Monday, October 25, 2010

I went new wheels shopping on Saturday. I drove some new Buick's. It is time to get my fifth set of wheels. Not many sixty year old can say they have only had four different cars. I have had the silver bullet for ten years and she has been a wonderful ride but I need to put her out to pasture and get a new set to ride through this decade of my life. You ask the car company for their best deal and they say they have done so on this particular vehicle and then a few hours later, the salesman said he would drop the price $700.00. It goes to show they did not give you the best deal. To top it off a salesman cannot give you the percentage rate you will pay on the car loan. You have to see a sales manager who have other customers lined up to speak with. I think it kind of dumbs down the salesmen. Wonder if they feel that way? It is like the car companies do not care for your time and they are herding you like sheep into a little room with a stranger to give you simple information. This is a like a bait and switch routine but with people you deal with. I think the sales person should be able to give you all the information you are requesting so you can make an informed decision. I thought the automotive industry wanted to sale vehicles. Apparently NOT. Makes me want to continue to drive the silver bullet until they plant me in the ground. How do you feel about car sales?
This is Prince with the Goat, a super duper leaf blower on wheels. I took this photo last year because it was a mini dust storm yesterday as he blew leaves. Even Puppy was out there with the back pack blower. Both look liked giant dust bunnies when they were finished.
I have been working very diligently on Puppies Halloween costume. The party is Saturday so I only have a few days to complete the task. The fabric is so thick I could not use my sewing machine which is older than Puppy, so I am sewing it by hand.
BTW, am I the only person who misses the good old days when you could go to your Doctor, get a prescription, go to the local drug store to have it filled and then go home ? I guess the insurance companies know more than your doctor or how your body response to med. When you spend HOURS, DAYS AND WEEKS trying to get a medicine filled that you have been taking for years, it is a shame, to let Insurance Companies RULE.
The kitty justice is I for one am fed up with all these rules made to give us SORRY customer service.


Changes in the wind said...

I too hate to shop for a new car...leave most of the conversation to my hubby.
Yes, this help care situation is hubby's drug coverage ins. went up over $ is that for a increase.

Small City Scenes said...

I think you'd better hang on to the Silver bullet for a while longer. Well as long as it is running well. the car business is funny---they want you to buy and then throw roadblocks in your way.

Still easy to get prescriptions here--the doc calls it in the pharmacy has it. easy peasy--thank goodness I don't need any right now I guess.

That leaf blower looks like something I need here with so many trees around my house---Oh BTW send Prince along with it--he already knows how to work the machine. LOL
Have a wonderful week. MB

Small City Scenes said...

It's me again!
Snowflake and Stanley are fiber goats and I do plan on using their fiber. I got a small amount this year and hope to get more in the spring. I was given a wheel and now have to learn how to use it. I have a drop spindle too but forgot how to use it. I am such a dunderhead at timesThe goats are called Pygoras--a cross between an Angora and a Pygmy---small but hairy. haha!! MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I feel like a car is a Major purchase and such should be a pleasant experience but it has been made a hassle. I think if you have been taken a drug for years there should be no question made by the insurance company to continue it especially if it is working. All the insurance care about is the bottom line nothing else. I bet someone no paying for health care could get any medicine for free. I will gladly pay the extra cost if they will just give me the medicine I have been taking for years. Nuf said. Peace

It has been awhile (ten years) since I bought a car so the process has changed and not for the betterment. If it is a one time medicine and not maintaince medication, we can still get that easily HOWEVER the Insurance companies want you to get maintaince medication through mail order and it is suppose to cost less to get 3 months instead of one month.
We had 2 maintaince medication and one I had been taking for several years and now the new health plan says I have to try cheaper ones and if they do not work, then I can get the drug I was takin prescribed. But I must suffer side effects before that can happen. Therefore, they care nothing about your health just the bottom line. I AM ANGRY ABOUT THIS.
We had lots of wind last night so it looks as if Prince and Puppy have not blown any leaves. I think the Goat was the best investment in machinery that Prince has made.
Thanks for giving me the info on Stanley and Snowflake. Peace