Friday, October 22, 2010

Looking down from the upper porch, you can see my tomato plants. Due to the May flood and the work that ensued, I did not get these planted out until the first of July. I usually plant my tomatoes the first of May or whenever the ground is warm enough.
Prince went out and picked twenty tomato the first of the week and I gave most of them away to a cousin and BIL but as you can see, I have enough to eat at least two a day.
The kitty justice is there is nothing better than a home grown tomato. Now where is my bread and mayo?


Patty said...

Our one neighbor brought us a bag last evening, of ripe and green tomatoes, plus a few peppers. He helped someone clean up their garden and they gave him all that was left, which he said is way too much for his Mother and him. I may fry some green tomatoes today for lunch, haven't had them in a long time. Happy week-end.

Changes in the wind said...

mmmmmm they look great!

Small City Scenes said...

um!! Nothing better than a 'mater sanmmich!!
Hey, my calendar says friday is the full moon. so what's up with that? Oh well both days it will still be full. Crazy. MB

BTW--As Roy and Dale would say--Happy Trails to You. thanks for the email. MB

DUTA said...

I love your tomatoes; they look so... yummy!
Tomatoes are an integral part of my salad together with eggplant, onion, lettuce, cucumber.
I certainly agree with you that "there's nothing better than a home grown tomato".

Anonymous said...

I love tomatoes. Used to pick them for 8 and then 10 cents a hamper. I still like them and prefer just picked as the best.

Mary said...

Lady Di, I love homegrown tomatoes. Didn't get my planted until late June because of my heart surgery and guess what? There are lots of tomatoes on the vines but they are small and green as grass. So, no tomatoes for us this year.

Enjoyed being in touch. Take care and thanks for dropping by my Nook.


Lady Di Tn said...

You have a very nice neighbor. Hope you enjoy frying those green tomatoes. Peace

Yep you are correct. I went out this afternoon and picked a dozen more. Peace

Glad you agree about the snammich. Funny about the calenders. Glad you enjoyed the email. I spent many a day watching their show in black and white. Peace

I think tomatoes are my favorite fruit. I like them any way you fix them. Since I have so many and some basil I may make us a tomato tart tonight for dinner. Peace

You could not buy a stem for that these days. Peace

Just get your skillet out and fry those little tomatoes. I thought mine were just gonna stay green and then with the hot days we had lately, well they all started to turn. I am so very thankful.

Merle said...

Hi Diane ~~ Your tomatoes look terrific. Mine plants have several small tomatoes on them but our seasons are different. It's Spring here.
Thanks for your comments and glad you get either a LOL, a cry or at least a ponder.
Your Fall colors were wonderful too. My little Japanese maple has just got nice fresh leaves all over it, after being bare. Take care dear friend. I wish you enough too and also Peace.
Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Since we are on the other side of the world from each other, you will be eating ripe tomatoes soon and I will be wishing I still had some. Also, my maple will be bare and yours will have a nice full canopy. Peace