Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aunt Byrd at age ten.

Aunt Byrd as a young woman. She was Uncle Owen's wife.They did not have any children . After Mimi's Mother died Uncle Owen and Aunt Byrd helped raise Mimi and her sister.
Mr. & Mrs Richards. These are Byrd's parents. As I am the history buff in the family I know very little about either.
The kitty justice is history becomes lost unless some written history can be located.


Small City Scenes said...

At least you have these photos. It is up to us to write things down NOW!! for those who come after. I find it sad when I go to the thrift and find very old pictures--I always wonder about the, Seldom is any information written on the back. Sometimes I buy a few and put them in frames.


LZ Blogger said...

KJ ~ I had an uncle Owen too. So did Luke Skywalker if I remember correctly. I hope all is well. ~ jb///

Changes in the wind said...

Have you ever tried ? You have to pay to access it but it is soooo worth it.

Lady Di Tn said...

My Mother was good about writing on the back of photos. When you do not put names and dates on the back of photos because you think you will remember, hundred years down the road no one knows who the people are or when the photo was taken. Peace

That is a good one to remember. Getting better everyday. It is funny it takes only a day to put you down but serveral days to mend back. Peace

I have not tried that website but thought when I get in the mood someday I will. Thanks and Peace

2claudiareese said...

Mother of Byrd Richards is Mary Margaret "Maggie" Douglas born 30 Jun 1847 in Nashville, Tennessee, Death 10 Mar 1919 in Nashville, Tennessee. Father: Edward Dorrett Richards,Birth Nov 1834 in North Carolina ,