Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beginning Saturday night, this is how I have felt. My back from walkin on Mazilla (the name I gave my treadmill) plus keeping up with Prince and his errands, has set me back a few days. This also symbolizes how I feel each morning before my first cup of starter fluid.
Christmas photo in 1960. Big Sis, Little Brother and Me. I always liked what Little Brother got for Christmas as I was a tomboy. Mother kept giving me dolls even though I would have preferred something with action. Like a toy gun or something with wheels.

My Mother in late eighties reading the paper. She will be gone 12 years this month. I can still hear her greeting "Hello". She made it sound like the happiest word in the world. Her voice would put a special ring in the word.
The kitty justice is not to OVER DO and remember the special times of yesterday.


Changes in the wind said...

Sorry you have been feeling down.....but you need to be especially proud of doing the treadmill!! Aren't we blessed to have our special memories...

Small City Scenes said...

Yeah, I didn't want s danged doll either--for Christmas or anytime. I too was a tomboy.

I think my knees are where your back is--in a world of pain. Life goes on though and so do I.

Love the old photos and memories. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

The magic phrase "If only" I had done the treadmill and not those extra errands. My body protested all that walking and standing. I am better just not 100 percent. Thanks for the encouragement. Peace

I knew we had lots in common and now I know why, "we were both tomboys". Sorry to hear your knees are protesting like my back. Yep there is nothing like old photos to bring back nice memories. Peace

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ Sorry you overdid it with walking on Mazilla as well as with Prince. Take better care of yourself.Lovely photo of your Mother reading the paper and you with your little brother who sends you fwds and your big sister. I love that your Mother's Hello was so memorable
and so happy. You must miss that.
Take care, Love, Merle.