Friday, February 05, 2010

This is a shot of the old garden and the subdivisions which have been built since Prince and I got married.

We are on the other hillside looking at the farm driveway below Jackson's hill. There are cedar trees on either side of the drive and we refer to it as a Cedar Tunnel.
You can see the steep driveway to the last house Uncle Jack built. Mimi gave him the five acres to build since he was family. It was bought by a gentleman who is talented as he has won several awards for his duck calls.

Looking down on the old Mayes House. The farm house is in the fenced in area in the left corner. The garden is down the hill on the right below the Mayes house along with the red barn.

Snow white dam of the pond.

Only the top of the water on the pond was frozen.

Looking up from the pond to the white barn.

View from the end of the pond.

Up the hill a little.

Another look up the hill at the white barn.

The Kitty Justice is this was only the beginning of our ride around the farm.


Small City Scenes said...

What a nice place you have---even covered in snow. Does the encroaching houses bother you much? Slow going I guess. The pond is so beautiful. MB

Changes in the wind said...

Here is an idea....take another picture at the end of the pond (my favorite) this summer when all is green and put them side by side for us to see......

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. The top of the houses are hidden by the trees most of the time. My MIL has seen all the development come as the only light she could see was the train going through the valley. People like to throw rubbish over the fences and come and jump the fences and walk around like it is a park. One such couple walked upon Puppy when he was hunting and had the gall to question him. He was quick to tell them they were the trespassers. Peace

Thanks. Hey that is a great idea. I will try to do that. Peace