Monday, September 27, 2010

Close up of a surprise in the dry dusty front yard.
As I was walking Maggie, I saw a red color just past the horse block and I had never seen red in that part of the yard before.

As I drew closer, I saw this lovely gift. I hurried and got my camera and took a photo. I brought the camera inside and Mimi said she had brought some bulbs from Clarendon Avenue and Aunt Byrd had them in her yard plus Mrs Ward had them all around a small pond. I marked it so it would not be run over and I would be able to dig it up and bring it closer to the house so we could enjoy the beauty better next year.
It has been so dry that Prince has not had to mow the front yard as often . Therefore it had a chance to grow and bloom.
The kitty justice that dry weather has it's gifts too.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mimi was 8 and Lucy was 10 in this photo.
Mimi was 6, Nora Heady was the infant and Lucy was 8. This was taken on the Wilson's Farm in Gallatin

Another photo taken the same day and this time they look more angelic.
The kitty justice is to enjoy these photos of yester year.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The kitty justice is they did not make The Club.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Got this little guy in an email from little brother.
The kitty justice is you know who this Post Turtle happens to be or not to be.
Everyone in Tennessee went running into the streets yesterday to celebrate the fact that the recession has been over since last summer. I guess we hard working folks were too dumb to realize the fact until someone enlighten us. I know folks who never changed their lifestyle even as they cried "We have no money." Being a poor girl from the country where you made ever penny count for those folks I say "sink or swim" while I yell " Hope yawl like the Post Turtle change."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another photo of Aunt Byrd when she was young.
Photo of Gertrude Houghton, who was one of Aunt Byrd's friends. I think the outfit is wonderful.

This is a tiny photo of Byrd and Gertrude.
The names were written on the back of this photo so that is why I new the second photo was Gertrude.
The kitty justice is that we have her photo and name but nothing else have I come across about Gertrude Houghton.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aunt Byrd at age ten.

Aunt Byrd as a young woman. She was Uncle Owen's wife.They did not have any children . After Mimi's Mother died Uncle Owen and Aunt Byrd helped raise Mimi and her sister.
Mr. & Mrs Richards. These are Byrd's parents. As I am the history buff in the family I know very little about either.
The kitty justice is history becomes lost unless some written history can be located.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beginning Saturday night, this is how I have felt. My back from walkin on Mazilla (the name I gave my treadmill) plus keeping up with Prince and his errands, has set me back a few days. This also symbolizes how I feel each morning before my first cup of starter fluid.
Christmas photo in 1960. Big Sis, Little Brother and Me. I always liked what Little Brother got for Christmas as I was a tomboy. Mother kept giving me dolls even though I would have preferred something with action. Like a toy gun or something with wheels.

My Mother in late eighties reading the paper. She will be gone 12 years this month. I can still hear her greeting "Hello". She made it sound like the happiest word in the world. Her voice would put a special ring in the word.
The kitty justice is not to OVER DO and remember the special times of yesterday.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chu Tu at six weeks old. I bred Chow Chows and since his ears did not have enough cartilage to stand up, I kept him as a pet.
Chu Tu shaking hands with Prince. Notice Chu Tu's round head. He was a truly sweet dog . Chows are really cats in a dogs body. Best of both worlds.
Kitty with fish. Kats love fish and fishing. As you can tell I have been scanning old photos again and thought I would share some of the 1980s with you.
The Kitty Justice is to enjoy a look back .

Saturday, September 11, 2010

These are Aunt Mary's aprons which were on display at the Hurt Reunion. Under each framed apron was a note with some rather cute remarks.
Aunt Mary was Grandma Mamie's sister. Mamie was the oldest of the children and all the other children had middle names but not her.
If you are gonna "Aunt Mary" an object means you will each the worse fruit first in order to be thrifty. Thrift is a good thing but it can also keep you from enjoying the best fruit first. Such was the case with our Aunt Mary.
The kitty justice is sometimes you can be toooooooo THRIFTY. Too bad the young folks of today don't have just a pinch of Aunt Mary in them.
PS The cable company was down over 5 hours yesterday and when it went down, well this post was consumed except the pictures were saved.

Friday, September 10, 2010

This is a cotton field in West Tennessee, near Kenton.
Close up of the cotton field.

Back side of the cotton field. Once you cross the Tennessee River heading west, the land becomes very flat. Large fields of soybeans and cotton dot the landscape along the trip to the Reunion.
The kitty justice is the next time you wear cotton clothing remember the cotton fields where it starts.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Baptist Church in Kenton, TN. Prince's truck.
Hurt Reunion was held at the Baptist Church and we entered the festivities through the double doors on the left of the building on the right which led into the gym. In the gym were displays of photos and other old Hurt memorabilia.

In front of the church was the sign noting that it was the Obion County line. I stood on the line in front of the church and took photos.

Close up of the Obion County sign.

Looking past the sign were these feed silos across from the church.

This is the east view up the road .

This is the west view of the road.

Kenton, Tennessee is famous for it's white squirrels. These signs are posted all around the little town.
The legend has it that gypsy spent the night in Kenton on a farm and they were so thankful of the hospitality that the gypsies gave the farmer a gift of two white squirrels.
Each time Prince and I happen to be in Kenton, we always ride around and look for white squirrels. Prince remembers when he was small his father taking him to a graveyard and they watched the white squirrels play for a long time. Usually we see several but this time we only saw one lone squirrel and he made a mad dash under a parked car as I started to take his picture.
The kitty justice is that it was the wrong time of day for white squirrels to appear or else they have become camera shy.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Be safe and enjoy this Labor Day weekend. The official end to summer.

Another shot of a beautiful morning sky. Hope your day starts out as marvelous.
This morning we had 26 blooms. What a joy to behold.
The kitty justice is to enjoy today just like it was a really good biscuit.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

When we went to Franklin this weekend, we stopped by the farmers market to pick up a few fresh vegetables and I saw this truck with feeder and houses hanging from the back of the truck.
Mr. Thompson was a nice man and I bought one of his birdhouses for future use by my birds.
The kitty justice is to find out who will move inside.