Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ah, I knew there was something good in this stocking. I had to work at it but now I got the varmint and I plan to squeak him to death.
There has to be a trick to getting the good stuff out of this over sized sock.
I like my present from Maggie but I must go sit by my Mudder so she can protect me while I squeak it with pleasure.
Yesterday, at night the little dog went and got Maggie's duck and tried to kill it and then carried it to her bed in the kitchen.
This morning Maggie got Cricket's toy and took it to her bed in the hallway and then began to chew hard with the intention of destroying the toy as pay back for the up start attitude that the little dog had taken her toy first.
The kitty justice is I saved the little toy from a Maggie chew fest and I could see in Maggie's eyes that I needed to put the toy in a safe place.


Patty said...

Having more than one dog in the house is like having a couple of kids. LOL We've had as many as three at one time. And that was about two too many. LOL If I'm having a dog in the house, one at a time is enough.

Day4plus said...

Dog can be so funny. And their use of toys is comical too. Josie loves toys and is just happy to have something to play with. Bingo on the other hand has a life mission to destroy any and every toy he comes in contact with. We always have to rescue some other pups favorite from him.

Love your Christmas snow pics. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I think you have the correct idea, one dog is enough in a house. Maggie is good and tolerates other dogs but to take her new toy was just too much. Peace

From your photos, I could tell which one like toys and who would destroy them. If you had told me otherwise, I would have been surprised. Glad you liked the little snow photos. Thanks and Peace