Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Okay I know it is Ground Hog day but this frog could not see his shadow.
Heavy snow on the box woods.

Maggie coming with the Sunday paper.

Ice on the tree . Sun shine. Yeah.

Still no one wants to sit here.

Looking at the view off the hill behind the log cabin.

Most snow we have had in Puppy's lifetime. It had a hard crusty layer on top from the sleet and rain combination.

The white barn in the snow. Prince and I went riding on the farm on the 4 wheeler and I got lots of photos. More to come all week.
Yesterday either it was cabin fever or my OCD hit me in the back of the head but I worked awfully hard on the clutter from Puppy's move and Christmas. It really looked as if a bomb had exploded in those two bedrooms. I re arranged pictures on the walls and put away all the WIRES which were a sea of snakes in Puppy's room. In my quest to keep or throw, I came across Puppy's eighth grade journal. I entertained myself this afternoon reading his entries and the teachers notes. One was in a Letterman Top Ten style.
The Kitty Justice is I will share it with you. Remember he was in the 8 Th grade so eat your heart out Letterman.
The Top Ten Uses for Left Over Mashed Potatoes
Number 10. The number 10 use of left over mashed potatoes is to have them for back up reinforcements for a food fight.
Number 9. The number 9 use of left over mashed potatoes is to stuff your fathers socks with them so that he will think twice before dressing in the dark.
Number 8. The number 8 use of left over mashed potatoes is to cover a mini van with them and use it as the Idaho State float in the Thanksgiving Parade.
Number 7. The number 7 use for left over mashed potatoes is for fake throw up in Hollywood films.
Number 6. The number 6 use for left over mashed potatoes is to fill a bomb with them and drop it on Afghanistan doing as much damage as possible and feeding the starving as well.
Number 5. The number 5 use of left over mashed potatoes is to make a potato gun into a shotgun.
Number 4. The number 4 use of left over mashed potatoes is to send them to Alabama to use as artificial snow.
Number 3. The number 3 use of left over mashed potatoes is to send them to day cares, nursing homes, art centers and the house of the mentally insane when there is a shortage of play dough.
Number 2. The number 2 use for left over mashed potatoes is to use it as the number one ingredient in Fix A Flat.
Number 1. And the number one use for left over mashed potatoes is filling holes in the interstates exit ramps.


Small City Scenes said...

Excellent snowy day pictures.

Top 10 from the 8th grade. Too funny!!!

I saw the site you sent me and your Downey. Beautiful. You had a picture published there before. Pretty neat, I say. Thanks. MB

DUTA said...

The top 10 list is quite funny, nr.6 and nr.9 are my favorites. I must admit, mashed potatoes is also a favorite of mine.

Your pictures are perfect photography. I especially enjoyed Maggie coming with the Sunday paper.

Have a blessed Day!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. The cardinal photo was on another TN website. This is a brand new site dedicated to watchable wildlife. Peace

Glad you liked the top ten from 8th grade. Maggie has been doing her job of retriving the paper since she was 3 months old. She wakes me EVERY MORNING EARLY to go do her job. I keep trying to get her to understand not too early on the weekends. Peace

LZ Blogger said...

Lady Di ~ We've all had TOO Many chances to catch these kind of snow shots this year haven't we? Honestly... I thought your pup was carrying a slab of ICE! ~ I need spring to come SOON! :-)
~ jb///

Lady Di Tn said...

That is really the first big snow we have had in middle Tn in YEARS. It has come and I enjoyed it,now it is time for it to go. Before we had the snow, I noticed that bulbs were popping up at least 2 inches around the yard. Hope they fair in this weather. Yep, doesn't take much for this Southern to be ready for SPRING. Peace

Anonymous said...

Some beautiful scenes there in the snow. And I suppose your house, high on the hill, is one of those I used to look at on our way to Florida. It was sitting up there and I would always tell my wife, "Look at that view they must have."

I like this post.

Patty said...

Well he was thinking, had some good ideas for left over mashed potatoes. LOL Weatherperson claims we're to get some snow starting tomorrow and running through sat. We'll see.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. We are on a hill which is 925 ft above sea level. We are in West of the county so I doubt if you saw our hill but some just like it I am sure. Peace

I saw a pot hole which opened up from the weather and told Mimi we needed some leftover mashed potatoes. We had rain all day yesterday and looks like more today. I am happy to see it rather than the white stuff. Peace