Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We on the hill had an exciting and unexpected thrill on Saturday. Our hill was in the holding pattern for the planes that would fly over the Capitol after the new Governor of Tennessee was inaugurated. The above photo is looking west of Jackson Hill.
The planes had already made a couple of passes before I put on my big lenses. The C130 was heading east. The tree is a tulip popular (state tree) I thought that rather poetic. There were two C130 planes followed by a "HUGE" plane, a C5A.
I thought the big plane looked like a flying shark.
A little closer look at the C130. I know there are better photos out there but this one was coming over our house.

I was standing a the far end of the porch looking west, as they came back over again.
Another shot with them at a different angle.
I was still standing on the far end of the porch as I took this photo looking east.
The big guy coming from the west and heading east.

A close up of the C5A out of Memphis. This is an enlargement of the following photo. Oops out of order.

The C130 heading east and a enlargement in the following photo. Wow, this time I got them in order. Pat me on the back.

After around 8 or 10 rounds in the holding pattern, a tanker joined as the third plane in front of the C5A and after the two C130.
This is a photo taken of the television fly over. The large building is the Tennessee Tower, which is close to the Capitol and legislative plaza where the inauguration was taking place.
Our pupil television station covered the inauguration and the parade afterwards. This is Governor Bill Haslem making his first speech as governor.
The kitty justice is I need to recharge my batteries, therefore, I will be taking a break until Valentine Day. Hugs

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid morning yesterday the sun came out. At each meal we are entertained by our feathered friends. I usually just sit and enjoy them but yesterday, I got the camera out and took a few photos through the windows to share with you.
We have lots of sparrows and cardinals at the feeders most days. The Sparrows remind me of the University of Michigan's football teams helmets.
A female Cardinal posing for the camera.
A better view of the male Cardinal and the back of the sparrow.
Four birds at once. Titmouse, Sparrow, male and female Cardinals.
A Nuthatch enjoying a snack.
A male Towhee. We usually scatter seeds on the log and ground for the ground feeding birds.
The kitty justice is our feathered are a wonderful source of entertainment.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Here is our 45 year old oven awaiting in the garage for the new oven to be delivered. Many a meal and lots of Fruit Cakes have been made in this oven As I was cooking one evening, Prince walked by the oven and stopped rather suddenly. He started to sniff around the stove. He requested I come and sniff also and he was correct, it smelled like an electrical burning was happen besides a meal being cooked. He went and turned off the breaker and we made a decision that it was time to get a new oven. The rub was the cabinet was only 22 inches wide so he began the task of searching for an oven that would fit. Also the length was 49 and half. All new ovens required a wider opening and all of them were shorter than our opening.
We went to Home Depot and looked at the ones they could order for us. Most were too short but this GE model was only one and a half inch short and a half inch too wide. Prince and Puppy worked on the cabinet to make the oven fit. The new oven cooks great and does not heat up the kitchen as the old one did.
The kitty justice is my guys can do anything.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prince surprised me with this beautiful coconut cake for my birthday. He remember that Mother always baked me a fresh coconut cake each year for my birthday.
It was so "COLD" I did not wish to go out on my birthday, therefore Prince stopped by The Loveless cafe and picked up a great meal. It was catfish, green beans, fried okra and lots of their famous biscuits and jam. So after such a grand meal, the cake was really a BIG surprise.
On another note, we still have snow but have a promise of forty degrees this coming weekend. Yeah. As any true southern would tell you, we like the snow but want it gone in a couple of days. This one has hung around a little too long.
The kitty justice is the old saying "have your cake and eat it too" was right on at our house last evening.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pammie Pooh gave me this little sign a couple of years back and it now hangs in my bathroom. Yes, a girl can do anything if she has the right shoes.
So far these are the paper cards I got today for my birthday along with the house shoes that Prince got for me. Yes, I asked for a pair of new ones but I got two.
I have always loved shoes and the more a gal has the merry she will be.
The following poem I wrote shows how I feel today:

When I was in my Youth,
I feared 35, and that's the truth.
Once I got there and did not die,
Each year after has been a "GIMME"
and that is no lie.
Today as I celebrate number 61,
I plan to do nothing that is not fun.

