Monday, January 03, 2011

I think I am gonna build a fire and sat by it this afternoon. Prince and I were up before day light this morning. I had already done a day's worth of tasks before I sat down for my first cup of coffee. At day break a lone deer had come to the corn pile for a snack. Finally it got light enough to see it was a she. Or as we like to call them "round heads."
I got ready and saddled up the silver bullet to get the ting, ting, ting noise out of the right front end. I ended up leaving her and Puppy came to pick me up.
Seems like this year began polishing and cleaning . Prince polished the front hall way and it looks like glass or water whichever you prefer. Puppy cleaned items which had been in storage and I wrapped them up until we need bring them out again.
I have sent all my thank you notes so I feel fairly good that I have done that. The wrapping paper needs to be taken to the basement to sit in it's designated spot until this coming Christmas. And a few other odds and ins need to be put away in their space so I can locate them when I need them.
The kitty justice is three days into 2011 and I need a nap by the fire.


Changes in the wind said...

That fire does look inviting...I run over and join you:)

Small City Scenes said...

Don't you love a nice fire. MMMM I will join you too.

I will be gone for a week. I hope to post but probably will not be able too.

Have a good week and don't work too hard. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Come on down and relax. Peace

A nice fire cannot be beat so come and join me. Have a good time away and I am pacing my old bones but getting a lot done. Peace