Sunday, February 28, 2010

This came in an email and I loved the cartoon so I wanted to share with all my online friends.
Jimmie Johnson won the Nascar race and Canada won the gold in hockey. However over the weekend the Big Orange (University of Tennessee) did pull an upset in basketball and I normally do not pay any attention to basketball unless it is the girls game.
Prince who likes cold weather and snow etc etc has said "He is tried of winter." Now we are in total agreement. I was tried of the cold with the cold weather we had in January and now February has been colder than usual. The weather person said it was the coldest winter since 1979.
Prince and I went to the Ace Hardware bag sale on Saturday. I needed some Safflower seed and also I had a coupon for four dollars off any size Super Scotts Turf builder. Everything you could get in your bag was twenty per cent off. Prince got the spreader out of the dutch barn and I in coat, scarf and gloves spread the turf builder on our front lawn.
Yep, I could hardly move again this morning. I spent last weekend moving buttercups and I made a big bed around the old rake out front and put some around the oak tree. So it was Wednesday of last week before I felt human again. I may be wrong but if it was warmer my muscle might not protest as much.
Mimi broke a tooth and we had to go get her ready for a crown last week and I went and had lunch with Mz Bubbles and Pammie Pooh. I told them we needed to wear name tags so we would know one another. Seems like it has been harder and harder to get together with the girls for a day out.
I have my camera on the tripod ready for the moon to rise.
The kitty justice is to finally get a good moon shot. Peace


Jerri said...

Good luck with the moon shot! It was shining just beautiful last night. We hardly needed a night light....


Lady Di Tn said...

Same here. Peace