Saturday, October 30, 2010

Several weeks ago, Puppy came in and told me he needed my help sewing his Halloween costume as he had ordered some material from E bay. Help= Mom doing the sewing. He said he wanted to go as Keyboard Cat. I had never heard of Keyboard Cat so he pull up a U tube video showing me a yellow tabby playing a keyboard. The box arrived with the material and when I saw it, I knew my old sewing machine could not be used on such thick Fur.
First we drew a pattern of his arms. Then I remeasured before I cut out the first arm. I used a blanket stitch to sew by hand to sew the costume and a back stitch to keep the material from raveling. The fingers on the paws were the hardest to do with all the turns. After I finished the first arm, I heard Mimi's comment in my head "That is awful thick material to turn." The arm was no problem, the hand was no problem and 4 fingers were no problem but that middle finger did not want to turn. I took a sharpie pen and pushed as hard as I could and it turned. Whew. Before I started on the second arm, I mortified the pattern before I cut and guess which finger I made bigger? I used a heavy rope and glued the fur on it for the tail and then came the ears. I do believe they were the hardest to make as they needed to be attached to a headband. I glued the inter ears on the fur ears. So now you know what I have been doing in my spare time the last couple of weeks. Making the cat fur fly.
The kitty justice is he will be the best dressed cat at the party.

Friday, October 29, 2010

In an earlier post, I showed the trees at the turn a round and only one branch was red. Now the entire tree is a vibrant red.

When the sun comes out and shines on the tree it is a brilliant red. Looking back at last years colorful fall, I find very few brilliant colors this year in what I would call our muted fall.
The kitty justice is the few trees that stand out do so with a triumphant color.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

These are only a few of the Hickory Nuts that fell like tiny missiles Tuesday night when the wind did blow.
The rain that accompanied the wind, washed the acorns in neat little piles along the driveway.

The wind stripped the trees of their leaves and now Prince can get his goat out to play again this weekend. When the canopy is gone, I always feel we have more sky.

The porch did not have any leaves on it Tuesday but after the wind look at the leaves.
The kitty justice is I did not show any walnuts that cover the side yard as this Kitty would have fallen down just like Jill.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I hope all American school children still know about Meriwether Lewis. On our way back home Prince and I stopped by the grave site which is located just off Natchez Trace. Them monument is located at the very end of an exit an you can easily circle around the monument.

There was a family gathering near the old house with children running here and there and others riding bikes, scooter and skate boards. A game of friendly horse shoes was being watched. It took a moment to get a photo without folks . The following four photos are close ups of the monument on all four sides.

You can click on the photos to enlarge them so they can be easily read. While I was taking photos, two very large campers came along around the circle and the ladies got out but the gentlemen were not interested in history.
I was always intrigued by the historical event of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and remember how wide eyed I would listen to the teacher as she talked about their trip.
The kitty justice is their expedition started my love of history.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This mornings sky and if you check out the following photo, you can tell how in a matter of seconds how the sky changed. The wind is gusting and it looks as if Prince and Puppy did not blow any leaves this weekend.
The ground is covered with nuts from the walnut, oak and hickory trees. This weekend as I walked to the cabin, the acorns were so plentiful, you could not make a step without hearing the crunch underneath your feet.

