Saturday, October 02, 2010

This is the Giles County Courthouse in Pulaski, TN(located south of Nashville). In front stands the statue of Sam Davis.

This is the front bottom of the monument. Sam Davis (1842-1863) went to school at Western Military Institute which is now known as Montgomery Bell Academy. At this school he was influenced by the headmaster who was a future Confederate General Bushrod Johnson. He enlisted in the First TN Voluntary Infantry and became a scout. He saw several battles and was captured near Minor Hill, TN. on November 20, 1863. In his possessions at the time of capture were union battle plans. Therefore, he was considered a SPY and not a confederate solider. He was sentenced to be hung but he could be saved from hanging if he give up his fellow accomplice.
Thus, the famous statement made by him is forever inscribed in stone. On November 27, 1863, which was his 21st birthday he was trundled along on top of his own coffin to the hanging site. Along the way the union soldiers yelled for him to give up the evidence to save himself. He was not persuaded, so he was hung and is known as the "Boy Hero of the Confederacy."
Even though this is a dark point in Pulaski history and even darker one happens in 1865 with the birth of the Ku Klux Klan.
The country side in Giles county is beautiful rolling landscape and the town of Pulaski is very charming and is the home of Martin Methodist College (1870).
The kitty justice is if the walls and hills could talk, you might learn all the real details of the counties history.


Small City Scenes said...

Love the history here. Great shots too.
Nobody likes an informer and was an honorable man. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

TN is full of history for those of us who love such stuff. He was very honorable and we could use some of his ethic in government now. Peace