I was told that today is just like the day when Mother and Dad, brought me home. It was snowy and cold back then too. This morning on the hill it was 19 degrees with a wind chill factor of 12 degrees. Burr

I have been Blessed by several telephone calls wishing me "Happy Birthday."
The kitty justice is this is my best birthday but the secret is for each one you get to let it be the Best Yet.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, I finally ventured out on the bottom porch yesterday to secure more wood for the fire. Since, I did not have boots on, I did not move from the porch into the yard.
The snow weighted down the holly trees with a blanket of white.
This is where I was standing when I zoomed in for the photo of the blanketed holly tree leaves.
The hills are blue with the cold weather and the sky a heavy look of more to come.
This is looking out a bedroom window, down the front of the house. There are 4 big and 4 small windows on each side of the door. The hawk hit the small window close to this bedroom.
The kitty justice is the snow and cold came two weeks earlier than last year. Maybe this means spring will get here two weeks earlier also.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I took these photos from the warmth of the house. It was 24 degrees this morning so no one will be sitting in these today.
This photo was taken in the hall near Maggie's bed. The pin oak tree still has it leaves and last evening they were tinkling like a large wind chime. It sounded a lot like sleet falling, but the pavement was dry. Do you see the large oak which has been topped. Last Thursday, I was downstairs and it sounded like part of a tree had fallen, so I rushed up the steps to survey the damage. At the corner small window in the hall, a red tail hawk rose up like a feathered giant. I was at eye level with him. He had hit the window and was not at himself but he had the strength to fly to the top of the big oak. He sat there was at least thirty minutes regaining his dignity and wits. I took the binoculars and watched to see if he flew away after his ordeal and I did not have to wait long until he spread his wings and sailed off toward the west.
The kitty justice, is if I had known it was a bird and not a limb, I would have stolen my way up the stairs to get a closer look.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

This photo was taken last Easter. In September, she had a triple bypass. She is doing well so far and we wish her a "VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY.
The kitty justice is in our generation in our family she is the youngest and she was extremely healthy. so ladies do not ignore the warning signs of heart trouble.
Again Happy Birthday to Debbie.

Monday, January 03, 2011

I think I am gonna build a fire and sat by it this afternoon. Prince and I were up before day light this morning. I had already done a day's worth of tasks before I sat down for my first cup of coffee. At day break a lone deer had come to the corn pile for a snack. Finally it got light enough to see it was a she. Or as we like to call them "round heads."
I got ready and saddled up the silver bullet to get the ting, ting, ting noise out of the right front end. I ended up leaving her and Puppy came to pick me up.
Seems like this year began polishing and cleaning . Prince polished the front hall way and it looks like glass or water whichever you prefer. Puppy cleaned items which had been in storage and I wrapped them up until we need bring them out again.
I have sent all my thank you notes so I feel fairly good that I have done that. The wrapping paper needs to be taken to the basement to sit in it's designated spot until this coming Christmas. And a few other odds and ins need to be put away in their space so I can locate them when I need them.
The kitty justice is three days into 2011 and I need a nap by the fire.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

LOL I have tried this before but have gotten sidetracked. I will try again and this year maybe I can share lots of kitty recipes finds.

Yesterday, we ate black eyed peas for "good luck." We used the left over bloody Mary mix to fix aspic with cup of chopped olives and chopped celery. To this repast I added barbecued chicken breast. Then Mimi wanted to make corn cakes.

Corn Cakes

2 cups of water
1 cup of plain corn meal
1 tsp salt

In a sauce pan large enough to stir well, pour in the water and salt. Bring the water to a boil and then turn down the temperature to keep it hot but not a rolling boil. Gradually add the meal and stir, stir, stir. The hot water cooks the corn meal. After it is mixed, flatten down the top. Let cool and then put pan in the refrigerator so it can get really cold. After the mixture is cold make corn cakes about 2 inches long and pat to make a thin cake but not too thin. After you have patted out the cakes, deep fry until golden brown all over. Drain on paper towels.
The kitty justice is you cannot just eat one. BTW you must use real butter on them to get the true pleasure in each bite.