Friday, December 03, 2010

Maggie has found the perfect spot in the kitchen. In the corner near the stove ovens. This is a perfect spot as the kitchen gets hectic during meals preparing and this one corner she is not asked to move until someone is ready to cook. Therefore, she can sit there and watch her people without the dreaded "Maggie move" statement. She is very careful to give Mimi and her rolling walker plenty of space. Also, she never pushes pass Mimi but waits for her to get by and then Maggie goes on her way.
The kitty justice is my beautiful black girl is very respectful of the two legged animals with whom she shares her home .


Small City Scenes said...

And of course the corner in the kitchen is the best place to scope out anything tasty looking that may drop on the floor. LOL
Sweet picture. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

She did just that on Thanksgiving Day. I was slicing the turkey to put on a tray and the first piece hit the floor. Needless to say it was not there very long. LOL

LZ Blogger said...

Smart dog KJ! ~ jb///

Patty said...

She looks like a dog with a lot of patience. Plus sitting by the stove is a nice warm spot if the oven is on.

Changes in the wind said...

They say that dogs have a special sixth sense to know what is needed....she indeed is respectful but also beautiful. I have enjoyed the many pictures you have posted of her.

Lady Di Tn said...

She is the smartest dog I have ever Owned. Peace

She does know the perfect place to sit. Peace

Thank you. She is so precious with Mimi that sometimes I just hug her for being so kind. Glad you enjoy her photos. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ How good Maggie is to respect Mimi and let her pass by
safely. I am sure she enjoys her spot in the kitchen.
Thanks for your comments and it is nice to have my shopping done. I send for a lot of things from Mail Order as I can't get out much. We will always worry about our children
no matter what their age. I liked the 10 Reasons God created Eve too.
Take care, dear friend, Peace and Love, Merle.

DUTA said...

Maggie's perfect: she's a beauty , she's got manners, and judging by her look and her owner's words, she's intelligent too. What else could one wish in a female dog?

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes Maggie is the best dog I have ever owned. Peace

I like what you said "She is perfect"
Thanks and Peace