Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mother died in September 1998 and I am still finding stuff of hers. Of course, some things we just boxed up and have yet gone through them. I located this among her health cards in an old wallet that she carried around. It was worn and torn and very yellow with age but she must have carried it with her all those thirty years.
The kitty justice is sometime you are unaware of how proud a parent is of your accomplishments.


Patty said...

Mom's are like that. I had boxes full for each of our kids, as they left home, I sent the box with them. Told them to keep the items in a safe place to look over when they get older. Whether any of them did or not, I don't know, except for the fourth child. She keeps everything.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You bring a big smile to my face!

Small City Scenes said...

That is so awesome. What a great find from a Mother who was so proud of you.
Belated congrats too. Do you still have the painting?


Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ How lovely to find that newspaper cutting that your
Mother treasured. She was proud of you and you can be proud too.

I am hoping the extra tablet will
help me come good again. Glad you enjoyed the jokes.

Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.
Peace to you also.

Changes in the wind said...

A special reminder of a mother's love........

Lady Di Tn said...

It strikes a cord when you locate something of that nature. I knew she kept things but to take it along with her all those years made me feel extra special. Peace

Glad to make you smile. Peace

I do not think so as I believe it burned in the third house fire. It was nice as she and my older sister had this special bond and I was always on the left page of the love affair. Peace

It was a nice treat to locate and I am saying my prayers that the new pill works. Peace

You are very correct.Peace

Jerri said...

What a gift to must have been so proud of you carrying that article around for so long. God bless.........


Lee said...

How wonderful that you found that. I can imagine how memories flooded your mind.

I keep everything, too, and still am forever cutting out articles etc.

Lovely tale, Lady Di! :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Mother was proud of all three of us and I was unaware that she carried that article with her. Peace

That was my first notible accomplishment and it did bring back a flood of memories. My best friend had had years of formal art lessons and here I had never had any but I came away with the blue ribbon. He was noticable cool for a few days after I won first place but he got over it . Peace