Here is my pot of parsley awaiting the fixing of Turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving. Yummy, there is nothing that smells better than a turkey in the oven and a big hot pan of dressing .
The kitty justice is to try and keep my fur on today while outside in the gusty wind.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I went new wheels shopping on Saturday. I drove some new Buick's. It is time to get my fifth set of wheels. Not many sixty year old can say they have only had four different cars. I have had the silver bullet for ten years and she has been a wonderful ride but I need to put her out to pasture and get a new set to ride through this decade of my life. You ask the car company for their best deal and they say they have done so on this particular vehicle and then a few hours later, the salesman said he would drop the price $700.00. It goes to show they did not give you the best deal. To top it off a salesman cannot give you the percentage rate you will pay on the car loan. You have to see a sales manager who have other customers lined up to speak with. I think it kind of dumbs down the salesmen. Wonder if they feel that way? It is like the car companies do not care for your time and they are herding you like sheep into a little room with a stranger to give you simple information. This is a like a bait and switch routine but with people you deal with. I think the sales person should be able to give you all the information you are requesting so you can make an informed decision. I thought the automotive industry wanted to sale vehicles. Apparently NOT. Makes me want to continue to drive the silver bullet until they plant me in the ground. How do you feel about car sales?
This is Prince with the Goat, a super duper leaf blower on wheels. I took this photo last year because it was a mini dust storm yesterday as he blew leaves. Even Puppy was out there with the back pack blower. Both look liked giant dust bunnies when they were finished.
I have been working very diligently on Puppies Halloween costume. The party is Saturday so I only have a few days to complete the task. The fabric is so thick I could not use my sewing machine which is older than Puppy, so I am sewing it by hand.
BTW, am I the only person who misses the good old days when you could go to your Doctor, get a prescription, go to the local drug store to have it filled and then go home ? I guess the insurance companies know more than your doctor or how your body response to med. When you spend HOURS, DAYS AND WEEKS trying to get a medicine filled that you have been taking for years, it is a shame, to let Insurance Companies RULE.
The kitty justice is I for one am fed up with all these rules made to give us SORRY customer service.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Looking down from the upper porch, you can see my tomato plants. Due to the May flood and the work that ensued, I did not get these planted out until the first of July. I usually plant my tomatoes the first of May or whenever the ground is warm enough.
Prince went out and picked twenty tomato the first of the week and I gave most of them away to a cousin and BIL but as you can see, I have enough to eat at least two a day.
The kitty justice is there is nothing better than a home grown tomato. Now where is my bread and mayo?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looking down the hill from the front of the house.The hickory tree is yellow but the Japanese maple is just beginning to turn. The beech trees have lost the majority of their leaves and the oaks are still green with a little brown mingled into their canopy.
Trees at what we call the turn around. It is a sharp left turn down the drive.

Close up of the red leaves in the maple at the turn around. It has been so dry, that it seems as soon as the leaves turn, they fall off. The neighbors big maple was beautiful but the leaves are now almost gone. Some of our maples are still green with only the tops turning so far. We do have color but it is a far cry from the vibrant falls of yesteryear's.
The kitty justice is you catch your fall colors wherever you can.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yesterday morning while I took care of kitchen duty, Prince went out on the porch and took these photos. Every time we had a bright red sky, we refer to it as a Redlin morning. Those of you who have not seen any of his work should google his name and get familiar with his work. We had a Redlin print that we got years ago at a DU event and now it hangs in Puppy's cabin. I have boxes with tiles of his prints on them that I like to small items inside the boxes. It looks much better to hid the items and have a beautiful box to decorate a table.
The Kitty Justice is it was a pink sunrise this morning but not the Redlin sky that occurred yesterday.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Red Breasted Grosbeaks are stopping in for a snack before they head further south.

Mimi first saw females(not pictured) the last week of September. I think the males are such pretty birds all dressed up like the are heading to a high society party. I always think of them in a tuxedo and I feel the same about Tow hees.
I love basil and I have had three pots on the porch this summer. I have two left and I will dry one pot and the other I will bring inside to offer us fresh basil during the winter months. It is still hot for us as we got into the eighties again yesterday. At least the warm weather will help ripen my tomatoes. I planted them late and just now have started having ripe ones to eat. Yes, I am trying to have at least one a meal. I finished bringing in the plants last week. I have ten upstairs, four in the family room and in the basement resides thirty six of them. I am happy to have only one third as many as I had a few years ago. I really did have over hundred and fifty for a few years. I think I have scaled back really well and I need to get rid of duplicates and I would have less than fifty.

