Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogger said it had uploaded my photos but where oh where did he put them?
Not here and if they are they are invisible. Maybe they will appear when I publish the post or forever be floating in blog land. Would it not be rather funny if they land on someone elses blog site?
It was deceitfully sunny but the wind was unkind and you had to wear a jacket.
I did put on my gardening boots and dig in the dirt a little on Saturday as Prince worked outside on the tractor. Every step I took made me aware that my foot was in full protest of something touching the toe. And when I took the boot off it was in a total throbbing mode.
I went about the outside of the house, trimming down unwanted items and pulling ivy off the trees. Then I picked up sticks and put them in piles so either Prince or Puppy could remove them. Afterwards, I transplanted some creeping Jenny near the old seeder. I also sat down with my seed catalogs and begin to circle the items that I wanted and could afford. A couple of the nursery had buy one and get a second one for a penny. A penny would buy you lots of things when I was a youngster so it is nice to get something for a penny again. I am gonna try that red high yield tomato mulch on my tomatoes this year and I will let y'all know if it does as well as they say it will.
Well the Volunteer fans can put away their orange clothes, hats, sneaker and all other game flags as our girls and boys teams lost their games. There has been so much basketball on that I am begining to dream basketball. I think it will be Butler or Duke that goes all the way.
The kitty justice if my photos appear they are of yellow flowers and the sun rise this morning.

Friday, March 26, 2010

When I awoke it was raining with no chance of the sun coming out. However, at the very end of the day the sun came out and gave us a beautiful rainbow and the following are a series of photos taken.
During the middle of the day, the rain stopped but the clouds did not disappear and that afternoon, it rained and thundered and the wind blew. There were even tiny hail that hit the bedroom windows.

Look closely and about an inch over to the right it appears to trying to form another rainbow. Making a double.

This was a wonderful site after the heavy rain and cloudy day. As for me, I am still not wearing shoes. I tried flip flops and they do fairly well, but I am on guard to keep anything from messing with that toe. Also, with the cool weather, it is really too early to wear flip flops comfortably. Today I have on sockies and red feather booties.
Prince has come home early to work on the farm because the weather folks say we will only have one good day to accomplish things on the outside as it is scheduled to rain again on Sunday.
My BIL and Cousin have taken on my taxi duties this week and I am very thankful that I did not have to try and drive anywhere. Wonder if I could have used my left foot instead of my right hind paw.
I am glad I did not get Prince to put my little lemon and orange tree on the porch because it was 33 degrees this morning. The sun is shining brightly but it is a deceitful sun as the wind can chill y'all through and through.
The kitty justice is that a rainbow can give you an uplifting feeling and put a smile on your face and hope in your heart when they appear.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Chop House Restaurant was where my big Sis and I celebrated her upcoming birthday. Under a different name it was part of the 150 acre campus of the once very well known school, Castle Heights Military Academy.
This is another one of the old buildings of the school converted to other uses.

This building was converted to a Library.

The main building was converted to Lebanon City Hall. The monument out front honors the cadets.

A closer look at the monument.

The back of the monument. OOPs. I see kitty and the bottom of Sis.

Further up the hill is another monument dedicated to 911.

This building is fenced off and boarded up awaiting someone to come and fix it up to provide a continuing use of the old building. Surely there is someone out there who could use this old building.

This building is now the Corporate Headquarters of Cracker Barrel. If you have never eaten at a Cracker Barrel restaurant you have really missed out on a good meal.
Castle Heights was founded in 1902 in Lebanon, Tennessee as a private school. When World War I approached, it was converted to a military academy and no girls were allowed. Historical documents show that in the 1950's there were over 500 students (all male) enrolled and that the campus had a total acreage of 150 acre. In the Chop House are lots of old photos of the school and the cadets and the instructor. You could spend several hours just going around and looking at the photos.
My big Sis said she could remember how all the young men from tiny ones to large ones ran amok in the city of Lebanon. They all were neatly dressed in their gray uniforms no matter what size.
I remember we had one local Smith County boy who went there and he was always seaking into our high schools functions. The boys in the CHMA were called Goobers. Sorry, I do not know how or when that got started.
In 1970's the girls were allowed to come to the school. The high cost of a boarding school along with the distaste and longevity of the Vietnam War saw the school close in 1986.
The kitty justice is that the school buildings were not torn down but were preserved .

Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo was taken back in January but rather reflects my mood of late. Cloudy with a little light here and there.
We had not had sunshine for five whole days when Friday the sun came out. Being my usual energetic self, I put on my pink rubber gloves, grabbed the six foot ladder , window cleaner and some news paper to wash the front windows. I had gotten six large , six small and the long one over the door completed when I needed a break before I finished the last 2 large and 2 small ones.
First of all I must explain, our garage is a cluttered mess. Inside door of the far wall is a six foot metal shelf with enough space between it and the wall to store two ladders. On the wall beside the little ladder cubby are two tool hanger for all sorts of yard tools. I try to keep the tools not used down in the basement, however ever now and then they work their way up and do not make it back down. This was part of the problem as tools were not only on the rack on the wall but were on the ground thus I did not take notice of a temporary visitor.
I thought while I caught my breath and rested I would sweep out the corner where the ladders usually reside.
Remember the sun was out bright and I had come into the darkness of the garage with the purpose of sweeping the corner. I grabbed the broom and without any thought at all (kind of like a true blonde moment) I took a giant swipe at the corner. There I encounter the temporary visitor and it was truly a very bad one.
For those of you who have never had the pleasure of doing any post hole digging, you will not know about this tool. It is very sharp and pointed on the bottom and stands at least seven feet tall and it is a pure rod of iron. Not a tapping bar but a bar used to break rocks up in the post hole. It was standing up leaned against the wall where I was gonna sweep. Yep, I dislodged its slumber against the wall and it came down with crushing force on my defenseless right big toe. I only had on tennis shoes and socks as I needed the lightness of them to go up and down the ladder.
It sled seven feet down and gained momentum as it landed and then bounced off my toe. At first I was numb with pain and then it finally hit my brain. I began to jump around in a bent position as I could not straighten up and yell and scream with big ALLIGATOR tears rolling down my cheeks. Maggie began to dance around me and jump at me as she thought I was playing. Finally I crawled to the backdoor and into the kitchen to the freezer, where I knew we had pliable ice packs. I secured the first one I came upon and then proceeded to head back to a small stool in the laundry room.
Did I dare take my shoe and sock off as my imagination had me with no toe attached. After I took off the shoe and sock and saw it was still attached, I held the ice pack on my toe and cried, cried and cried some more.
After thirty minutes I was able to hobble back to the computer and pull up information on WebMD.
There is absolutely nothing but ice every 2 hrs for twenty minutes for the first 2 days, elevate the foot above the heart and take some anti inflammatory drug. If it is broken you can tape it to the other toe. At the very end of the information is that if it does not get better in 3 weeks then go to your doctor. THREE WEEKS. WELL IT COULD FALL OFF BY THEN.
I hobbled back to my bedroom with a new ice pack and put my foot up on two pillows and laid there and cried. Now I was crying cause I was mad at myself for being careless. I should have known with the extra stuff in that area that a possible accident was waiting to happen. Also, the sun was still shining brightly and I was down for the count.
My big right toe was now the size of Texas and as black as our President. With every heart beat, it throbbed like it was heading to the moon.
My foot could not stand anything on it so I slept on top of the covers. I was able to put on light socks yesterday and last night but this morning I had to rip them off as I was getting sick at my stomach as they were rubbing that toe which has now gone down to the size of Tennessee and is ever shade of a paintbox.
My objective today is stay up with the help of my exercise tennis shoes. The toes are roomy so I plan to try and put them on shortly.
The kitty justice is to not be an air head but to secure the area before you clean.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Puppy, Maggie and Ed serving themselves. Maggie is wondering where is her plate.
Ed and Andy cooked all day and these are the ribs Ed ended up with. Andy took his home with him.

