Monday, January 10, 2011

I took these photos from the warmth of the house. It was 24 degrees this morning so no one will be sitting in these today.
This photo was taken in the hall near Maggie's bed. The pin oak tree still has it leaves and last evening they were tinkling like a large wind chime. It sounded a lot like sleet falling, but the pavement was dry. Do you see the large oak which has been topped. Last Thursday, I was downstairs and it sounded like part of a tree had fallen, so I rushed up the steps to survey the damage. At the corner small window in the hall, a red tail hawk rose up like a feathered giant. I was at eye level with him. He had hit the window and was not at himself but he had the strength to fly to the top of the big oak. He sat there was at least thirty minutes regaining his dignity and wits. I took the binoculars and watched to see if he flew away after his ordeal and I did not have to wait long until he spread his wings and sailed off toward the west.
The kitty justice, is if I had known it was a bird and not a limb, I would have stolen my way up the stairs to get a closer look.


Anonymous said...

I worry that one of the hawks will fly into our glass windows or doors and so far, they have not but a lot of smaller birds have. I try to leave a screen over one part of the door and often hang things by tape on the windows that have no screens or that have to inner bars (mullions ?) to remind birds that something is there. It works and it is rare for one to hit a glass now.

I am thankful your hawk was able to get away.

I really like the view you have from your patio or balcony or porch. I wish I could see that.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Beautiful photos. They remind me that in cold weather the best way to enjoy the beauty of snow is by looking through a window. Alex agrees.

DUTA said...

The brown tree surrounded by all the snow's white - that's a fantastic view.

The silence of the snow and the 'action' of the hawk, interrupted by your curiosity - make for a nice scene.

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ Great photos and the best place when it is cold outside is in front of a lovely fire.
Thank you for your comments and glad you liked the photos of my family.
The floods are dreadful, my folks are all safe but flooded in, with roads closed and shops getting light on goods. Lots of road closed since my trip. Glad you liked the Zoo joke.
I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday dear friend for tomorrow 12th January. Have a really wonderful day. Take care,
Love and Peace. Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Mimi has been saying we need something to give the birds a heads up that a window lures in their path. Recently out front, (the same windows) we lost a male cardinal and a cedar wax wing. Now the big bird has hit the windows, I am inclined to think we need something up to for warn them.
Thanks and anytime you are up to it, come on down as a chair awaits your visit. Peace

Glad to see you are back. Thanks and yes sometimes it is best to view the outside world through a window. Peace

Thanks and I am glad you enjoy our view. Peace

I am so glad you are safe from the floods and thank you so much for the birthday wish. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

We have sparows occasionaly hit our windows and I can't imagine the noisie of a hawk!