Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Holly tree outside the kitchen. The entire tree was covered with last nights snow.
It snowed, rained and then turned to snow again. The wet sticky stuff stuck to the sides of trees.

The box woods out front are once again weighed down with snow. They look rather pitiful with the splits leaning over.

The walnut tree has a streak of white from the top to the bottom and the magnolia tree leaves are covered with snow even though most are vertical leaves.

Outside the cabin the cedar shows it coat of white and check out the hills in the background.
Last night after dinner, the huge snowflakes began to fall. The flakes were as big as my feathered hats at time. Within an hour everything was covered with wet snow. After we went to bed the snow turned to rain and the beautiful white covering turned to slush.
At daylight once again it turned to snow and we were entertained with saucer size flakes which Tumbelina and her family could have ridden.
It has been a very gray and hazy day and I did venture out with boots on and camera in hand. I had wrapped up but the cold and wind made alligator tears run down my cheeks. My left eye is still tearing up.
Puppy drove to college only to find out his classes had been cancelled so then he had to drive back home. Prince said it was slow going as the interstate was closed due to a bad wreck and commuters were using our road to cut over and head into town.
The kitty justice is I am very fortunate that I did not have to get out in the silver bullet today.


Patty said...

I think everyone is getting some snow this winter. Right at the moment, it has stopped, but more is coming later this afternoon, so they say, and tomorrow. I did snowblow off the drive before it got too deep, easier to do it twice then kill myself moving the deeper stuff. Also got my coleslaw mixed and chilling in the frig along with my pistachio pudding/salad, and got the no bake cookies made up so we can have one with our bowl of pop corn for a snack this evening. So now I am resting again. LOL I should run the sweeper in the office, but that makes my back hurt more than running the lawn mower or snowblower. Have a good evening.

Lady Di Tn said...

Wow, I have not even though of dinner and you have yours half way done on top of blowing snow. You go girl. Peace

DUTA said...

For me it's fiction to read your post. Where I live, there's no snow at all, I have to imagine things.
Anyway, your pictures are beautiful!

Lee said...

The rain has stopped here except for a shower every now and then. The grass is visibly growing so therei's nothing boring about "sitting and watching the grass grow"! Not here, anyway!

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ That sure looks a lot of snow weighing down the trees. You
were lucky to be able to stay home.
Soon it must start to warm up a bit.
Thanks for your comments and I liked the Last Post story too, even if it wasn't true. The dog going for a nap in a quiet house was smart.
I see Doctor tomorrow. Take care, my friend. Love and Peace, Merle.

Small City Scenes said...

the wet sloppy snow is so icky and then to freeze and snow again. ICK!! But it does make for pretty pictures.

We don't have any snow and hopefully won't. MB

Jerri said...

Boy, I thought northern Michigan was the only place to get snow! Do you have winter coats and jackets on hand, or do you have to go out and buy new things? Stay warm and safe.....


Lady Di Tn said...

We normally do not have this much snow or cold of late.In other words the winters have been mild. The records show we have not had a January as cold as we had since, 1942. Wonder what they will say about this snowy Febuary. Peace

Glad to hear the floods have gone and now only a shower ever now and again for you. Again, glad to see you back. Peace

I truly pray you get good news from your doctor. Take care. Peace

I am glad you have had snow avoidance in your area. Fun to look at but now I am ready for some GREEN. Peace

Yep we have coats but usually do not have to wear them this long. I have had to do laundry more often to keep the warm clothing clean especially the smart wool socks. Those socks are the warmest ones I have ever found. I have the Big Mac on my favorites and look at it daily. One of the top items on my list, is to travel farther up MI than Ann Arbor. I want to see the Edmond Fitzgerald, The Big Mac, Mackinac Island and then White Fish Point. I also have the desire to see all the great lakes. Hows that for a start on my bucket list. Peace