They also cooked up some chickens for a variety. Today I will put alway lots of future meals in the freezer.

Ed's Birthday cake. Even if I did make it, I can say it was sinfully good and rich.

Ed's wife refused to have her picture taken as she did not put on any makeup.
I cannot remember the old saying about Vanity. Do you remember it?

In back are Ed and Prince and in front are Bep and Mimi.

Puppy holding Bep's little dog, Crickett.
A fun time was had by all and we had plenty of fun, food and wine. Except if I drink wine now my blood sugar goes Crazy so I had a gin and diet tonic instead.
After dinner, everyone one but Mimi and her DIL went to the kitchen to listen to Wil's music on the TV show "Cougar Town." Wil is Bep's oldest child.
The kitty justice is the house sounds really silent when everyone heads home.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My wish for all of yawl is to have a very berry happy St. Patty Day.
Prince's little brother had his 54Th burpday Monday and he will be coming over to celebrate while his Sis is here.
Little brother Ed loves to cook outside and use his smoker. So, he has spent the day cooking lots of ribs and I am sure some other meat to bring over for dinner. His big Sis made a rice casserole and fixed some slaw and yesterday I used some of the raspberries picked last year to make a topping for a Fudge cake. The icing was white therefore the berries made it pink. I think he will not mind the color or I hope not.
I hear big Sis setting the dinner table and it is not even five 0'clock. Since I am usually the chief cook and have cooked each evening since Bep arrived, I am letting them handle the kitchen task this evening.
This morning Prince surprised me with a Thomas Kinkade St. Patrick's Day card.(My scanner is on the blink so I could not show you how pretty the card was, however it was a copy of his "Emerald Isle Cottage") Prince is forever doing little things to bring joy to my heart and day. Our first date was on this day just a few years back and oh what an Irish Blessing . Wee People and shamrocks only bring wonderful memories to my mind . The temperature today is a mirror image of that day, windy and cool.
I found a post card from with an Irish Blessing and it reads;
The kitty justice is for all to enjoy a little green today.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mimi's daughter is coming for a few days so we had to do a little cooking ahead of time. Therefore I will share a recipe for Tomato Aspic


1 large 46 oz bottle of V8 ( can use the spicy if you care for more zing)

4 envelopes of gelatin

1 Tbsp of lemon juice

1 Tbsp of Worcestershire sauce

1/4 Tsp of onion powder

1/2 Tsp of dried basil

1 cup chopped celery

3/4 to 1 cup of green olives, sliced into rounds do not chop

Use one cup of the V8 to whisk the gelatin to dissolve. Set aside. Heat (do not boil ) the rest of the V8 in a sauce pan and stir in the lemon juice, worchestershire sauce, onion powder and dried basil. After it is hot remove from the stove and whisk in the cup of V8 with the gelatin. Add the olives and celery and pour into a 2 quart casserole dish. Refrigerate to set. Cut into squares and serve on a lettuce leaf with a dollop of mayonnaise.

I plan to serve this tonight with oven baked salmon and red potato salad. Also I dressed a few eggs for a side item.

I also whipped up some Enchilada dip to serve with corn chips when she arrives and some cream cheese and olive spread to eat with crackers or just make a nice sandwich with later.

While not in the kitchen, I have had my ears lowered (haircut) this week and found myself outside when the weather permitted and even when not I was out doing what Mother and I loved to do in late winter on the nose of spring, check to see what has poked its head out of the ground. I uncovered some flower beds and moved some flowers around in spots that needed to be dressed up and helped Prince with moving items from the old Mayes house.

