Saturday, December 05, 2009

When you step through the front door this scene will greet you. I have no idea how old this Nativity Scene happens to be but it has been around since before my time on the hill.
This is a close up of the large Angel to the right of the Nativity Scene.

This is a close up of another one of my cross stitch works. I have been toying with the idea of putting this in a larger ornate frame. Do you this I should?

Underneath the table is a sleigh filled with a decorated tree pulled by one gold reindeer. Then we have a snowman, a ladder for Santa and Santa himself. The Santa hat is covering my fountain. I let Maggie wear it while I decorated the house. No she was not fond of it.

After you come in and look to your right down the hallway you will see the flower Prince got me is still doing well. I stuck it into a gold candle holder. Luckily the pot just fit and then surrounded it with a yarn wreath decorated with a silver bow and silver Angels.

At the end of the hall I have gold poinsettias in some vases with a wooden Santa in between them. A big ornament in my glass bowl made it look festive. Down below is a sleeping Angel.

On the red trunk across from the flower above, I put a red poinsettia arrangement and added a old Santa and Nutcracker. A little candy dish and the gold ball.
This was all I did to the hallway this year. Usually , I continue down the left side but I thought better of it this year. I spent most of the time putting out snowmen and Santa's in the living room to the point it looks like a novelty store has blown up in our living room. OOPS
The Kitty Justice when I start decorating it is hard to know when to stop.


Anonymous said...

Lovely decorations. And your photography skills indoors are very good.

"On the Hill" reminds me that I have heard it before but cannot, for the life of me, remember where I heard it from.

Patty said...

I think your cross stitch looks lovely the way it is framed now. You've been one busy lady. I've been working on 35 little crocheted red stockings, so Audrey can give one to each of her classmates and her teacher. She doesn't know it, I'm keeping it as a surprise. I will stick in two pencils, one eraser, one book mark(I made them) and two tiny wrapped candy canes. Will try to take a photo when they are completed.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. I am still learning all this camera will do. Prince keeps saying get the book out and read it.
That phrase has been used for this location way before I ever thought about joining the family. All the family refer to it as the Hill. Peace

Thanks, I will keep that advise under my hat. I hope Abe get a photo of Audrey face when you show her those 35 stockings filled with goodies. What a wonderful Grandma you are. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Wonderful decorations and so lovingly placed.

I have a nativity scene very close to yours. I remember it from my childhood. Only one wise Man is missing---I am sure he will show up. MB

Maria said...

Lovely decoration for Christmas! I love your cross stich very much!
Today I baked Vanillekipferl, small crescent shaped biscuits flavored with vanilla, with a dusting of powdered and superfine sugar. They originate from Vienna and are made at Christmas.
The rooks are black crows!
Have a nice week!

Lady Di Tn said...

So wonderful that you have the nativity scene from your childhood. Missing wise man? Check the tissue paper. Peace

How yummy those biscuits sound. Makes my mouth water. Thanks for the compliment. I did the cross stitch when Puppy was small. Peace