Friday, December 10, 2010

Looking down on The Delta area of the hotel.
The perfect birds for the hotel outside the Old Hickory Restaurant.
This one of the many lovely Poinsettia trees scattered about the hotel. We had our anniversary meal at the Old Hickory Restaurant. We had to wait about thirty minutes in what is called The Library and it does look like an old fashion library with over stuffed chairs and tables to sit and wait. This is one of those special occasion restaurants where they put the linen napkin in your lap. We started our meal with lobster bisques and a young man brought us a book holder full of three kinds of bread, rosemary rolls, rye bread and Mediterrainean flat bread, which he told us the recipe was thousand of years old. We each ordered a fillet mignon which served on a square white plate and on the side of the plate a full bulb of roasted garlic with a sprigged of rosemary stuck in the top of the garlic. We had two table sides, mushrooms and mashed potatoes served in white bowls that leaned to one side for better access to the food. As much as they put in each of the bowls, I would suggest you order only one. Since the hostess had commented on my necklace, I had told her it was an Anniversary gift so she had informed the waiters of this fact. We were treated with the best service I have ever had at any place to dine. At the end of the meal as a complimentary dessert, a small whole chocolate cake was served with ice cream on top and a dusting of powder sugar on the plate with a strawberry flower. In chocolate sauce was written on the white square plate "Happy Anniversary."
A water show in a nearby fountain with music and colored lights is shown three times an evening and from our table we could look down and see the spectacular show. Our table was set under a giant banana plants with huge leaves that hung over head and gave a sense of intimacy.
The kitty justice is we were both so full from the fabulous meal we could only pick at the complimentary dessert.


DUTA said...

What a decor! and the mouth was watering while reading about the breads, the fillet, the chocolate cake, etc..

Many Happy Returns of this anniversary celebration!
Enjoy your necklace!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I am glad you like the hotel. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

What a wonderful time.....where is it? If I ever get that way...this is place to see:) So glad your anniversay was special....they should be.

Lady Di Tn said...

Gaylord Opryland Hotel is on Briley Pkwy on the east of downtown Nashville. You would love it.
Thanks and Peace