Friday, January 14, 2011

Here is our 45 year old oven awaiting in the garage for the new oven to be delivered. Many a meal and lots of Fruit Cakes have been made in this oven As I was cooking one evening, Prince walked by the oven and stopped rather suddenly. He started to sniff around the stove. He requested I come and sniff also and he was correct, it smelled like an electrical burning was happen besides a meal being cooked. He went and turned off the breaker and we made a decision that it was time to get a new oven. The rub was the cabinet was only 22 inches wide so he began the task of searching for an oven that would fit. Also the length was 49 and half. All new ovens required a wider opening and all of them were shorter than our opening.
We went to Home Depot and looked at the ones they could order for us. Most were too short but this GE model was only one and a half inch short and a half inch too wide. Prince and Puppy worked on the cabinet to make the oven fit. The new oven cooks great and does not heat up the kitchen as the old one did.
The kitty justice is my guys can do anything.


DUTA said...

Enkoy your new oven!
Kudos to your men for their skills!

Small City Scenes said...

The new oven looks great. Sorry about the old one but after 45 years I think it was very tired. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

It has been fun cooking in the new oven. The guys did a wonderful job. Peace

Thanks. In 45 years the old girl cooked lots of meals and we had her worked on a few times but with the electrical smell, it was time for a new one. Peace