Also, went to see my eye doctor and he assures me that there are more than one option for me to get back into contacts. After wearing contacts for forty years, last year I started having problems and had to wear glasses more than I did for the first twenty years. I hope to get back to putting them on the first thing in the morning and then taking them out just before bed. You can really see better with contacts and oh how I have missed that.

Yesterday I picked a bees blessing in buttercups and brought them to Mimi and she has made vases of them and placed them all over the house.

The kitty justice is I hope everything is correct as my SIL has arrived and I need to go.

Monday, March 08, 2010

I picked this little fellow up over at Mary's Writing Nook as I thought it would be fun to play. If you wish to play just pick it up and then pass it on to others. Please let me know if you wish to play and then post it and list 7 things about yourself. I will do this Letterman fashion.

7. Took a bartending class and passed. Had to make 1o drinks in 10 mins. Everything had to be correct and you did not know which ten drinks you would be required to make. Had my license for one year and then did not renew them.

6. As I was growing up I was told that my Great Great Grandfather on my Fathers side was full blooded Cherokee. His last name was McMillan and I would argue that the name was Irish. This tidbit was told to me by my Dad and you never knew if it was real or memorix.

5. Did not have any hair until I was three years old. Just fuzz until then and when it came in it was snow white. Now my hair dresser wants to charge me for two haircuts since my hair is so thick.

4. I have harvested more big game than either Prince or Puppy. Have not and will not catch little brother.

3 Closet tool lover. I could spend HOURS in a hardware store and get lost for weeks on end in those big box store, touching, looking, reading.

2 Cannot buy one pair of shoes at one time. I always find 2 or 3 or more that I need. (This is due to having one pair growing up and spending summers in bare feet--very poor country girl)

1. Spent my teen years on the drag strip and love the sound of big engine and the smell of burning rubber. Ah, Christmas tree lights have a new meaning.

The kitty justice is to know me is to love a fur ball. Woowee Kat Fuzzies.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

For awhile I have not had "Sunday Sharing", therefore I thought I would resume this practice beginning today.
Today I would like to share part of Chapter 19 of "Your Love is Amazing" , a thirty day worship adventure.
"PRAYER CHANGES THINGS" is a message seen on everything from needlepoint pillows to bumper stickers, bookmarks, and t-shirts. I'm not sure we've ever really stopped to think about it, though. Does praying something really make it so?" AND WOULD WE REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE IN A GOD WHO WORKED THAT WAY?
When Jesus said, "this is how you should pray?" He was letting us in on one of the secrets. It's not a shopping list; it's a conversation.
What counts is that He hears from you---and that you're willing to call. And He asks you to LISTEN.The trick is learning to listen and hear the answer He wants, not the one you do. " If you begin to live life looking for God that is all around you", writes Frank Bianco, "every moment becomes a prayer."
The Kitty Justice is to put your rabbit ears on so you can hear the answer.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

HAPPY BURPDAY "RUBBER CORN DOG" AKA COUSIN T. I can hear her Dad now rattling off her day date. She is a darling little red headed imp. Her writings will leave you wanting more and rolling in the aisles in laughter. It was she who introduced me to blogging. She no longer blogs due to a botched brain operation.
Her laugh is infectious with the hee, hee, hee and it starts loud but ends in a giggle hee. She cares about the environment but not to the point of being obnoxious. Her passion for animals , children and the elderly should be emulated by all of us.
The very first time I saw her was when she came back to Tennessee to take care of her dying father. Here was this tiny package with short red hair bouncing from a white little pretend jeep. She had in her hand a match box car size red tractor with a front blade for Puppy. Might I say we all fell in love with her.

The kitty justice is for her to have one Helluva Fun Day.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

This was the sun set on the last day of February. In the summer we do not get a view with the leaves hiding the beautiful colors.

These photos were of the moon rising on Sunday night. I made several but only sharing these four.
If you enlarge each one you can see the colors better.
The kitty justice is how often do you get to see the sun go down and the moon rise plus get photos of each.