Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mid morning yesterday the sun came out. At each meal we are entertained by our feathered friends. I usually just sit and enjoy them but yesterday, I got the camera out and took a few photos through the windows to share with you.
We have lots of sparrows and cardinals at the feeders most days. The Sparrows remind me of the University of Michigan's football teams helmets.
A female Cardinal posing for the camera.
A better view of the male Cardinal and the back of the sparrow.
Four birds at once. Titmouse, Sparrow, male and female Cardinals.
A Nuthatch enjoying a snack.
A male Towhee. We usually scatter seeds on the log and ground for the ground feeding birds.
The kitty justice is our feathered are a wonderful source of entertainment.


Patty said...

I've been throwing more seed on the patio and an old bench on the patio, some of the birds seem to like that. I know the Doves are too big to eat from the feeder we have, so they eat from the patio. It's nice to watch about three or four pair of cardinals all fly up to eat. but sometimes the squirrels don't like to share, so then I open the door and throw out some peanuts in the shell and they go after them.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for sharing. It sure is fun watching those feathered friends. Now we do not feed the squirrels. We do put out shelled corn and salt blocks for the deer and turkey. A big fox squirrel visits the feeding area and we always get the glasses out to see him up close. We had a big nut crop this fall and the squirrels do not bother the feeders as much as previous years. Peace

DUTA said...

You sure do have a good source of entertainment.
Moreover, not only is it fun to watch these birds , but it seems they are also the best photographical objects one could wish for.

LZ Blogger said...

Lady Di~ Cute comment on my last blog post from you! ~ j///b

Small City Scenes said...

What fun it is to watch the birds. I wish we had Cardinals out this way but we don't. I just finished a Jigsaw puzzle with a pair of Cardinals as the focus.
Towhees are one of my favs though. MB

Changes in the wind said...

Beautiful colors and variety...

Lady Di Tn said...

Yes our source of entertainment is a large variety of birds. It is fun to get a good photo of them and then share it. Peace

You are so funny. Peace

With all the other birds you have, I am surprise you do not have Cardinals. I love Towhee also as they make me wonder what big party they are dressed to attend.Peace

Thanks and Peace