Sunday, August 29, 2010

The exhibit is on display through January 2, 2011. It is presented in conjunction with the exhibit at Cheekwood through October 31, 2010. This is a copy of the front of the brochure I picked up at the museum. Also, the next three pictures were taken from the same brochure.

We came up the elevator from the Couture exhibit and when we rounded the corner, this huge lighted blue and green tower greeted us. First thing I uttered was "Wow".
In the next room was this huge display on a giant mirror which only enhanced the magneficant colors. Also the rooms were dark which illuminated the brilliance colors.

As you left the previous room you entered one with these giant glass beauties mounted on each wall that surround the entrance from the previous room. I went and stood on the other side of the room so I could see both walls with the entrance of the mirrored display in the middle. On the opposite side where huge glass bowls of multitude of colors on metal stands. The fourth room had a whole wall of his artwork on display with the end of the room having what he called a mistake. They were white and clear with a ting of pink glass display which I thought were beautiful then on the opposing wall from the artwork where alcoves with 8 different vase with abstract horns and flowers displayed.

The Chihuly part of the exhibit was a bonus to what we really went to see and that was the golden age of Couture. The following statement was made in the brochure:"The launch of Chiristian Dior's `New Look in 1947 marked the beginning of a momentous decade in fashion history, one that Dior himself called the "Golden Age". Celebrating the end of the war and the birth of a new era, it set a standard for dressmaking and high fashion that has rarely been surpassed. In Paris, couture houses such as Balenciaga, Balmain, and Fath attracted worldwide attention for elegance and glamour. "

This photo(Balenciaga gown ,1955 Paris, silk taffeta) also came from a brochure as no camera are allowed. There were 221 displays in several rooms ranging from textiles, embroidery, underwear,and other accessories, tailoring, Ready-to-Wear, designers, evening and ballgowns to photography and illustrations. Needless to say we spend several hours admiring and examining the designs. To me the clothes took on a romantic nature when hats and gloves were worn and shoes and bags matches. My favorite was Victor Stiebel's evening dress, 1955 London, silk given by Lady Diana Herbert. She wore it far a ball at Wilton House.

The Frist museum. Taken from the sidewalk of the parking lot across the street.

Closer view of the large banner.

Closer look at the statues. Pammie Poo started to go sit on the knee of the one standing for a photo opt and I told her she could not climb on the statues. Mz. Bubbles pointed to the little black sign posted.

The top of the Union Station is visible as it sits beside the museum.

Mz. Bubbles, Pammie Poo and Kitty Justice outside the entrance. A nice guard took our photo. Mz. Bubbles and I talked about the television series called "Mad Men" as it was set in this time frame and lots of the outfits reminded us of the ones on exhibit.
The Kitty Justice is there were NO BLUE JEANS on display.
PS I like blue jeans but some times they are not appropriate.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last week after a night of rain, I awoke to the beauty of a foggy morning. As I was taking the photos a herd of eight deer were meandering around and finally located the corn Prince provided for them. Note in the second and fourth photos where Prince has started removing the fence.
The kitty justice will be no more fence row to clear.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My SIL who is a school teacher in Mississippi, gave me the following easy recipe.


1 box cake mix (whatever you wish, I like the butter cake mix)

1/2 cup oil

2TBSP water

2 eggs

Mix all 4 ingredients well and if you wish to spice it up add something, example sometimes I use rice krispies or coconut.

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Drop by spoonfuls on cookie sheets. If you make one inch round cookies cook 3 to 3 1/2 mins. If you are making 2 inch cookies, bake for 5 mins. Secret is not to OVER COOK. After you remove the baked cookies from the oven, let them rest on the cookie sheet for at least 2 mins and then gently move to wire cooling racks. Makes 3 dozen 2 inch cookies.


We have been enjoying the dark morning glories with the white rim. Today we were blessed with 13 blooms. If you recall the story, I found the seed at a local store and thought the flower on front was so very pretty that I paid more than I ever paid for a packet of seed. Then when I opened it there were only 5 seeds. I felt ripped off. So now I save every seed they produce and if you wish me to mail you some for Free just send me you address to my email account.

