Monday, December 20, 2010

As you walk under a covered walkway at The Factory in Franklin, a giant penguin greets you.
After you enter the forure, on your right hangs a large wreath with cooking utensials and a bench to sit if you wish . I am not sure if this is a stove or ice box.
Over to your right is a family of poplar bears cooking on an old stove.
Before you enter the large mall area, a bear is taking care of the heat on an old wood stove.
When you go through the doors you are greeted by penguins showing off the stoves that were made when the place made stoves.
Around the corner to the left is a baby and momma bear cooking something good to eat.
This scene was tucked into a far corner but I was in a discovering mood and located it in it's faraway corner. Love the old equipment. No I do not know what that is either. I did not take time to stop and read.
In another far corner, a group of bears had just finished decorating Christmas trees and had invited some penguins to sing Christmas Carols.
Up on the roof top, click , click, click is not Santa but two Sock Monkeys up to their tricks.
In the middle of the Mall, the Jolly Giant had left a basket full of flowers and if you fell in, you would be lost for hours.
The Art Ventures group met for their Christmas party at the restuarant named "The Stoveworks." We played dirty Santa and each artist brought an original work of art for the game.
The kitty justice is they have a thing for Bears and Penguin, so how did the owl and Sock Monkeys get invited.


Patty said...

Needed some variation on the animals and probably thought they were pretty safe with Sock monkey's and an owl.By the way, your header is missing tonight, but perhaps you are working on it and making a change. Merry Christmas!

Changes in the wind said...

Love the huge basket and I think the red thing may be a very old version of a fire truck pulled by a horse...just a guess.

Lee said...

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family, Lady Di and I hope that 2011 treats you all kindly.

Love your post! Best wishes from Down Under.

Small City Scenes said...

very interesting decorations---but I love them all.
How did the art exchange go. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I kind of laughed as I would not have chosen a sock monkey or owl in either place to add variation. I don't know why my header did not appear as it is still there on my end and I have not change it yet. Merry Christmas and Peace.

I bet you are correct about the equipment but I was wondering maybe another animal as it looks rather small for a horse. Peace

So good to have you visit. Thanks for the kind wishes and comments. Hope 2011 is a good down under year. Peace

I thought the decoration were rather different and cute the way it looked as if they were cooking etc with the stove theme of the factory. The exchange went good and today I plan to put it on the blog. Peace