Thursday, December 30, 2010

As the sun sets on 2010 let us all remember the fun times in the snow and all the little everyday events that we should not take for granted.
Any bad times during the year, I hope fade from your memory like a dream you knew you had but now cannot recall.
May your senses recall all the flavor and smells that brought wonderful moments to your life.
Whenever you look back on ole 2010 may you grin or smile at some joke or experience and even better if you can recall a belly laugh.
The kitty justice is it was a good year because of our family and friends.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ah, I knew there was something good in this stocking. I had to work at it but now I got the varmint and I plan to squeak him to death.
There has to be a trick to getting the good stuff out of this over sized sock.
I like my present from Maggie but I must go sit by my Mudder so she can protect me while I squeak it with pleasure.
Yesterday, at night the little dog went and got Maggie's duck and tried to kill it and then carried it to her bed in the kitchen.
This morning Maggie got Cricket's toy and took it to her bed in the hallway and then began to chew hard with the intention of destroying the toy as pay back for the up start attitude that the little dog had taken her toy first.
The kitty justice is I saved the little toy from a Maggie chew fest and I could see in Maggie's eyes that I needed to put the toy in a safe place.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas morning we awoke to a White Christmas. It had started snowing on Christmas Eve and some of the flakes were large enough to see the designs. I did not venture out that evening to take any photos. So the first thing I did while most still slumbered, I headed outside with my camera.
Prince , Maggie and I walked around the cabin and the house. At each turn, I would find something to snap a photo. I picked out the ones, I thought y'all would enjoy.
At times, it was snowing so hard you could not see the white barn. I took this one from the bottom porch.
This is of a tree between our house and Puppy's cabin.
Puppy's cabin with the old bell and seeder decorated with the snow. Prince built a roaring fire downstairs and we were just about to put the sausage casserole in the oven, when others began to stroll into the kitchen.
As it continued to snow off and on all day, we enjoyed our family and the warmth of fire.
The kitty justice "there is no better way to spend a White Christmas than curled up by the fire."

Friday, December 24, 2010

Yesterday was Christmas with my oldest and dearest friend, Linda. As I have stated before, Puppy thought Santa was really a four foot ten woman from Georgia.
Puppy and Paul waiting to open presents but I wanted photos before all the paper consumed the room.
This is Linda's Mother who shares a day with us each year. To me Christmas does not officially begin until we get their visit.
Maggie was treated with a bone when Linda appeared and when we open packages, Linda had gotten Maggie a mallard that you can put an empty water bottle in the middle. It did not take Maggie long to destroy the bottle. After the bottle was removed, Maggie would sling it around as if she was killing the duck.
The kitty justice is that the first item Maggie looked for this morning when she got up was her new toy.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I was so happy that I drew a number which was at the end of the dirty Santa game. I counted the times a painting was stolen so I could get one that could not be taken from me. This painting was done by Jingles and she drew number one so she was opening presents most of the time.
The Kitty Justice is the dirty Santa game we play has wonderful gifts.

Monday, December 20, 2010

As you walk under a covered walkway at The Factory in Franklin, a giant penguin greets you.
After you enter the forure, on your right hangs a large wreath with cooking utensials and a bench to sit if you wish . I am not sure if this is a stove or ice box.
Over to your right is a family of poplar bears cooking on an old stove.
Before you enter the large mall area, a bear is taking care of the heat on an old wood stove.
When you go through the doors you are greeted by penguins showing off the stoves that were made when the place made stoves.
Around the corner to the left is a baby and momma bear cooking something good to eat.
This scene was tucked into a far corner but I was in a discovering mood and located it in it's faraway corner. Love the old equipment. No I do not know what that is either. I did not take time to stop and read.
In another far corner, a group of bears had just finished decorating Christmas trees and had invited some penguins to sing Christmas Carols.
Up on the roof top, click , click, click is not Santa but two Sock Monkeys up to their tricks.
In the middle of the Mall, the Jolly Giant had left a basket full of flowers and if you fell in, you would be lost for hours.
The Art Ventures group met for their Christmas party at the restuarant named "The Stoveworks." We played dirty Santa and each artist brought an original work of art for the game.
The kitty justice is they have a thing for Bears and Penguin, so how did the owl and Sock Monkeys get invited.