The kitty justice is you have an EASY cookie recipe and a chance for some free seeds.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Prince brought this Ice Orchid in this week for Mimi. He had been working at a nurses station and saw one like it and he thought it would be a nice surprise.
You place 2 or 3 ice cubes weekly on it to water the plant. Now that is easy.
The kitty justice is my Prince is always doing something nice for someone.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo was taken last Thursday as I felt once again we would see the rain go all around the hill but not any to fall. However, we did get some rain. Yeah.
It also rained again in the early morning hours today. The hill is saying Thank You Thank You Thank You.
My friend Knoxie and her hubby brought 3 big boxes of peaches to me from their farm in Kentucky. Ah, the taste was Heavenly but I knew that I could not eat all of them so I froze 8 quarts for future use.
I have been spending my mornings exercising exercising and exercising. My body rebels at the abuse and I have to rest the back and toe for a day then I am back at twisting beast of Exercise. Man, I do not recall it taking so long to complete task of this nature in my youth.
However, with my efforts, my blood sugar has gone down 40 points. Yeah. Okay, I still have some problems but I am gonna celebrate my achievements instead of lament the other problems.
The rest of my day after EXERCISE is to try and catch up with work around the home place.
When the house was being built in the sixties, one of my FIL friends made the comment "Looks like a wife killer to me."
The kitty justice is the older I get the more truth is in the man's statement.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crown of Thorns that Mimi brought back from a cutting years ago has loved the heat and grown so much that I need to cut it back. The last wind storm made a couple of stems fall forward. I think I will try to root the ones I cut and give them away to flower lover. Any suggestions how you would root them? The best method I know of is to put them in water in a glass jar.
The kitty justice is to stay COOL. Another HOT day in TN and you will wear the AIR if you venture outside.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Looking down the drive you have to look up high to see the Crepe Myrtles. One year I cut them all the way down to the ground and Prince informed me that he and Gran Dot had done the same thing years ago. Next after they got so tall, I cut off the lower branches and now here they are over thirty feet tall.

Close up of the top of the tree on the right side. I had my long lens on and this is as close as I could get while standing beneath.

Puppy in a role reversal. He is waiting for his Uncle Edward to arrive so they can go trout fishing on the Caney Fork river. Edward is an early riser so this was a true role reversal.
The kitty justice is that is was cool enough to enjoy the porch and outside this weekend.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Yesterday was primary day in TN. As I an one other voter cast our votes around noon time, I notice so many positions that were running unopposed. No Republican nor Independent were running , that left the Democrats a shoe in. There were 3 Republicans running for the Governor race and one LONE Democrat. In November Haslan or McWherter will be chosen. Until then I expect lots of MUD slinging from each side. AREN'T YOU JUST SICK OF THOSE ADS THAT RUN OVER AND OVER AND OVER.?
Like an ole wheel I have been running along trying to put in practice what I learned from the Diabetic Seminar that was held at St. Thomas. My blood sugar numbers in just a week are running 30-40 points lower than they did before I went. Hopefully, with time and effort I might get in the normal range. I have taken the Rule, if exercise is on the list, do it first so it can be marked off and you will not get caught in other activities and then forget the exercise. Dr. Faulk put up a very telling cartoon of a doctor making the following statement to his patient. "You can exercise an hour a day or be dead 24 hours a day." He was the sixth speaker and he was like Samuel Johnson delivering the sermon "Sinners in the hands of an Angry God" and we were the sinner. Thanks doc you got my attention.

Here is some little zinnias that Mimi made into a little bouquet for us to enjoy. I grow these especially for her.

I hope it will soon be cool enough to enjoy the view rather than run out and take photos and hurry back inside. It did rain this morning and it was WONDERFUL and the dusty earth was so very happy that it was singing a hush and peaceful song. I did stand out and get wet with an upturn face like a small child while Maggie was on her run for the paper.

It may be cool enough in the mornings of this weekend to sit outside and sip from my first cup of "STARTER FLUID" as our dear friend in Michigan refers to his cup of coffee. It is one of the simple pleasure, to sit and sip the first cup of coffee and look out onto this great earth and sky.
The kitty justice is that simplicity is always the best medicine.
BTW The Blazing Star flowers (see last post) gifted me with a yellow finch eating from it's spent blooms.Now that a Blessing.

Monday, August 02, 2010

These plants are outside of the garage on the right as you begin a brick (not the yellow brick road) path to Puppy's cabin. The purple spikes are new and are called Blazing Stars. I ordered them and several other bulbs and plants from a nursery that I had never ordered from before. Everything they sent either died or was on it's last leg when it arrived. Everything you buy from them is guaranteed a year and if you send back the original mailing label they will replace them. We shall see.

I sent back my labels (the order was made in two shipments) on 7-20-2010.

I have ordered from other catalog companies and have been rather please with the products and customer service and now I have to deal with products that were not good so now I wonder what the customer service will be like.

There are plenty of good garden places right here and one is within a mile from us. I became( as we in the south say) "done out with them" when I bought an expensive knock out rose bush and it died within a years time. I asked about a replacement plant and was curtly told if they plant them, they will replace them but would not replace anything I planted myself as I probably did it incorrectly. Not been back since. No matter how good a garden shop happens to be, if they have poor customer service, well I want come back.

The kitty justice is to know their return policies, guarantee policies and quality of products before you hand over the hard earned dollar.