Sunday, February 07, 2010

The red barn. On the left and right of the barn are two springs that run into a gully that goes to one of those subdivisions shown earlier. The property has several springs.
This is the water from the spring which is above the farm house and goes behind the red barn. At one point it goes under a rock and then comes back out again.

We are looking up the valley from behind the red barn and across the little creek.

You can tell by the tracks the path we took to the big spring.

The trail goes back several feet. The low branches were trying to sweep me off the four wheeler.

Here is what we call the big spring. When we had cattle they would converge and drink the cool water from the troughs. It has never stopped running even in the hottest weather.

Coming back home on the old road bed before we tracked it up.

We went next door to get a good photo of the sun set. The bird feeder was Brenda's parents feeder. Prince thought it looked cool with the sun coming through the opening.
The kitty justice is this will be almost the end of last weekends show.
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Lee said...

G'day, Lady Di...long time no see/write! I love your header beautiful it is. Hope all is well with you and yours.
You're getting the snow and we're getting the rain!

Small City Scenes said...

Nice pictures. It looks like a little bit of Heaven where you live. Doesn't snow just soften everything in pictures. We had a dusting of snow in November and nothing since. But that is OK. Keep it up in the mountains. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Welcome back Lee. Peace

Thanks. I am ready for it to stay north of TN. Peace

Anonymous said...

Nice looking scene. Any place with springs have been well-liked throughout history. Hard telling who all has been there.

Lady Di Tn said...

Springs were precious in the country and I think else where too. Lots of places grew up around springs. Look what Jack Daniels did with his spring water. When I first came to Nashville after living in the country and drinking spring water, I hated the taste of processed water. It was rather bitter. Peace