Monday, December 06, 2010

Sky and hill above Hurricane Dock.
Looking to the left of the hillside and out of the cove. Prince and I had to head east yesterday to winterize the cabin at Center Hill Lake. Just after we got up and Maggie had gotten the "HUGE" Sunday paper, it starting snowing. Quickly the back porch was white and I got into a tizzy to get breakfast done and get ready to head up to the lake. By the time, I had gotten ready the light dusting had melted off the porch. Rats, I did not get a photo of the first snow fall even if it was a tiny amount. We loaded laundry, alcohol and insulation in the truck and off we went. The snow showers were off and on and sometimes hard. The dusting made little "S" symbols as the wind would make it dance along the highway.
Whew!!!! It was colder in the cabin than outside and that is no fabrication one bit. As Prince cut a few limbs and got the water heater ready to drain, I swept, put away two basket of sheets and towels. Of course the linen clothes looked like a jumbled mess, so I straighten as I put things away. I threw away out of date items and then put the bottled water in the refrigerator. I gathered up all the items in the frig, that needed to be removed for the winter. Outside the snow felt like little needles when it hit your bare skin. I took down the hummingbird feeder and the wind chimes . I brought the feeder home to clean . After the water heater was drained and the alcohol added to pipes to keep them from freezing, we headed to the dock. Prince walked to the dock store to get the code to go into our slip as it has been changed again. Then he went down to our slip to check on the boat. I did not venture out of the truck except to capture a few photos.
The kitty justice is this hot natured cat got COLD. BURR.


DUTA said...

You're good on descriptions (the winterizing of the cabin) just as you're good at taking pictures. It's like reading a novel, and I like it. Anyway, I suppose it's nice to own a cabin and a boat.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Duta. We are fortunate that Prince's Father built the cabin back in the early sixties and lucky to keep it for all the family to use. The pontoon is a nice size boat for all ages to enjoy. For years we had a used pontoon boat and the question was will the motor start or not? Many hours Prince spent working on that old motor. But we have lots of wonderful memories and that is what counts the most. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Brrrrrrr!!! Very cold looking. MB