Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving has come and gone. This year Mimi had all of her children, four out of six grand kids, two DIL and her oldest nephew to share our meager fare. I had worked for two days on the food and it quickly disappeared. I fixed two turkey breast, dressing, gravy, rice, sweet potato casserole, french green beans with almonds, cranberry salad and rolls. Our neighbors brought over dessert, a raspberry elegance cake and Bep (Mimi's daughter) brought a carmel cake. Both cakes were topped with french vanilla ice cream. What did you have for Thanksgiving?
As you can see Maggie's nose is much better and she is no longer a cone head. Her nose is still not completely black but I hope time will fix that. Yep, I need to have that window replaced but that is on my to do list for 2010.

Meet Oliver. He is one of my newest forms of yard art. He was under piles of old wood at the old farm house. I think he will show off my crape myrtles very handsomely.

A close up of the working Oliver. Can you imagine how many rows have been plowed by him? Wonder what names the mules had that pulled the plow or how many steps by man were made who followed him?

Another find in the ditch going down pass the red barn. When we worked on that fallen tree we saw this great machinery all tied down with grape vines. We went down on the farm with the mission of only retrieving it, but as you saw earlier we happen on much more wonderful finds. Prince thinks this is a home made as we could not locate any name. It was drug along behind a mule or tractor (probably mule) and the railroad spikes(some are missing) were used to smooth out the field. Do you think I have figured it out? The wheel in the photo was already at the foot of the pole to decorate my iris bed so I just hung it on one of the many spikes .

A close up look at the monster chain that was used to pull this piece of machinery.
I spent one day decorating the outside but have yet to figure out a plan for these new finds. Whenever I come up with an idea I will take photos.
I am glad I got most of the outside decorated on Sunday because this morning it was thirty degrees and frost. When I looked outside it was a fairy land of white. Sorry no photos. Sometimes I just enjoy and do not take time for photos.
Yesterday I ran a marathon up and down the stairs bringing boxes of Christmas decorations up and then empty boxes back to their home in the basement.
When it came time to fix dinner, my legs were so tired, I drug the kitchen stool up next to the stove and fixed chili. I left the clean up detail to Prince and Mimi and went downstairs one more time(yes, I took another empty box down) and proceeded to sit down in my recliner prop my feet up and RELAX.
The kitty justice is that Christmas has arrived on the Hill.


Small City Scenes said...

Meager fare, my foot!!!! It does look and sound lovely.

And the super finds from the farm Yippee!!
The home made harrow is great. My husband made a similar one--only square-- and we used it to drag the horse pasture. Yours is very unique and the wheel adds to it mystery.

I am glad the dog is getting better. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. Do you still have the harrow that your husband made?Peace

DUTA said...

You're Thanksgiving dishes made my mouth water, and the pictures were a pleasure to the eyes. Thanks.

Changes in the wind said...

I like the old tools...makes for good conversation pieces.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks.I had my camera out to take photos but got so busy did not take any. Peace

I have always been fansination with old tools. My imagination runs wild with the stories they could tell if they could speak. Peace