Wednesday, December 08, 2010

We parked on the other side of the Opryland Hotel, SO we had to walk all the way through the hotel to get to the decorated entrance. This is the side that faces the main highway. There were 3 horses and carriages to take rides along the hotel and some folks were game for this excursion but it was into the teens and too cold for this southern gal to take a ride.
There was a fire pit to the right, where workers could gather a little warmth.
The lights on the tall Xmas tree were blue and there were lighted poinsettias around the tree. Sorry it was too cold to get any closer.
I always think the hotel gives an enchanting magical spirit to Christmas. I was so happy that it opened up before Christmas. Remember it was flooded during the big May flood.
As we were leaving, Prince stopped the car and I jumped out and took the photos of this beautiful Nativity Scene.
A close up of the trees. Note , in the background you can see the poinsettias of tall Christmas tree.
A closer look at the Nativity Scene.
The kitty justice is my paws got cold or else I would have taken more photos outside.


Patty said...

I bet everything looked like a fairy land. I think small lights make everything look so nice. But I know what you mean about the cold. This morning it's 10 above and cold. I feel so sorry for people that have no home and live on the street, have no idea what keeps them from freezing to death.

Small City Scenes said...

Oh my, everything is just so magical. I had no idea Opryland decorated like this. My fav, besides all of them, is the closer look of the trees and the poinsettias peeking through them. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I would have liked to have gone on a carriage ride to see all the lights close up but alas it was way to cold for me. We have Homeless Shelter where people can sleep and eat. Also, when it get so cold, a van goes around to encourage them to come to the shelter for the night. Peace

Yes Opryland has been decorating for years. It is one of Nashville's traditions.Thanks and Peace