Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My new Cat. Her fuzzy head dress and whimsical expression just begged me to take her home an add her to my Cat Collection.
I admired this mixing bowl before but each time would put her back but yesterday she was marked half price so home she came with me. I had never seen such a big glass mixing bowl before and loved the handled and the pouring spouts on each side. My MIL said it was really too heavy but I like it anyway.
I also found this candle to grace our kitchen table for the evening meals this month. Where did I find my cute items, well the girls plus one and minus one went out for some pal therapy yesterday. Mz Bubbles was in the Windy City visiting her talented daughter, so we missed her on our day out but we still acted like we had revered to giggling teenagers.
I was gonna drive all of us, but Cousin was running late so she called to let us know she would meet us at the restaurant. We had to get substance before we played.
I picked Pammie Pooh up at her home in Mz Merlot #5 and headed down the back roads to Springfield (city north of Nashville). Pammie was my co pilot as this is her stomping area. There was a new restaurant that Pammie wanted us to try and it was located on the Square. The name was D Squared. Cute, huh. Well Cousin beat us there and called to let us know there were a couple of parking spots out front. By the time I arrived, no parking could be found in front of the D Squared so I went back around the Court House and whala, a spot in front of the court house on Fifth Street Side. It had rained all night and poured on Merlot all the way to Pammie's house, but the farther north we got, it was only drizzling.
Cousin had Quicke and Pammie and I had Pastrami on rye. Cousin and Pammie both had spinach as their side item, but the potato salad was made there, so I elected to have that as a side item. We sat so we could look out the windows and watch the natives rush about. I did not have my camera so no pictures of the square.
Cousin said she needed to go home and clean her home and both Pammie and I gave each other a knowing glance and said "Dust if you Must" but it will be back tomorrow and today we can have fun. So she parked her ride and off we went to Pleasant View and The Livery Stable(and antique and gift shop) Kelly the owner is one of our bestest friends.
Before we left, Kelly's Uncle James came in with several Seth Thomas clocks in perfect condition. If I needed a clock, I would have grabbed up at least one of them as they were Gorgeous and to top it off each worked. Those of yawl who need a clock need to head to The Livery Stable.
The kitty justice is the rainy weather and falling temperatures did not have a chance at making our moods gloomy because it is always bright and happy when the girls get together.


Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ I love your Christmas decorations, and I am so glad you girls had such a great day out with
each other. It sounded like a lovely
time for you all.
Thanks you so much for your comments about my health and my post. I am glad you enjoyed the jokes.
Take great care, my friend, Love and
Peace. Merle.

Changes in the wind said...

Love that mixing bowl...what a great find. Glad you had a wonderful time on you jaunt.

Small City Scenes said...

What a cute kitty. Of course you had to take her home.

Those half price signs are always to be honored so of course you had to take your bowl home. Notice I already said 'your' bowl.

A fun outing you had. Thanks for sharing. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you like the meager decorations I put out this year. When we girls get together we cannot help but have fun. Peace

Glad you like my bowl. We had a grand time together as usual. Peace

Thanks. The kitty looked like she belonged in my house. I am a sucker for a half price rack and I had already looked at that bowl before and put it back. Maybe I should get a crystal ball as I must have known it would be on sale soon. Peace

kasthurirajam said...

beautiful shots