Thursday, June 10, 2010

For forty years there were trees and shrubs between our house and the one next door and this last year Chicken wanted to remove the trees as they could interfere with his electricity. It really opened up the area and maybe it so much brighter.
This house belonged to M. E. Marshall, who owned the Hurricane Dock until her death and she made those stain glass windows. Be sure to enlarge the photo to see them better. Chicken is her nephew and so named by his fellow firemen. He is retired now and he and his lovely wife have hopes of this being their retirement home.

Chicken told me there was nothing he liked better than digging in the dirt. AH, a kindred spirit. He has really spruced up the house with flowers, roses, yard art.

A closer look at the lilies.

His welcome sign and rose bush.

These and other plants are below the wall behind his driveway.

The Frog crossing. Do you see Maggie up on the road?

This one of the two fishes he has adoring his flower beds. I thought these were wonderful.

His red Amandavilla. I had not ever seen a red one before. Most folks in Nashville have them around their mailboxes and they are usually always pink.
Chicken was outside with Prince talking about just having a burpday and Prince said he had just had one too. Found out they were born on the same day.
The kitty justice is that not a hoot.


Small City Scenes said...

It's funny how we get so used to things and when the trees are down and shrubbery is gone it just is so much brighter and not bad at all.
Those stained glass windows are really nice. My Mother did stained glass for a long time and has made some beautiful windows. I do like the marbled fish--I would put some around the pond.
The birthday boys how funny. MB

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ It is amazing what the removal of some trees and shrubbery does. I like it. I am glad you are having nice weather after all the floods in your area.
I like Chicken's garden ornaments
and his flowers. A lot of work in the
lead-glass windows. I hope your
husband had a nice birthday. Take care my friend, Love, Merle. Peace.

Lady Di Tn said...

Do you have any photos to show of the windows she has made? What Chicken has done so far has really enchanced the place. Peace

It is so much brighter and cheery without the shrubs and trees. Chicken has really made the place look good. Marshall was a very talented woman. Prince had a great day. Thanks and Peace