Monday, October 18, 2010

Red Breasted Grosbeaks are stopping in for a snack before they head further south.

Mimi first saw females(not pictured) the last week of September. I think the males are such pretty birds all dressed up like the are heading to a high society party. I always think of them in a tuxedo and I feel the same about Tow hees.
I love basil and I have had three pots on the porch this summer. I have two left and I will dry one pot and the other I will bring inside to offer us fresh basil during the winter months. It is still hot for us as we got into the eighties again yesterday. At least the warm weather will help ripen my tomatoes. I planted them late and just now have started having ripe ones to eat. Yes, I am trying to have at least one a meal. I finished bringing in the plants last week. I have ten upstairs, four in the family room and in the basement resides thirty six of them. I am happy to have only one third as many as I had a few years ago. I really did have over hundred and fifty for a few years. I think I have scaled back really well and I need to get rid of duplicates and I would have less than fifty.

We went to the Ducks Unlimited Five Rivers Chapter of Dickson County's annual membership banquet this weekend. Ten years ago, this chapter retired. Before that Prince worked on the committees and each year we would go down early to set up the displays . At that time we referred to the banquet as our anniversary date even though it was a few months before our real anniversary. Puppy was a small child when he became a Green Wing . During that time the committee made sure that each and every Green Wing at the banquet got a nice gift. Well, as fate would have it, it was some of those Green Wings of the past that got together and revived the Five Rivers Chapter. At the banquet this weekend those grown up Green Wings did a wonderful job of holding their first banquet. They also made sure that the Green Wings who attended got a gift. Several of the founding members were in attendance and I think they were very proud of the grown up Green Wings.
The kitty justice is when you provide children good memories, they wish to give the same good memories to their children and youth of today.


Small City Scenes said...

I love to just run my hand across the tops of Basil and release the great scent. MMmmmm!!
The bird is so sweet. Pretty thing. I haven't seen any out here but am going to look.
I am finally home again. I visitied my eldest and had a nice time. MB

Patty said...

You mean you bring in your tomato plants? That's a lot of work. Do they keep producing all winter by doing that? Loved your comment at my post.

Changes in the wind said...

Love the bird...don't think they stop off is Arizona.

Lady Di Tn said...

LOL MB, I do the very same thing but not only to basil but rosemary and thyme. I just love the aroma of fresh herbs. I have even been guilty of pulling off leaves and rubbing them between my fingers whenever I get near them. It has gotten hot again here so the grosbeaks do not stop if it is too hot. Hope you had a good visit on the other side of the moutains. Peace

I am sorry as I should have put the adjective House in front of plants. No I do not bring in the tomato plants as they would not do well. Again sorry for the confusion. Glad you liked my little story on your post. I often tell that one to friends and family as I think it is so cute. Peace

I bet you have other Pretty birds that stop in your area. The RB grosbeaks are one of my favorites. Peace