Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love to see snow sitting up on top of the holly tree's leaves. It also makes the berries look redder too.
This morning at 6:30 it was 5.2 degrees on the hill. The official temperature for Nashville was 9 degrees. However, up at 925 feet above sea level we are usually at least 5 degrees cooler which works very well in the hot summer. The weather man said it had not been this cold on this date since 1942, only Mimi remembers that year . I will need to put out lots of food for the birds tomorrow as they have almost emptied the feeders plus I will put some on the ground for my little ground feeding birds. I have a flat feeder for them but it stays occupied by a juvenile squirrel. I think he was an orphan as he has been coming since early spring. I think I will name him Jack. Yes, I am sure it is the same squirrel.
I ventured out on the bottom porch on Sunday to take this photo. Again you can tell it was snowing hard as you cannot see the hills in the distance.
It is 23 degrees tonight which is a heat wave. Tomorrow another storm is moving in in the afternoon and it will have freezing rain.
The kitty justice is to get all yawls errands done in the morning so you can sit by the fire in the afternoon.


DUTA said...

I don't get to see snow in my daily life, so I enjoy the snow in your pictures.

Cold weather is, of course, no trivial matter neither for people nor for birds. It seems, however, that you manage to do well in all seasons. Moreover, birds and plants in your care are lucky to get the best treatment possible.

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ How awful to be so cold
outside, but the house will be warm I hope. Thanks for your good wishes for the trip John and I are taking.
There are still floods and road closures here and there, so hope we can visit all we want to.
Have a wonderful Christmas my friend
and I wish you "Enough" also.
Thank you for Peace,Love and prayers
and I wish all of those for you too.
Love, Merle.

Small City Scenes said...

Brrrr, I say Brrrr!!!
Lovely pictures though. that second one with the Cardinals looks just like you posed it. Pretty neat.
We are having ok weather. Mostly nothing going on. MB

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Diane. I've had a cold this week and didn't get any pictures of our gorgeous snowfall. I did read Bambi while laid up in bed though - good for my soul. Hugs!

Lady Di Tn said...

I am glad you enjoyed the snow photos. It got warmer then back to the 30 which was so much better than the single digits. I love the little feathered friends and do try to take good care of them and our four legged too. We put corn and salt out for the deer and turkeys. Peace

Tennessee can get really cold but it never last for any long length of time. I built a fire and stayed warm. Have a great trip. Peace

The birds really ate lots of seed while it was so cold. I can spend hours watching them so I took a few photos. Peace

Sorry to hear about the cold. A good shot of whiskey with honey might have helped a bit. Take care. Peace