Friday, December 17, 2010

This is a close up of our famous fruitcakes. Lots of jokes are made about Fruitcakes but never ours. We have folks who request that we not take them off our Fruitcake list.
We make two batches each year and it takes two days to cook them. Our house smells Heavenly during these two days. Each batch makes six fruitcakes. If you care to make some of your own using our recipe, well here are the details.


2 cups of sugar
3 sticks of butter (don't substitute)
6 eggs
1/3 cup Log Cabin Syrup
5 cups of flour (all purpose)
1 Tbsp baking powder
1 tsp. nutmeg
1 lb. pecans (chopped)
2 boxes golden raisins
1/2 cup red cherries
1/2 cup green cherries
1/2 cup red pineapple
1/2 cup green pineapple
1/2 cup orange peel
1/2 cup lemon peel
1/2 cup citron
2 lbs mixed fruit
1 cup whiskey (Tennessee brand) No it is not wasting a good sip.

NOTE: You do not need to measure the fruit as I use a small carton of each except the mixed fruit. The cherries and pineapples you will need to cut into smaller pieces. Put all the fruit and boxes of raisin in a large bowl and pour the whiskey over it the night before you wish to bake the cakes. Stir three or four times during the nightly soak.

The next morning put the eggs and butter out to get to room temperature. Cream together the butter and sugar, whisk one egg and then add it to the cream mixture stirring well after each addition. Add log cabin syrup. Stir well again.
Next add the marinated fruit and yes stir well again. Add the chopped nuts. Yep, stir again. At this point you might want to add a little more Tennessee whiskey to make it stir easier.

Sift flour, baking powder and nutmeg together. Add by spoonfuls to the cream and fruit mixture. After each addition stir well. Mixture will be VERY STIFF. If it is too stiff add some more whiskey and stir well before you add the last few spoonful of flour mixture.

Put in loaf pans lined in wax paper. Push down with a spoon to make the top even and smooth. Bake in 225 degree oven for three hours with a pan of water underneath . At hour and thirty minutes I usually rearrange the pans and put the ones in the back up front and the ones in front in back. After next hour and half, I use a toothpick to see if the cakes are done. If not, it usually only takes ten extra minutes.

Let cakes sit in the pans for at least 30 mins and then invert them to remove from the pans. Remove the wax paper after they have cooled. Wrap each in saran wrap and pour some good Tennessee whiskey over them. Next wrap in foil . I usually tie a bow on the ones I give as gifts.

The kitty justice is the job goes quickly if you take a few sips of that good Tennessee whiskey as you prepare and cook them.

Now don't go making fun of fruitcakes .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love to see snow sitting up on top of the holly tree's leaves. It also makes the berries look redder too.
This morning at 6:30 it was 5.2 degrees on the hill. The official temperature for Nashville was 9 degrees. However, up at 925 feet above sea level we are usually at least 5 degrees cooler which works very well in the hot summer. The weather man said it had not been this cold on this date since 1942, only Mimi remembers that year . I will need to put out lots of food for the birds tomorrow as they have almost emptied the feeders plus I will put some on the ground for my little ground feeding birds. I have a flat feeder for them but it stays occupied by a juvenile squirrel. I think he was an orphan as he has been coming since early spring. I think I will name him Jack. Yes, I am sure it is the same squirrel.
I ventured out on the bottom porch on Sunday to take this photo. Again you can tell it was snowing hard as you cannot see the hills in the distance.
It is 23 degrees tonight which is a heat wave. Tomorrow another storm is moving in in the afternoon and it will have freezing rain.
The kitty justice is to get all yawls errands done in the morning so you can sit by the fire in the afternoon.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The photos were taken from inside the house of the cold snowy world outside our windows. The birds were lined up in the trees and railings waiting for their turn. Here a Cardinal telling a Titmouse that he is not ready to leave.
Another Cardinal sharing the feeder with Purple Finches. A Towhee that you cannot see is in the pot looking for fallen seeds.
It snowed all day Sunday and sometimes so hard you could not see the white barn. In this photo you cannot see the hills behind the barn due to the falling snow.
It rained and rained on Saturday when Prince and I went to get our tree. I had to let it dry overnight before I decorated it on Sunday.
This year I thought I would use a big bow on top with streamers. The ribbon is gold with red ornaments on it. I used only glass balls with a few snowflakes this year to decorate the tree. Now it really smells like Christmas with the tree giving off the wintry green .
This morning when I awoke it was 11.3 degrees on the hill. We got a total of about 4 inches of snow and I thought the news paper guy would not have come, therefore, I put on boots, coat, gloves and earmuffs over my pj's and walked Maggie on a leach. Her usual start is to run out the door and down the hill for the paper.
When Prince left for work, he called and said the paper was there, so I told Maggie and off she went.
The kitty justice is Maggie was back up the hill with the paper before you could say "Paper."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

