Monday, September 06, 2010

Baptist Church in Kenton, TN. Prince's truck.
Hurt Reunion was held at the Baptist Church and we entered the festivities through the double doors on the left of the building on the right which led into the gym. In the gym were displays of photos and other old Hurt memorabilia.

In front of the church was the sign noting that it was the Obion County line. I stood on the line in front of the church and took photos.

Close up of the Obion County sign.

Looking past the sign were these feed silos across from the church.

This is the east view up the road .

This is the west view of the road.

Kenton, Tennessee is famous for it's white squirrels. These signs are posted all around the little town.
The legend has it that gypsy spent the night in Kenton on a farm and they were so thankful of the hospitality that the gypsies gave the farmer a gift of two white squirrels.
Each time Prince and I happen to be in Kenton, we always ride around and look for white squirrels. Prince remembers when he was small his father taking him to a graveyard and they watched the white squirrels play for a long time. Usually we see several but this time we only saw one lone squirrel and he made a mad dash under a parked car as I started to take his picture.
The kitty justice is that it was the wrong time of day for white squirrels to appear or else they have become camera shy.


Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Lovely church and your photos are beautiful - thanks for sharing them. So I guess you are in Fall now as we are in Spring. (A
very wet Spring so far) The floods are receding slowly, thankfully.
I will pass on your message to Jeanette. Glad you liked the bank story and the jokes. Take care, my friend,I wish you enough.Love, Merle

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for your kind words. By calendar we are suppose to be heading into fall but the weather is still not fallish here. I may copy the bank story and send it to my sister as it was so very good. I also wish you enough. Peace