Sunday, February 28, 2010

This came in an email and I loved the cartoon so I wanted to share with all my online friends.
Jimmie Johnson won the Nascar race and Canada won the gold in hockey. However over the weekend the Big Orange (University of Tennessee) did pull an upset in basketball and I normally do not pay any attention to basketball unless it is the girls game.
Prince who likes cold weather and snow etc etc has said "He is tried of winter." Now we are in total agreement. I was tried of the cold with the cold weather we had in January and now February has been colder than usual. The weather person said it was the coldest winter since 1979.
Prince and I went to the Ace Hardware bag sale on Saturday. I needed some Safflower seed and also I had a coupon for four dollars off any size Super Scotts Turf builder. Everything you could get in your bag was twenty per cent off. Prince got the spreader out of the dutch barn and I in coat, scarf and gloves spread the turf builder on our front lawn.
Yep, I could hardly move again this morning. I spent last weekend moving buttercups and I made a big bed around the old rake out front and put some around the oak tree. So it was Wednesday of last week before I felt human again. I may be wrong but if it was warmer my muscle might not protest as much.
Mimi broke a tooth and we had to go get her ready for a crown last week and I went and had lunch with Mz Bubbles and Pammie Pooh. I told them we needed to wear name tags so we would know one another. Seems like it has been harder and harder to get together with the girls for a day out.
I have my camera on the tripod ready for the moon to rise.
The kitty justice is to finally get a good moon shot. Peace

Thursday, February 25, 2010

An unusual look for my SIL's back yard in Jackson, MS.
Look how deep it was on the picnic table and chairs.

Her tiny dog Cricket did not know what to think of the nasty white stuff. I think she is looking for Mother earth or maybe taking a big bite out of the cold blanket.
My nephew took lots of photos. I do believe this is the deepest snow they have had in his lifetime (thirty and counting).
The kitty justice is the snow was beautiful but gone quickly that far south.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First of all congratulation to all our young American who are making us proud with their efforts at the Olympic Winter games in Vancouver.
This morning I heard one of the news commentators trying to get this young athlete to put a spin on his COLOR. Shani's reply was "at the end of the day I am an American."
He did not use the term African American but AMERICAN.
The kitty justice is to teach the rest of the world what this young man already knows.
Embrace the term American without using any adjectives.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I just love seed and plant catalogs. I have been dreaming over these two for the last few days. The last couple of days we have seen, yes seen the SUN. Nothing makes you so dreamy when it has been cloudy and snowy and COLD to make you wish for spring. Mimi asked if I had found anything I liked and I advised I had been planting and enjoying the digging in the dirt without getting dirty for days. I flipped to the petunia page and told her I could SMELL THEM FROM HERE. I took the bottom catalog with me to the doctors office and read and planted while I awaited my turn to see him. I think I might have tried to tuff it out too long as KJ had to go have 4 prescription filled for this sinus problem. Ah, it too shall fade.

Name the books you have by your bed to read.
Also, do you have a toy that lives on your bed?

As you can see, I have seven books and one toy.
1. Glenn Beck's Common Sense book that I found when I was dusting. I do not care if you like him or not but you can surely agree with the following view:
"Elected officials are like some ALIEN LIFE FORM who believes they are of higher intelligence and do not have to live by the same rules as we nor do they have any personal shame."

2. The Little Book of Prayers edited by David Schiller. You can find lots of wonderful prayers just open up the book.

3. Farmers' Almanac 2010 What county girl would be without this staple to read?

4. Spoken Music, The Poetry of Nashville and Middle Tennessee edited by Tracy Lucas and Paula Underwood Winters. This book has Prince and my photos and a poem by yours truly. Also the back cover is one of my favorite photos of the sun rise on the hill that Prince has taken.

5. The Book of Common Prayer. I can hear the Celebrant speak as I read from page 353 "Almighty God, unto whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid:---"

6. Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue. It was a signed Christmas Gift from Prince. So far a really good read.

7. Your Love is Amazing by Roberta Croteau. This morning it flipped open on Chapter 19. Pray The jest of the chapter is not to Ask, ask, ask like little children with too many wants but to LISTEN to God's answer to our prayers. We are blessed that he does not always give us what we want to hear.

8. My Vols Bear rest on my bed daily between the pillow shams. This was one of those unexpected gifts from Prince.

Please let me know if you wish to play my Meme?

Grandma Pammie Pooh is the one in the fuzzy hat on the Snow train. Like the train I hope the snow moves out.

The Kitty Justice is you really never know what y'all are gonna find here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

George's picture has been in the family before the Civil War and was referred to in diaries kept by female family members. I look upon him each morning as this picture is above my computer and I wonder how he would feel about today's government.
Our current President has saw fit to have a Czar System. A Czar by definition is a male monarch or emperor (especially in Russia prior to 1917); a person having GREAT POWER; an informal title for high level officials in United States and the United Kingdom.
Unfortunately like Sen. Robert Byrd (Dem. W. Va.) has written these Czars "inhibit openness and transparency and reduces accountability."
No former President has embraced the Czar Concept to the extent as Obama has. Does this suggest that he wants to avoid openness and accountability?
If you question the American public would they know who the Czars are, what they do and how much each make? Probably not.
Are there 32 Czars or 35 Czars now. I have lost count.
I am one of those D--n Independents who look at the man or woman and not the party but am I the only one concerned about Czars? I for one do not even like the TITLE. Czars have been referred to as "Super Aides". They put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us so what makes them SUPER. Most of their salaries are UNKNOWN and there is only one who makes less than $100,000.00 but more than $50,000.00.
Who pays them? How was their salary set? Most American especially those unemployed would like a shot at those jobs. Give me an application or would you like one? BTW Obama did not start the Czar system he just has more than any other President.
Now wouldn't The Father of our Country wonder who the hell thought of Czars?

