patty and I got married 55 years ago, we didn't have much money and I went out and cut down a tree just like this one. A wild cedar and it was our Christmas tree. I love the smell.

Mary said...

What a beautiful tree. It's so much fun to go out and cut down the Christmas tree. We usually always do, but this year we opted for a very old artificial tree that was in the basement. Have fun decorating this beauty. Please post a photo when it's all dressed up.


Changes in the wind said...

I am afraid that I would have the opinion that this would be a bear to decorate but maybe I think more of pine trees as Christmas trees....

Lady Di Tn said...

It is still sitting bare as a Christmas tree can be until I get help with the lights. Then I think I can manage the rest. But really would appreciate any help. Peace

Glad to take you back to fond memories. The smell is wonderful. Peace

When I lived by myself I had an artifical tree and gave it to Mother when I married. Then when Dad died, my brother took it home with him. Puppy has always picked out the tree but never cut one until this year. I think he wondered why we waited so long to make this a tradition. Peace

Usually we get a pine or spruce to decorate from a tree lot and after fooling with the big cedar, I know why. It is very prickly but smells Heavenly. Both Prince and I grew up with cedar trees for our Christmas trees, this is Puppy's first cedar. Peace