After we had dinner, we walked through the older part of the hotel called The Observatory. We walked around on the second floor looking at the many hanging decorations.
This is a balcony where groups play but no one was playing when we came strolling through.
There were all kinds of hot air balloons hanging up at different heights.

Scattered among the balloons were large stuffed animals each with a musical instrument hanging around his neck.
We went down to the first floor where the original lobby was and it was decorated beautifully.
The original chandelier was still hanging and both Prince and I remember it from years ago.
The kitty justice if you are in Nashville no matter what time of year you should schedule one day for just walking around this wonderful hotel.
I think they did a great job in getting the hotel repaired from the flood. At some points ten feet of water was standing especially in the newer parts shown in previous post.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Looking down on The Delta area of the hotel.
The perfect birds for the hotel outside the Old Hickory Restaurant.
This one of the many lovely Poinsettia trees scattered about the hotel. We had our anniversary meal at the Old Hickory Restaurant. We had to wait about thirty minutes in what is called The Library and it does look like an old fashion library with over stuffed chairs and tables to sit and wait. This is one of those special occasion restaurants where they put the linen napkin in your lap. We started our meal with lobster bisques and a young man brought us a book holder full of three kinds of bread, rosemary rolls, rye bread and Mediterrainean flat bread, which he told us the recipe was thousand of years old. We each ordered a fillet mignon which served on a square white plate and on the side of the plate a full bulb of roasted garlic with a sprigged of rosemary stuck in the top of the garlic. We had two table sides, mushrooms and mashed potatoes served in white bowls that leaned to one side for better access to the food. As much as they put in each of the bowls, I would suggest you order only one. Since the hostess had commented on my necklace, I had told her it was an Anniversary gift so she had informed the waiters of this fact. We were treated with the best service I have ever had at any place to dine. At the end of the meal as a complimentary dessert, a small whole chocolate cake was served with ice cream on top and a dusting of powder sugar on the plate with a strawberry flower. In chocolate sauce was written on the white square plate "Happy Anniversary."
A water show in a nearby fountain with music and colored lights is shown three times an evening and from our table we could look down and see the spectacular show. Our table was set under a giant banana plants with huge leaves that hung over head and gave a sense of intimacy.
The kitty justice is we were both so full from the fabulous meal we could only pick at the complimentary dessert.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

First of all, I apologize for some of the photos, as I was a little shaky from walking and carrying my camera.When we entered the lobby to the right is a Chihuly work of art under the stain glass dome.
A closer look at the dome. Please click on the photo to see the details.
My first photo in The Cascades area and Prince had to help me find the night setting on my camera as I could not focus on the wording on the camera.
After Prince came to the rescue , the next photos were much better unless I shook the camera.
It seemed like we had entered an enchanted world with all the twinkling lights.
One of their many tiny wreaths (lol). OOPs. the next photo is the only one I got of the falls and it is not good but it will give you an idea. I was leaning over the rail and trying not to drop my camera. Have to go back to get a good one.

This is the back of the falls and we are on the second level of the Cascades. In the lower right corner is a bar area and a restaurant, Wasabi. We checked out the menu posted on a board and went looking for a different food source.
There is a tunnel at the top of the waterfalls that you can walk through . There are two of these windows behind the falls and you can hear the rushing water.
Looking down on the many plants and Looking up in the photo below. Do you see the items in the tree ?
The kitty justice is this was only the first part of our enchanting walk through the different areas.