The kitty justice if yours is not broken you need to gather the KAT FUZZIES.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

That is real Kitty Justice.
The photo is of a rock on the old road bed to the white barn.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mother died in September 1998 and I am still finding stuff of hers. Of course, some things we just boxed up and have yet gone through them. I located this among her health cards in an old wallet that she carried around. It was worn and torn and very yellow with age but she must have carried it with her all those thirty years.
The kitty justice is sometime you are unaware of how proud a parent is of your accomplishments.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This weather is makes you want to take a daily nap.
The kitty justice is that Maggie has it figured out.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Holly tree outside the kitchen. The entire tree was covered with last nights snow.
It snowed, rained and then turned to snow again. The wet sticky stuff stuck to the sides of trees.

The box woods out front are once again weighed down with snow. They look rather pitiful with the splits leaning over.

The walnut tree has a streak of white from the top to the bottom and the magnolia tree leaves are covered with snow even though most are vertical leaves.

Outside the cabin the cedar shows it coat of white and check out the hills in the background.
Last night after dinner, the huge snowflakes began to fall. The flakes were as big as my feathered hats at time. Within an hour everything was covered with wet snow. After we went to bed the snow turned to rain and the beautiful white covering turned to slush.
At daylight once again it turned to snow and we were entertained with saucer size flakes which Tumbelina and her family could have ridden.
It has been a very gray and hazy day and I did venture out with boots on and camera in hand. I had wrapped up but the cold and wind made alligator tears run down my cheeks. My left eye is still tearing up.
Puppy drove to college only to find out his classes had been cancelled so then he had to drive back home. Prince said it was slow going as the interstate was closed due to a bad wreck and commuters were using our road to cut over and head into town.
The kitty justice is I am very fortunate that I did not have to get out in the silver bullet today.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The red barn. On the left and right of the barn are two springs that run into a gully that goes to one of those subdivisions shown earlier. The property has several springs.
This is the water from the spring which is above the farm house and goes behind the red barn. At one point it goes under a rock and then comes back out again.

We are looking up the valley from behind the red barn and across the little creek.

You can tell by the tracks the path we took to the big spring.

The trail goes back several feet. The low branches were trying to sweep me off the four wheeler.

Here is what we call the big spring. When we had cattle they would converge and drink the cool water from the troughs. It has never stopped running even in the hottest weather.

Coming back home on the old road bed before we tracked it up.

We went next door to get a good photo of the sun set. The bird feeder was Brenda's parents feeder. Prince thought it looked cool with the sun coming through the opening.
The kitty justice is this will be almost the end of last weekends show.
Always click on the photos for a bigger view.

Friday, February 05, 2010

This is a shot of the old garden and the subdivisions which have been built since Prince and I got married.

We are on the other hillside looking at the farm driveway below Jackson's hill. There are cedar trees on either side of the drive and we refer to it as a Cedar Tunnel.
You can see the steep driveway to the last house Uncle Jack built. Mimi gave him the five acres to build since he was family. It was bought by a gentleman who is talented as he has won several awards for his duck calls.

Looking down on the old Mayes House. The farm house is in the fenced in area in the left corner. The garden is down the hill on the right below the Mayes house along with the red barn.

Snow white dam of the pond.

Only the top of the water on the pond was frozen.

Looking up from the pond to the white barn.

View from the end of the pond.

Up the hill a little.

Another look up the hill at the white barn.

The Kitty Justice is this was only the beginning of our ride around the farm.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Okay I know it is Ground Hog day but this frog could not see his shadow.
Heavy snow on the box woods.

Maggie coming with the Sunday paper.

Ice on the tree . Sun shine. Yeah.

Still no one wants to sit here.

Looking at the view off the hill behind the log cabin.

Most snow we have had in Puppy's lifetime. It had a hard crusty layer on top from the sleet and rain combination.

The white barn in the snow. Prince and I went riding on the farm on the 4 wheeler and I got lots of photos. More to come all week.
Yesterday either it was cabin fever or my OCD hit me in the back of the head but I worked awfully hard on the clutter from Puppy's move and Christmas. It really looked as if a bomb had exploded in those two bedrooms. I re arranged pictures on the walls and put away all the WIRES which were a sea of snakes in Puppy's room. In my quest to keep or throw, I came across Puppy's eighth grade journal. I entertained myself this afternoon reading his entries and the teachers notes. One was in a Letterman Top Ten style.
The Kitty Justice is I will share it with you. Remember he was in the 8 Th grade so eat your heart out Letterman.
The Top Ten Uses for Left Over Mashed Potatoes
Number 10. The number 10 use of left over mashed potatoes is to have them for back up reinforcements for a food fight.
Number 9. The number 9 use of left over mashed potatoes is to stuff your fathers socks with them so that he will think twice before dressing in the dark.
Number 8. The number 8 use of left over mashed potatoes is to cover a mini van with them and use it as the Idaho State float in the Thanksgiving Parade.
Number 7. The number 7 use for left over mashed potatoes is for fake throw up in Hollywood films.
Number 6. The number 6 use for left over mashed potatoes is to fill a bomb with them and drop it on Afghanistan doing as much damage as possible and feeding the starving as well.
Number 5. The number 5 use of left over mashed potatoes is to make a potato gun into a shotgun.
Number 4. The number 4 use of left over mashed potatoes is to send them to Alabama to use as artificial snow.
Number 3. The number 3 use of left over mashed potatoes is to send them to day cares, nursing homes, art centers and the house of the mentally insane when there is a shortage of play dough.
Number 2. The number 2 use for left over mashed potatoes is to use it as the number one ingredient in Fix A Flat.
Number 1. And the number one use for left over mashed potatoes is filling holes in the interstates exit ramps.