We went to the Ducks Unlimited Five Rivers Chapter of Dickson County's annual membership banquet this weekend. Ten years ago, this chapter retired. Before that Prince worked on the committees and each year we would go down early to set up the displays . At that time we referred to the banquet as our anniversary date even though it was a few months before our real anniversary. Puppy was a small child when he became a Green Wing . During that time the committee made sure that each and every Green Wing at the banquet got a nice gift. Well, as fate would have it, it was some of those Green Wings of the past that got together and revived the Five Rivers Chapter. At the banquet this weekend those grown up Green Wings did a wonderful job of holding their first banquet. They also made sure that the Green Wings who attended got a gift. Several of the founding members were in attendance and I think they were very proud of the grown up Green Wings.
The kitty justice is when you provide children good memories, they wish to give the same good memories to their children and youth of today.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seems like I have been running hard for the last week.
Mimi and I both had a doctors visit. She is doing great except she could use a little more iron in her diet. He suggested she eat spinach and red meat. DID HE SAY RED MEAT? Well, that statement is right up Princes alley. So last night we had spinach but no red meat. My A1C is down 2 tenths of a point which makes in the good range. I am to continue the new diabetic meds for another month and he will check my A1C again but this time I am to fast before I go so he can get a better handle on another" blood count". While we were there he had the flu shots available so we both got one. We went home for substance and then it was off to the Church for visitation for one of the Garden Club members. We usually take this dear lady to the Garden Club and had done so that week and she died the next day. It was one of those surreal experiences. MAKES YOU VERY AWARE HOW PRECIOUS EACH DAY HAPPENS TO BE. Then my best friend came up from Georgia and we enjoyed a day together at her mother's home. Next day I got up at 3AM to go with Prince to meet a nice fellow and his grandson in Pulaski. The young man really impressed me as his manners were delightful. It is so nice to meet young people with good manners. After the meeting we stopped in Columbia at Stan's restaurant for a log roller breakfast. That afternoon, we went to wedding reception at the Coach House for our dear friends youngest son and his new wife. The wedding was in Florida so several of us did not make the wedding but it was such a treat to have a delayed reception at home so those of us could be part of their special time. I have been trying to play catch up every since the first of the week, so this is the first time I have been to blog land . Yesterday my computer time was catch up on my emails. Whew they do stack up if you do not check them in a week.
The kitty justice is if I were a truck I would need a new set of wheels.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Downtown Lawrenceburg was our next stop on our way by home from Pulaski. In the middle of downtown is a statue of a very famous Tennessean, Davy Crockett. The next five photos are close up of the statue.

This is the local radio station. Notice the call letters. This building and the next two photos are around the square where the statue of David Crockett is the center point.

Note the mural on the side of the building.
Our trip was on a Sunday and we had forgotten that small towns roll their streets up for the weekend so we were beginning to search for somewhere to eat lunch.
The kitty justice is there was not anything notable to munch upon here so we headed for the next town down Highway 64.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

As Prince and I toured downtown Pulaski, TN., we saw these Turkeys.
The Kitty Justice is the fact we enjoyed seeing these Pulaski Turkeys.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

This is the Giles County Courthouse in Pulaski, TN(located south of Nashville). In front stands the statue of Sam Davis.

This is the front bottom of the monument. Sam Davis (1842-1863) went to school at Western Military Institute which is now known as Montgomery Bell Academy. At this school he was influenced by the headmaster who was a future Confederate General Bushrod Johnson. He enlisted in the First TN Voluntary Infantry and became a scout. He saw several battles and was captured near Minor Hill, TN. on November 20, 1863. In his possessions at the time of capture were union battle plans. Therefore, he was considered a SPY and not a confederate solider. He was sentenced to be hung but he could be saved from hanging if he give up his fellow accomplice.
Thus, the famous statement made by him is forever inscribed in stone. On November 27, 1863, which was his 21st birthday he was trundled along on top of his own coffin to the hanging site. Along the way the union soldiers yelled for him to give up the evidence to save himself. He was not persuaded, so he was hung and is known as the "Boy Hero of the Confederacy."
Even though this is a dark point in Pulaski history and even darker one happens in 1865 with the birth of the Ku Klux Klan.
The country side in Giles county is beautiful rolling landscape and the town of Pulaski is very charming and is the home of Martin Methodist College (1870).
The kitty justice is if the walls and hills could talk, you might learn all the real details of the counties history.

Friday, October 01, 2010

This old truck is the first thing you see when you pull into the parking lot of The Farm House restaurant.
This is the side view of the restaurant and the old house in front is used as the Gift Shop. On the front side there are large wagon wheel benches to sit and wait for a tour of Fontanel( Barbara Mandrell home she had in Nashville) or you can wait for your friends to meet you for lunch.

The little walled alcove in the corner is where you come inside , then you and your pals enter this very large area with lots of tables. This photo and the next three were taken from where I sat in the restaurant. Note the chairs on the far wall.

The wall behind us had dinner plates of all kinds on display.

In the corner a band set up is on display . The small windows on either side of the large ones had old cloth calendars used to cover them. I asked the hostess the story of the quilts and she said they were used to cover up the acoustic. I was disappointed in the reply as I had wondered if the quilts were family heirlooms because most of them were old and worn quilts.

This bow tie quilt was just above our heads as we dined. Mz. Bubbles had Sweet Potato Pancakes with pecan praline syrup, Pammie Poo had an omelet and I had a chicken salad sandwich with sweet potato fries. I shared my fries and Mz Bubbles shared her pancakes. Those pancakes should be on the dessert menu with whipped cream. BTW It was lunch time but breakfast is served all day.
The Kitty Justice if you find yourself in Nashville, head north on White Creeks Pike and enjoy a good meal.
PS The web site is